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Are you now immersed in the new war between the undead and plants? Just like tradition also Plant vs. Zombie: The Battle of Neighborville (here our review) hides a lot of secrets and among them there are 20 golden fish to collect to get coins, experience and a very special skin.

PVZ : The Battle of | Neighborville What are golden fish?

The golden fish are one of the many follies hidden in the game but to unlock their quest you will first have to meet the fisherman. This little shooter is hidden behind the multiplayer portal (left behind the trees above the edge of the parapet) in the plant base of operations. After the tutorial you just need to talk to her to activate the golden fish collecting mission.

A golden fish is made just as you would expect and although finding them may seem simple, we assure you that the search requires painstaking work. That's why we have created this guide to golden fish that are not only found inside the plant faction's hub, but also in the zombies' hub and in the central area of Divertilandia.

PVZ : The Battle of | Neighborville The location of all 20 golden fishes

Below is the location of the 20 golden fish hidden in The Battle of Neighborville . The guide is divided into zones to make your search easier. Remember that each fish will give you several experience points and 1000 coins. Once you have retrieved all the fish back from the fisherman to get more coins, experience and the super rare fisherman gnome hat for the Sparasemi.

Faction Plants: all golden fish

1 - Stuck in the library to the left of Rux's shop.

2 - On the sofa to the right of Rux.

3 - In the cabinet drawer on the left as soon as you enter the room with the piano on the floor coming from the area with Rux's shop.

4 - In the gramophone in front of the piano on the ground.

5 - Behind the target at the bottom of the training area.

6 - In the window next to the Fisherman.

7 - On the frame of a painting in the room with Rux's shop.

8 - Towards Divertilandia, just before going down into the park, look at the top of the statue near the two arches.

Zombie faction: all the golden fish

9 - In the Dance Hall of Obedience, wedged between the boxes on the right.

10 - In the small garbage bin to the right of the multiplayer portal.

11 - Inside the window of the truck just before you jump for Divertilandia.

12 - Among the jewels of Rux's shop.

13 - In the dripping tube just behind the multiplayer portal.

Divertilandia: all the golden fish

14 - Above the carousel in the middle of the area (the easiest way to get on it is to use the carousel that transports you from one side of the park to the other).

15 - On the left side (for plants) of the park you can find this aquatic attraction. You can easily climb up the rocks and take the Sparasemi and use its R1 enhancement ability. This way you can jump higher and then press L2 to glide.

16 - On the gate on the left shortly after coming out of the zombie zone of the park.

17 - In the souvenir shop on the left, inside the bird box. Always near the previous golden fish.

18 - Leaving the area of the plants of the park keep in the center but always on the right side. You will arrive at the Phuture Zone where you will find the golden fish above the indicated cabin cruiser.

19 - In the phone booth near the plant area of the park.

20 - In one of the ponds around the central carousel of the park.

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