Puggsy Sega Mega Drive passwords and tricks

Puggsy it's a platform video game developed in 1993 by Traveler's Tales and published by Psygnosis to Sega Mega Drive and other platforms. The videogame was not very successful, mainly because of its high - indeed it would be better to say excessive - difficulty.

The plot is as follows: an alien passing through the solar system notices a failure on his spaceship and is therefore forced to make a crash landing on planet Earth, where he can proceed with repairs. Once he lands on our planet, Puggsy is robbed of his spaceship by a group of raccoons. He therefore leaves in search of his vehicle, the only one who can bring him back home. Puggsy is a platform game with logical puzzles to solve: you must use the objects in the appropriate way if you want to overcome the various levels. You can use weapons, power-ups and carry items. In total the game consists of 57 levels of increasing difficulty e 6 bosses at the end of the level.

If you stay on the far right of the screen when the final boss fires his lasers, you won't get hit.

When you are in a level and want to exit but are stuck or cannot find the exit, press START and then A, B and C at the same time. You will then exit the level.

In the first level of the Redwood Forest (the level after the first boss), go up the tree on which you see the bird dropping the eggcorn, the corn eggs we could call them. On top there is a knife. Grab it, get off the tree and cut the bridge. Drop down and go right. After finishing the level you will see a "?". Enter and you will be transported to Bunny Land.

Beach - Level 2 377 501 370 673 776 111 750 561 240

Darkskull Castle - Level 1 162 553 520 650 635 735 761 505 274
Darkskull Castle - Level 2 122 153 120 650 625 775 761 405 074
Diamond Mines 372 513 520 650 735 735 700 105 234
Starfall Lake - Level 1 377 503 570 653 775 135 700 101 244
Starfall Lake - Level 2 377 503 570 656 724 531 750 041 244
Starfall Lake - Level 3 377 513 560 654 626 531 750 041 244
Starfall Lake - Level 4 336 513 520 650 725 735 700 001 224

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