Pokemon X and Y - How to Catch the Legendary Pokemons

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Help for Pokemon X and Y to find and capture the Legendary Pokemon of the exclusive Nintendo 3DS game! Would you like to add the legends of Kalos to your team? Just follow our handy guide!

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XERNEAS E YVELTAL: It's not difficult to find them since you can easily get them by following the main storyline of the game. Depending on the chosen game version you will find the related Pokemon.

ZYGARDE: You can only capture him after you defeat the Pokemon League. Once the adventure is over, you can descend to the top floor of Terminus Cave and try to capture the immense Zygarde that will be waiting for you at level 70 with the following moves: Munch, Earthquake, Camouflage and Dragopulsar.

MEWTWO: Before the end of the game you will surely have noticed the man who, near the Pokemon Valley, prevented you from entering a cave. After beating the league that man will leave his post letting you enter the cave where Mewtwo lives and once captured he will also give you the corresponding Megapietra ( X or Y depending on the version chosen ).

ARTICUNO, ZAPDOS AND MOLTRES: These 3 legends of the Pokemonian universe will begin to wander the skies of the Kalos region once the League is defeated. You will be able to monitor their movements via Pokedex and, after meeting them 12 times, they will take refuge in the Thalassic Cave that can be reached by MN Surf from the Blue Bay. You won't be able to capture the entire trio, in fact the legendary bird changes depending on the starter taken:

Articuno if you have taken Chespin;

Moltres if you catch Froakie;

Zapdos if you get Fennekin.

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