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This mini-game guide to puzzles will help you complete train races, fish ponds and puppet theatre.
The guide is structured in such a way as to list you where to find the necessary to complete the mini-games and the essential to complete them with the help of images.
The guide also shows where to find the items of the COLLECTION mini game that can then be used in London Life.


WHERE- talk to Bucky on the South Quay after leaving the Triton estate with Luke in Chapter 2.
SOLUTION-The first thing you need to do is unlock all the train journeys by following the guide below, then you need to complete them by tracing the train's route so that, passing through all the stations, it arrives at the terminus on time. Under each ride you'll find a picture showing how to trace the train's route.

1- Bucky's train

Talk to Bucky at the South Quay after leaving the Triton residence with Luke in Chapter 2.

2-The Dom Express
Talk to Dominica at the Channel Top in Chapter 3 and solve Enigma 015 which she will propose to you.

3- Clarence's dream train

Complete riddle 26 in Chapter 4.

4- Gus the Wolverine

Complete riddle 36 in chapter 4.

5- Mt Otaki
Complete riddle 42.

6- The Business of Augustus

Complete riddle 56.

7- Dugan's trick

Complete riddle 65.

8- Hugo's problem
Complete riddle 68.

9- The journey of Rosa
Complete puzzle 120.

10- Beth's dream
Complete riddle 136.


WHERE- talk to Marion at the Fish Laboratory and solve puzzle 019 in Chapter 3.
SOLUTION- First of all you will have to unlock all the fish tanks following the guide below, then you will have to carry them out so that the little fish, bouncing between the bubbles that you will have to go to insert, will take all the coins in the tank in the preset time. Under each tank you'll find a photo showing how to bounce the fish.

1- The Cozy Garden
Talk to Marion at the Fish Laboratory and solve puzzle 019 in Chapter 3.

2-The Quiet Passage

Talk to Mr Browne in the area called Hat Shop once nightfall and solve puzzle 021 in Chapter 3.

3-Caotic Suburbs

Solve riddle 027 in Chapter 4.

4-Relaxing Oaks
Solve riddle 039 in Chapter 4.

5-Sleeping Bottom

Solve riddle 050.

6-Night park

Solve riddle 062.

7-Submarine tubes
Solve riddle 091.

8-Peast of poisonous mushrooms

Solve riddle 109.

9-Spirals Thin

Solve puzzle 117.

10-The Laytonmobile's Lair

Complete the first 9 tanks.


WHERE- talk to Bobbi in the Room Entrance at the beginning of Chapter 4.
SOLUTION- First you have to unlock all the puppet actions following the guide below, then you have to enter them as the act goes on, choosing the right action the show will go on, otherwise you have to rewind the act and start entering the actions again. Under each act you will find the list of actions to use.

1st Action-Rinsing

Talk to Bobbi in the Room Entrance at the beginning of Chapter 4.

2nd Action-Catch

Talk to Bobbi in the Room Entrance at the beginning of Chapter 4.


Talk to Bobbi in the Room Entrance at the beginning of Chapter 4.

4th Action-Enlarge
Solve puzzle 23 in Chapter 4.

5th Action-Pour
Solve riddle 25 in Chapter 4.

6th Action-Licking

Solve riddle 33 in Chapter 4.

7th Action-Sublimate

Solve riddle 35 in Chapter 4.


Solve riddle 37 in Chapter 4.

10th Action-Assessing
Solve riddle 47 in Chapter 5.

11th Action-Fit
Solve riddle 53 in Chapter 6.

12th Action-Apply
Solve riddle 59 in Chapter 6.

Solve riddle 64 in Chapter 7.

14th Action-Transport
Solve riddle 75 in Chapter 7.

15th Action-Action
Solve riddle 71 in Chapter 8.

16th Action-take

Solve riddle 40.

17th Action-take
Solve riddle 52.

18th Action-Tracking

Solve riddle 70.

19thAction- Arrange
Solve riddle 74.

Solve riddle 76.

21st Action-Span
Solve riddle 85.

22nd Action-Roll
Solve riddle 107.

Solve riddle 112.

24th Action-Mask
Solve puzzle 121.

Use the shares in the following orders:

-ACT 1:
Rinse, grab, slice, brown, increase, pour, simmer, taste.

-ACT 2:
Rub, arrange, hang, carry, flatten, lick, apply, position.

-ACT 3:
Sit, roll, spread, draw, stir, shake, chew, take.


WHERE TO TOUCH repeatedly the black pipe sticking out of the ground on Great Ely Street in Chapter 2.
SOLUTION-This minigame involves finding and collecting small objects. The location of the objects is described in the guide below.

1st Object-Small Fossil

Touch the black pipe that comes out of the ground in Great Ely Street several times in Chapter 2.

2ndObject-Broken Tea Cup

Tap several times under the table in the lower left corner in Paddy's Café in Chapter 3.

3rdObject Curious Fragment

Touch the channel water to the channel top several times in Chapter 3.
4thObject Old Bottle
Touch the little door at the top left of the House of Keat in Chapter 3 several times.

5th Precious Object-Dish.

Touch the inside of the store on the left in the area called Crossroads in Chapter 4.
6th Rare-object.
Touch the books under the counter in the Library: Inside in chapter 4.

7thSticky Spoon.

Touch the wooden box several times in the first game map, right where you started it (bridge to the city) in chapter 4.
Eighth Light-Table.
Touch the bush to the right of the dessert stall in the Market area several times: Entrance to Chapter 4.

9¬į Object - Sad Mask.
Tap several times on the stall at the bottom left in the Black Market area at the end of Chapter 4.

10Object Terrible Square.

Touch the pictures above the box on the left near the large open box in the Background at the end of Chapter 4 several times.

11¬įObject-Loving Sermon
Touch the bush at the bottom right of the area called the police station several times at the beginning of Chapter 5.

12¬įObject-Disoriented Compass
Touch the river that passes under the bridge several times in the area called Dam during Chapter 5.

On the shore of the lake touch several times under the wooden footbridge in Chapter 5.

14thObject-Map S times the parcels above the third wooden cabinet in the archives during Chapter 6.

15thObject-Mineral Silvery
Touch the dynamite switch in the excavation site to see a cavern explode, touching the exploded cavern will get the material, all in Chapter 7.

16th Sooty Cloak-Object

Touch the bag in the bottom right corner of the cellar several times during Chapter 7.

17¬įSympathetic Object-Idol

Touch the little water on the ground in the back entrance to the factory several times during Chapter 9.

18th Reflective Iron-Object
Touch the boxes in the background to the left in the third factory hall during Chapter 9.

19¬įObject Gear Fault
Touch the rubble on the floor after solving riddle 135 in the factory during Chapter 9.

20¬įSmiley-Collet Smiling
Touch the wooden cabinet under the gramophone several times in Casey's House at the beginning of the Epilogue. To reach the House of Casey go to the area called the Destroyed Arch and touch the small blue door on the left just below the point from which the arch started, you will discover that the rubble has created a bridge to reach it.

21¬įObject - Folded Gemello
Touch the flag on the left in Jakes' office several times.

22nd Lost Subject-Friend
Touch the chair in front of the window in Ariadne's room several times.

23rdObject Unknown Seed
Touch the flowers several times above the florist near Scotland Yard.

24¬į Soft Feather-Object
Tap several times at the foot of the bed on the left in room 301.

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