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Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are two quite similar games, definitely in the plot and main characters. However, the game has some important differences at the level of Pokémon that can guide you in the choice according to your preferences. Nintendo has in fact made two games that could both be played if you want to completely master all the Pokémon present in the unimerso of Alola (fictitious version of Hawaii, where the Sun and Moon Pokémon games are set). Let's see together all the differences between the versions.

Pokémon Moon Time and Location

Pokémon Moon is mainly set at night. The game time works differently in the two versions: in Pokémon Sun, it's the same as the time set on the Nintendo 3DS system; in Pokémon Moon, on the other hand, there's a difference of 12 hours from the system time.

Pokémon Starter Sun and Moon

The pokemon starters are the same for both versions of the game. The pokemon starters are: Rowlet (Grass), Litten (Fire), and Popplio (Water).

Their evolutions are very interesting and during the game, as tested by us in the review, they proved to be quite efficient especially Litten. Their evolutions are:

Rowlet -> Dartrix -> Decidueye (grass/spectrum type)

Litten -> Torracat -> Inceneroar (fire/dark type)

Popplio -> Brionne -> Primarina (water type/follet)

Rockruff: different evolutions depending on the version

Rockruff, the cute little dog pokemon revealed some time ago, will evolve differently depending on the version of the game. Rockruff, in fact, from a tender pokemon will turn into a much more fearsome pokemon in night or day form depending on whether you're playing pokemon sun or pokemon moon.

Pokémon Sun Rockruff will evolve into Lycanroc Day Shape (Rock type)

As the official website says: "In Pokémon Sun, thanks to the influence of Solgaleo, Rockruff evolves into Lycanroc Day Shape when it absorbs a large amount of solar energy. With his abrupt movements, he confuses his opponents and avoids attacks by hitting them with the sharp stones in his mane. His exclusive move is Rocciarapida, a high priority move with which he hits his opponent with lightning fast movements".

Pokémon MOON Rockruff will evolve into Lycanroc Night Form (Rock type)

Here, too, the official website comes to our rescue to find out its characteristics, saying: "In Pokémon Moon, thanks to Lunala's influence, Rockruff evolves into Lycanroc Night Form when it absorbs a large amount of moonr energy. This Pokémon fears nothing and is willing to do anything to win. His eyes light up at the thought of the fight, and the stronger his opponent is, the more exhilarating it is for him. He puts his trust in the coaches who can make the most of his power in the fight.

Dominant Pokémon: The Differences

At the end of each test, the Coaches will face a particularly powerful Pokémon: the dominant Pokémon. This Pokémon is much larger than other specimens of the same species, and its body exudes a special aura. The dominant Pokémon will therefore be different depending on the Sun or Moon version of the game. We now know that in a trial of Apple Island, the dominant Pokémon will be Gumshoos in Sun Pokémon and Alola's Raticate in Moon Pokémon.

Pokémon Legendaries: Sun Pokémon and Moon Pokémon Differences

In Pokémon Sun the Legendary Pokémon will be SOLGALEO. This pokemon with leonine shape takes its power from the sun and will be of the Psycho/Steel type. Its unique ability is Metalprotection which protects it from changing stats during battle, while its attack will be Astrocharge.

In Pokémon Moon the Legendary Pokémon will be MOONLA. This Psyche/Spectrum Pokémon will have as its unique Wraith ability that reduces the damage Lunala can suffer when her Ps are at their maximum, while her attack will be Shadow Ray.

Exclusive Pokémon differences in Sun and Moon

Some Pokémon will be exclusive to the game. Not all Pokémon will be present both in the single version and in that moon! The exclusive Pokémon of each version are not completely known, but for now the ones we have found are the following:

Pokémon Sun Pokémon exclusive:

Alolan Vulpix
Alolan Ninetales
Lycanroc (night form)
UB-02 Absorbtion

Pokémon Moon Pokémon Exclusive:

Alolan Sandshrew
Alolan Sandslash
UB-02 Beauty

Different ultralegends in Pokémon Sun and Moon

As seen in the article dedicated to Ultralegends among the different Ultralegends available there is an exclusive one for each version of the game.

UC 02 Expansio (exclusive Pokémon Sun)

A truly mighty creature, but no one has seen this behemoth at work yet. At the front it has a long beak (if we can call it that) of diamond: its purpose is unknown, but it could have an offensive function. The wings attached to its back, apparently inadequate to lift such a heavy being, are extremely efficient.

UC 02 Elegantia (exclusive to Pokémon Moon)

An extremely quick, graceful and deadly being. This Ultralegends is able to move quickly from one point to another on the battlefield and vaguely resembles an insect. According to Æther research, UC 02 Elegantia may even be able to dodge lightning but its real powers remain unknown.

It seems, though there's no confirmation, that this creature has special hypnotic qualities that actually make any opponent lose the will to fight, making Pokémon (and not only) easy prey for Elegantia. Perhaps the most terrifying of all Ultralegends, the search continues.

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