Pokemon X and Y - A Guide to Mega Stones

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In the following guide we will explain you where to find the mysterious Mega stones that will allow some of our Pokemon to reach an advanced stage during the fight through a new procedure called Megaevolution!

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Charizard: You will be provided by the Professor choosing Charmander in the laboratory of Luminopoli. Depending on the version of the game you will receive a Charizardite X or Y. Otherwise you can buy it for 100.000 in the Luminopolis Emporium after finishing the game.

Blastoise: You will receive it from the Professor choosing Squirtle in the laboratory of Luminopolis. Otherwise you can buy it for 500,000 in the Luminopolis Emporium after finishing the game.

Venusaur: You will get it from the Professor by choosing Bulbasaur in the Luminopolis laboratory. Otherwise you can buy it for 300,000 in the Luminopolis Emporium after finishing the game.

Lucario: You will be provided during the adventure near the third gym together with its Megapietra.

Abomasnow: You will receive it as soon as you save Abomasnow in the frozen cave.

Ampharos: Talk to the bald old man on the small sandy island with the photo sign to receive his Megapietra.

Gengar: A black haired girl living in Romantopoli will give it to you.

Aereodactyl: Talk to Petroglifari scientists after you have resurrected at least one Aereodactyl from amber. To find the fossil from which to resurrect it, just go to the Cave of Glow and use the rock breaker on the numerous stones until you find a fossil.


Mewtwo: You only need to capture the Pokemon in question in the Pokemon Valley cave to get the Megapietra. Remember that the mega evolution of this pokemon changes depending on the game version you choose.

Gardevoir: After defeating the league, go to Luminopolis and enter the café where Prof. Platan introduced you for the first time the champion of the pokemon league. Once inside you will find her there again assaulted by a crowd of fans. Talk to her and exchange Pokemon to get the Pokemon in question and its megapiece.


To upgrade your precious bracelet you will need to go to the remote village that you will only have access to once you have defeated the league. Once you're there, enter the Lotta Park and overcome a single fight. Back on the road, continue to the northern part of the village and you will see Serena/Calem near the pond. Talk to us to start the ultimate challenge. Once defeated, it will provide you with a precious gift by directing you to return to Professor Platan in Fluxopolis. Once you reach the latter you will get the update for the Megacerchio that at certain times will allow you to identify the last remaining Mega Stones. the time slot in question goes from 20:00 to 21:00.

Absol: In Batikopolis, the small town you will have access to after the end of the game.

Houndoom: In Route 16. EXCLUSIVE OF VERSION Y.

Manectric: In Route 16. EXCLUSIVE TO VERSION X.

Tyranitar: Altoripoli's gym. EXCLUSIVE TO VERSION X.

Aggron: Altoripoli's gym. EXCLUSIVE TO THE Y VERSION.

Medicham: Go to Romantopoli at the designated time to see the stone shine near the well.

Pinsir: In the forest of Novartopoli. EXCLUSIVE OF VERSION X.

Heracross: In the forest of Novartopoli. EXCLUSIVE VERSION Y.

Banette: In the city of Novartopoli.

Alakazam: You will find his megapietra in the Reflection Cave in Cromleburg.

Gyarados: You can see its Stone shining at Mosaic Bridge near the waterfalls.

Scizor: You can find the megapietra of this Pokemon in Frescovilla, in the Frozen Cave, behind the immense Abomansnow.

Mawile: In the Undertone Manor at Vanity Castle, climb the stairs to the left to find the megapietra on the first floor.

Kangaskhan: You will find this stone in the cave of flashes.

Garchomp: Starting from the League, walk down the Victory Road to find this stone. You will need Pokemon with Surf, Strength, Waterfall and Rock Break.

Blaziken: To get the megapietra and Torchic, to evolve in Combusken and finally in Blaziken, you must choose the option SECRET Gift, before loading the game. Connect to the internet via wi-fi and you will get the little chick. Now you just need to go to any Pokemon Center of the game, free a place in your team and talk to the lady on the left of the counter where you take care of the Pokemon that will provide you with the hot chick and the megapietra.

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