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In Pokémon Sun and Moon, players can find mysterious and fascinating beings: Ultra Legends. According to the game, these entities possess enormous powers and are, in fact, a serious threat not only to Pokémon, but also to humans. Of course, the Æther Foundation didn't waste any time and immediately began researching these beings in order to understand their nature and intentions by giving each Ultralegend a specific code name. Some Ultra Legends are exclusive to the Sun Pokemon or Moon Pokemon version. Let's see them together:

NIHILEGO formerly known as UC 01

Health first, as they say... and defense! This Nihilego seems to be very balanced though not particularly lethal with standard attacks. Being of a material comparable to glass, difficult to detect (or even just to define) since its appearance is constantly changing. According to Æther research his movements are similar to those of a little girl, at the moment it is impossible to say whether he is actually endowed with a will of his own or whether he acts out of pure and simple survival instinct.

BUZZWOLE formerly known as UC 02 Absorption (exclusive to Pokémon Sun).

Attack and defense are its strengths, it looks like a very powerful version of Pokemon Coleoptera Heracross. A truly mighty creature, but no one has seen this colossus at work yet. At the front it has a long beak (if we can call it that) of diamond: its purpose is unknown, but it could have an offensive function. The wings attached to its back, apparently inadequate to lift such a heavy being, are extremely efficient.

PHEROMOSA formerly known as UC 02 Beauty (exclusive to Pokémon Luna)

Crazy speed, lethal attack but defense that makes water on all sides. An extremely rapid, graceful and lethal being. This Ultra Legend is able to move quickly from one point to another on the battlefield and vaguely resembles an insect. According to Æther research, UC 02 Elegantia may even be able to dodge lightning but its real powers remain unknown.

It seems, though there's no confirmation, that this creature has special hypnotic qualities that actually make any opponent lose the will to fight, making Pokémon (and not only) easy prey for Elegantia. Perhaps the most terrifying of all Ultra Legends, the search continues.

GUZZLORD aka UC 05 Voracitas

High health and a powerful attack makes it one of the most dangerous ultra-creatures. Its weak point is its speed, which is really low. A being whose purpose is only one: to eat. Guzzlord literally swallows everything in sight, so it's best to stay at a safe distance. What drives this particular Ultra Legend to behave like this is unknown, but according to research his hunger would even drive him to eat land, rivers and even seas! All the assimilated substances are then immediately converted into energy, at the moment we do not yet know the mechanism behind this process.

XURKITREE aka UC 03 Lumen

A special attack (in the SPA stats) really amazing electrical type is scary just to look at it. The rest of the stats are pretty balanced but this mysterious ultra creature is really scary.


Being of the steel/plane type, it seems to have well balanced stats with a not particularly high speed for a steering wheel.


Kartana as we can see has a really low HP stats, as well as defense against special attacks (SpD). Its strengths are definitely the extremely powerful base attack and speed.


His armor allows him to have a very high defense against special attacks. Otherwise this Ultra Legend is really well balanced and doesn't seem to have any weak points.

In conclusion we can say that Ultra Legends are mythical beings that appear for the first time ever in Pokémon Sun and Moon, the player has the task of finding out as much as possible about them by operating a real classification.

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