Rage 2 - Complete Guide to Trophies and Objectives

If you're a "platinum hunter" and you're going into the post-nuclear wasteland looking for the game's platinum trophy, we highly recommend reading this guide, which will show you the fastest way to unlock all the achievements of the game, so as to complete it 100% Rage 2.

Before you go on, you must make a necessary premise: THE FOLLOWING GUIDE TO TROPHIES AND GOALS Rage 2 CONTAINS SPOILERS ON THE GAME PLOT! Continue with the reading at your own risk.

To make navigation easier, we've implemented an index, so you'll immediately find the target you're looking for.

Also the trophy "You'll get away with it." may give you some headaches, especially if you skip the area where you can unlock it more easily, located practically at the beginning of the game.

Complete the game at any difficulty and take lots of headshots.

After completing the first mission of Rage 2, you'll have the entire game map at your disposal, so you can choose the way you like to continue in the game. As soon as you've reached a certain area and carried out the corresponding missions, always pay attention to the possible presence of Spy Drones. These collectables are linked to the Mata Hari trophy, and you'll have to destroy 30 of them to get it. Fortunately, there will be much more than 30 in the game, and the feat will not be impossible.

Also, as soon as you get the Wingstick Start collecting a lot of headshots now: you will need them for the silver trophy "Via la testa" which will require 100 headshots to obtain it. Pay attention to the two trophies "The bigger they are..." and "You're doing well" and, fortunately, you won't have any other problems.

There are no objectives that require you to complete the game at a certain level of difficulty. Based on what is now written, one of the Rage 2 tricks to obtain the platinum trophy in the shortest possible time (20 to 40 hours of play required) is to set the easy mode.

Rage 2 - Guide to Trophies and Goals



Fires 70 rounds in 16 seconds with the assault rifle...

You can get this trophy in the opening bars of the game, as soon as you get the assault rifle and the Ranger Suit. All you have to do is hold the trigger to continue firing until you have emptied a magazine, reload the rifle and continue firing until you see the trophy icon appear.

Skeet Shooting

Hit an enemy in flight with a shotgun compact bullet

To unlock the target in question you will first need to get the shotgun one of three weapons that will be assigned to you as soon as you have access to the open world during the "Blackout" mission. You'll access a tutorial that will explain how to use this rifle and, using its secondary ammunition, you'll have to hit an enemy in flight, for the purpose of the trophy.

There is a place where you can easily find what you are looking for, right towards the final part of the mission. The last room you come across has an empty section in the middle and when you use the switch, a group of mutants will appear to hunt you down. Head for the bridge, and stand on the opposite side of the enemy: wait for them to jump from one side to the other and open fire. In doing so, you will get the trophy.


Use the kick of the snap shot to kill 10 enemies

To achieve this achievement you will first need to acquire the "Strike" skill enhancement, i.e. the "Snap Shot", which you will unlock for the price of 500 units of Feltrite. Once you've done this, use this perk to kill at least 10 enemies; a dispassionate tip: focus on the unarmed opponents you'll normally encounter on the game map.

You're a Crash!

Crumble 50 Enemies with Crash

Again, you will need to purchase the skill "Crash", which will be acquired in the Torn Plains region. Kill 50 enemies with this skill and the trophy will be yours.

End with a bang

Kill an enemy by blowing up a turret drone

To obtain this trophy, you will first have to purchase all four projects of the Drone Turret available from merchants located at various points on the map of Rage 2. You can find these projects at merchants in the areas of Dreadwood, Lagooney and Oasis; the latest scheme will be available from the itinerant merchant who travels the game world.

As soon as you get all four of these objects, the Turret Drones will explode when they are destroyed by you, and if this happens near your enemies, they will be involved in the blast. Kill an enemy in this way and unlock the trophy.


Destroy a leader of a convoy.

The convoys will be clearly visible on the game map, marked with an orange marker. They consist, in practice, in a group of vehicles including a larger one, which will have the role of boss; there will be a tutorial that will give you all the necessary indications to defeat the leader of the convoy that, once beaten, will reward you with upgrades for your vehicle.

At the limit

Maintain top speed for 10 seconds with the Raptor

The Raptor is a unique motorcycle, which you'll get by reaching level 10 in the project".Capture and Control", completing the targets marked by the T-junction in the road to the north-west of the track, and heading south, if you are able to maintain maximum speed, the trophy should appear right around the border between the two regions. This road is quite wide, so keep giving your bike the gas and you should be able to do so without too much trouble.

Over 9,000

Drive more than 9,000 meters

This trophy will not be missed, as you will find yourself wandering more than 9 km in the game map of Rage 2 your vehicles. The goal will be assigned to you as soon as you pass the first missions.


He throws 19 motorcyclists out on the Phoenix...

By pressing the while you're aboard the Phoenix, you'll make a sudden, abrupt change of direction in your vehicle, and if you hit enemies on their motorcycles in the process, you'll ram them away. Well, to get the trophy in question, you'll have to do what you've now described with 19 opponents.

It's not always easy to find enemies on motorcycles in the game world; for this very reason, take advantage of convoys, in which you will find at least two motorcycles.

Bullied bully

Blow up a Bully with the "Booma"

The Booma is a huge tank that you'll find in some areas of the game. Borrow one of them and use the L1 to fire the primary weapon and hit a Bully.


Complete the Ranger mission

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.


Complete the "Blackout" mission

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.

The signal

Complete the mission "The Signal"

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.

Zone Celebrities

Complete the "Celebrities of the Zone" mission

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.

Below the surface

Complete the "Under the Surface" mission

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.

Control tower

Complete the "Watchtower" mission

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.

Cross in the crosshairs

Complete the "Cross in the crosshairs" mission

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.

Daga Project

Complete the "Project Daga" mission

Trophy linked to the main plot of the game, impossible to miss.


Complete 5 Arks

The Arks are just pods where you'll come across certain areas of the game, marked with a blue hexagonal icon. Inside the Arks you will find weapons, or you will be assigned skills. Some of these Arks are provided by the game's storyline and, of course, will also be valid for the trophy, while the others you'll be more or less "forced" to find them, as you'll have to find certain skills to continue in the main quest.

Complete five Arks and you'll get the trophy. If you want to dive in search of all 13 Arks in Rage 2, see the attached video,

In the bowels of the rust giant

Visit the dune sea ecocapsule

The ecocapsule is located to the east of the area that resembles a town in the Dune Sea area. If you follow the southern part of the road that leads west from the Dune Sea area, you should be able to see the trophy. Twisting Canyon you'll find this capsule just south of the route, just before reaching the fourth intersection. To get this trophy, actually, you'll have to reach an underground section, near the area where you'll find the Ark crates in this area.

Lonely Sentinel

Reach the top of the inflamed tract ecocapsule

The Flamed Tract Ecocapsule is an exploration location, located just north of the trading town of Gunbarrel. It is located at the top of the large foliage-covered hill just beyond the Yeoman Growery Bandit Den. Climb up the hill (or climb it using a vehicle) to the top so that the game recognizes the pod as a location. The trophy should appear shortly after you perform this action.

Hope sunk

Visit the swamp ecocapsule

The marshland ecocapsule is an exploration location that is just north of the commercial town of Lagooney, practically outside the main gate. Approach it so that it is recognized as a place of exploration, and you will get the trophy.

A plunge into the past

Cross the bridge to the ecocapsules in the Wild Lands

The Wild Lands ecocapsules are an exploration site located south of the number 8-shaped road in the north section of the game map. If you zoom in on the road, you will see a small dead end stretching south, and this is where the ecocapsule you are looking for is located.

Go over there and walk on the metal beam that extends from its center to activate the position and earn the trophy.

Nomad of the Devastated Zone

Visit all trade coalition settlements

The settlements of the trade coalition are real cities, located at five different points on the game map of Rage 2. Three of these you will be practically forced to visit them, as they will be obligatory passages for the purposes of the main quest; we are talking about Gunbarrel, Wellspring and Lagooney.

As for the last two settlements, in these cases you will have to look for them yourself, as they are not necessary for the completion of the adventure. These are the settlements of Dreadwood and Oasis located in the areas of The Wilds and the Dune Sea respectively.

Visit all five settlements and unlock the trophy in question.

Rage 2 - Guide to Trophies and Goals


Maximum efficiency

Use your assault rifle to kill 5 enemies in a row without reloading.

This trophy can be obtained in the very first bars of the game, as soon as you are in possession of the assault rifle. In this case, you'll have to face enemies without firearms; for the purpose of the achievement, you kill five opponents with shots to the head to avoid being forced to reload.


Kill 2 enemies with a single shot of Hypercannon.

The Hypercannon is a weapon you will obtain in the Ark of Greenhaven located in the Wilds area. It is a rifle that shoots energy rays, capable of hitting more enemies at a time. Immediately after completing the tutorial and leaving the Ark, you will see a wall open in front of you and, if you continue further, you will find a group of enemies waiting for you.

Identify your opponents without firearms and move backwards so that they are aligned; as soon as this condition occurs, fire with the hyper cannon and, if you kill at least two enemies, the trophy will be assigned to you.

Postmodern Picasso

Kill a total of 200 enemies with the rocket launcher

The rocket launcher is a weapon that you'll get by raiding the trunks of the Ark.Ark Strongbox located in the Torn Plains area. In this case, the weapon in question can be used in two different modes: to fire "classic" missiles or, holding down the L2 key, to fire a salvo of rockets that will track their short-range targets.

The trophy in question will ask you to kill at least 200 enemies with this weapon. To avoid overly tedious farming, all you need to do is go to any lair of bandits, kill all but one and then load the last autosave. Doing so, in fact, you'll keep the statistics of the kills, but the enemies present will reappear.

Pseudo Post-Mortem

Kill 3 enemies in 10 seconds after fully restoring health with Defibrillation

To earn this trophy, you must first unlock the Defibrillation ability, upgrade it completely and unlock at least two of the additional perks. You will unlock the Defibrillation ability by reaching the Ark of Canyon Cove in the Flaming Trail region directly southeast of Gunbarrel City.

You will then need to be at level 5, so that each shock regenerates 25% of the health bar; then, purchase the perk "Defibrillation 1 and 2", which will allow you to activate 4 discharges. Once you've unlocked all this, you'll have to be knocked out and, at this point, successfully use all four discharges, in order to totally regenerate your health and, therefore, kill 3 enemies within the next 10 seconds.

This trophy is more easily obtained in one of the lower level locations, on the south side of the map, as you will find weaker enemies without armor.

Off with your head

Hit 100 enemies in the head with the wingstick

The Wingstick is a weapon coming directly from the first Rage; it is a sort of "boomerang with blades", which you will have access to from the earliest stages of the game. You will have to kill as many as 100 enemies with this weapon, making headshots. As you will have understood, this is not a low number, which means that you will spend a large part of your run to achieve this condition.

Upgrade this weapon to the maximum, in order to increase its damage, range and, above all, the amount you can carry.

To avoid overly tedious farming, simply go to any lair of bandits, kill all but one and then load the last autosave. Doing so, in fact, you'll keep the statistics regarding the kills, but the enemies present will reappear.

You're doing all right

Kill 13 enemies by running along a cable

The cables are present in different areas of the game map and you, clinging to them, can shoot and kill enemies. The trophy in question asks you to kill at least 13 opponents in this way. Even if it looks like a not too complex achievement, the reality is a bit different.

The cables in question will always be located in areas where they cannot perform their function, and the speed at which you move will always be too high to allow you to aim accurately.

However, don't worry - there is one area where you can do the farming you need. This is the "Hard Top" den of bandits, located in the Twisting Canyons area. However, before you dive into this trophy, we have a tip to give you.

Complete the mission "Blackout" and start working on projects in the section "Kill and Destroy", until you unlock the "Surprise Attack", with which you can inflict a lot of additional damage to enemies unaware of your presence. Once this is done, follow the procedure in the video and you will get the trophy.

The bigger they are...

Kill 7 Abadon mutant exterminators


In the game map of Rage 2, there will be only seven places where you can run into the Abadon mutant exterminators. This means that in order to get the trophy, you will have to go to each of them. One of these enemies you will encounter by continuing in the game's plot, while the other six will be scattered in their 5 hideouts. These are real underground dungeons with them as the final bosses.

Before killing the last one, we highly recommend you to save your game progress on the cloud so you don't have to start the game from the beginning in case of glitches.

Hot potato

Return a grenade to sender

To get this trophy, you'll need to unlock the ability".Grenade Tennis", in section "Kill and Destroy“. In this way, in fact, you can hit the grenades that the enemies will throw against you, using a simple melee weapon. In case you don't succeed immediately, you can also use another method.

If there are a few of your opponents armed with baseball bats, throw a grenade at them, so that they can fend it off, and then hit them back.

In case you're having difficulty, we recommend that you also unlock the ability "Smash Grenade Tennis", which will allow you to return to sender even grenades that have already touched the ground.


Kill 1337 Bullies

Bullies are nothing but the enemies with the most flashy hairstyles and armour. To kill at least 1337 of them you'll have to take some time, but the best strategy is always the same: use the bandits' hideouts.


Kill a camouflaged enemy shroud

These types of enemies are quite difficult to beat, as they can camouflage themselves to the point of becoming almost invisible. Moreover, as if all this were not enough, they will not remain camouflaged for long and, even more frequently, they may even decide not to camouflage at all!

In order to get the spider out of the hole, focus on the Shrouds without firearms because they are the ones who are most likely to become invisible. Also, if you have set the lowest difficulty, the Hypercannon will be able to kill these enemies with a single shot. Try and try again until you get the trophy.

The enemy of my enemy

Kill an enemy trying to kill an enemy

In the game world of Rage 2, you will often come across groups of enemies fighting against other enemies. To get the trophy, you simply have to "make your entrance"...and beat the hell out of everyone. You'll probably unlock the target without even realizing it.


Destroy 128 vehicles driving the Phoenix

Use the Phoenix to travel around the game world, so you'll run into all the vehicles you run into and destroy them. Destroy 128 of them and the trophy is yours.


Kill an Abadon mutant exterminator with the Phoenix

As I said before, there are Rage 2 no missing trophies. However, if you kill all seven Abadon mutant exterminators, it could take quite a bit of patience to make another one appear. Precisely for this reason, we recommend that you obtain the trophy in question in the location called "D and D's Hood", located in The Wilds region, north of the game map.

The area where you'll find the two bosses is a high ground in the middle of four big buildings. Reach the area in your car, and use it to kill the bosses.

Anything that goes up...

Jump more than 100 meters with a land vehicle

In the game world you will Rage 2 find several ramps with which to make great jumps to your vehicle. However, if you can't get the trophy in this way, you can always unlock it in the Chazcar Derby race, where you will have to make several long distance jumps.

Acid House

Complete the race of the Torn Plains in less than 3:03

The Torn Plains race is a race you will have to face to get ahead in the main quest. Fortunately, getting the time required for the trophy will not be a difficult task at all. Remember that in order to unlock the achievement, you'll have to both win and achieve a time less than the one indicated.


Lift an enemy with the bulldozer

Bulldozers are vehicles that you can find in various areas of the game map. Once you get on board one of them, by pressing the L1 button, you can raise and lower the mechanical shovel with which it is equipped.

To get the trophy, direct the bulldozer towards an enemy and, when you are close to it, slow down; at this point, press the L1 button, so that you can raise it and get the achievement.

Mo you hole

Blow up 17 balloons

These balloons will appear randomly at various points on the game map and, if you get close enough, will be marked with a yellow icon. Be sure to knock them down at all times, whenever you get the chance, so you get the crate hanging on them and everything in it.

Rage 2 - Guide to Trophies and Goals


Superhuman charge

Reach a 10x Overload multiplier

The Overload multiplier increases with each kill you make in a short period of time, and as this indicator increases, the greater the Feltrite will be released by the enemies you defeat. To get this trophy, you'll first have to buy the "Unlocked Overdrive Multiplier" perk.

Once this is done, this trophy is practically unmissable, as there are many locations around the world that host at least 10 enemies in a small area. Make sure you kill the enemies in question quickly, without wasting too much time between kills, so that the multiplier doesn't decrease.

Mata Hari

Destroy 30 spy drones

Spy drones are a real collector's item on Rage 2. They will be scattered in various points of the game map and, to get the trophy in question, you will have to destroy at least 30 of them (on the 34 total present). You will understand that you are in the presence of a spy drone when you hear a noise that will get louder and louder as you get closer.

In this case, however, be careful: if you get too close, in fact, the drone will detach from the wall and run away, forcing you to look for it in another place. Fortunately, a single drone may be in two possible places on the game map.

A guide with the exact location of all the spy drones in Rage 2 is currently being worked on. Stay tuned so you don't miss any of our updates.

UPDATE: To get a better idea of where to find the 30 spy drones you need to unlock the trophy, see the attached video.

Rage 2 - Guide to Trophies and Goals


Post-post apocalypse hangover

Complete all other trophies

If you've made it this far, it means that you've achieved all the objectives in the game. Congratulations, you just got the platinum trophy from Rage 2!

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