Pokemon X and Y - Where to Find the Fishing Rods!

In the vast Kalos the Pokemon are not only hiding on land. A good part of them in fact is hidden in the depths of the sea and only the fishing activity will allow you to catch them. As per tradition also in this pokemon there are 3 fishing rods to find that will allow you to fish in the sea common, uncommon and rare Pokemon. Let's see below where to find the rods:

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You can find this first tool for common Pokemon fishing in the city of Petroglifari. To get it, just visit the city's aquarium and talk to the fisherman in the middle of the two steps.

This second and best hook you can find it in the city of Temperopoli simply by talking to the fisherman walking on the pier in front of the white motorboats.

In Route 16, going west towards Luminopolis, there is the Fishing House where a fisherman inside will give you the last and most powerful Pokemon fishing tool simply by talking to him. The Super hook will allow you to reach even deeper waters and fish Pokemon like Politoed, Lanturn, Gorebyss ( ONLY Y ) Huntail ( ONLY X ), Seadra, Clauncher and Clawitzer ( both ONLY X ) and Skrelp and Dragalge ( both ONLY Y ).

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