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Pokemon Sun and Moon - Postgame Solution - You think the Pokemon League is the ultimate goal? You're sorely mistaken! The continent of Alola still hides many secrets to be discovered: Mega Stones and Mega Evolutions, Ultra Creatures of the Overworld, the legendary Tapu protectors of the islands, and much more, all described in detail in this game's Postgame Guide!

This section of our solution will show you how to proceed through all the side events of the game, i.e. the ones that take place after the final theme of the adventure. For everything related to the path to the League, check out our: Complete step-by-step solution to the game!


IMPORTANT: The guide is divided by locations, the same ones you will find in the game. Each of these areas describes what you need to do to proceed and all the items you can collect from Pokèball or get from a character. We have also tried not to include SPOILER so as not to spoil your gaming experience!

Pokemon Sun and Moon - POST GAME GUIDE

Unlike the game's mainguide, which was divided by islands, this guide will be dvised for "things to do" because many of the activities present will have you wandering a lot from city to city but also between the islands of Alola. For any questions check out our summary!



-As soon as the ransomware loads back up, you'll find yourself in your room. Look under your desk for a ZIGARDE CORE.

-Once you get to the living room you will receive the Z DECIDE and the Z PRIMARINIUM from Hau.

-Go up to the second floor of the Training School on Route 1 and talk to karateka.
In front of the door at the end of the hallway on the left:

Primeape Lv 55, Lucario Lv 56.

Once inside, you'll have to deal directly with...

Granbull Lv 57, Arcanine Lv 57, Stoutland Lv 57.
Once defeated you will get the KING SHEIKE ROCH.

-Look in the purple basket to the left of the stairs on the first floor of the Training School and you'll find a Zygard Cell.

Next to the wooden bridge near the entrance to Mele Mele Meadow, you will find a Zygard Cell.

Outside the Pokemon Lab house on Route 1, you'll find a Zygard Cell.

On the small island in front of the Pokemon Lab you'll find a SAND BLOAT.

-VOLANCIO Z: Use the MACHAMP to move the stone to the 10 carat hill and reach the stone.


-Go to Via Antica di Poni and go right until you find yourself:
Espeon Lv 61, Raichu Lv 61, Slowking Lv 61, Metagross Lv 61, Alakazam Lv 61.
You will receive a PIETRACHIAVE and a megapietra: the ALAKAZAMITE.

In the Poni forest. Go straight ahead and look near the rock face to find a Zygard Cell.


Fly to this place to be outside the main structure. Don't go inside, but go left to collect a Zygard Cell.


TAPU KOKO Capture - Temple of Conflict

Finish the game and visit the temple with your companions at the end of the quest. It is part of the main story. Once captured, you will also receive the TAPIUM Z to use on all Tapu.

CAPTURE TAPU FINI - Passage Temple

All you have to do is fly directly to the temple and tap the totem inside to make TAPU FINI, the island's protector pokemon, appear.

Capturing TAPU LELE - Temple of Life

Move the right stone into the hole. The middle stone in the left hole. And the new rock you will find on the left is always in front of the hole. Now enter the new room and touch the totem to deal with TAPU LELE.

TAPU BULU capture - Haina Desert

Going up, go along the right wall until you enter the small area with the ELISIR MAX.

To cross the desert and reach all of its zones you will need to exit, in the area marked by the piles of stones, following this order: 2-1-4-3.

If you have taken the correct exits, after leaving the area marked by a single stone you will find yourself in a clearing with a forgetful man in the middle. Next to him you will find a Zygard Cell.

You reached the area whose center is a plot for MUDSDALE. Take the exit marked by the 4 stones and you will reach a small area with the PSICHIUM Z. After leaving this area, go up and take the exit marked by the 3 stones to reach the Temple of Harvest. Next to the entrance, you will pick up a Zygard Cell.

Temple of Harvest

Push the right rock until you clear the path to the left. Push the left rock towards the entrance of the temple. Now enter the new room and touch the totem to deal with TAPU BULU.


When the game ends, exit the house and talk to the man on the left to receive a SECRET LETTER. You will need to go to the Andirivieni Hotel, on Route 8 on the island of AKALA.

Once you arrive, you will be informed of the status of the Ultra Creatures that have been released into the world and put to the test by the Game Police:

Alakazam Lv 61, Mismagius Lv 61, Weavile Lv 61, Snorlax Lv 61, Salamence Lv 61.

After proving your level you will have to go to another paradise. As soon as you land, don't go inside, but go left to pick up an IPERPOILER. Enter the main structure to come out the other side and if you want you can fight again with VICIO who is now a simple employee. You will find him to the left of the passage leading to the director's villa.

Slowbro Lv 61, Bruxish Lv 61, Hypno Lv 61, Raichu Lv 61, Alakazam Lv 61.
Defeated you will get a DUBBIODISCO.

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