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Pokemon Quest is available for download on Nintendo Switch and has also been available to play on Android and iOS devices for the past few days.

One of the features included in the game is the base camp, a place where you can cook many different kinds of ingredients to attract Pokemon and take them with you on your next expedition. To help you familiarize yourself with this new system, we've included here all the currently known recipes Pokemon Quest , known ingredients and the effect that each concoction has in the game.

Before you read the article, you can consult our guide on How to Download Pokemon Quest on Nintendo Switch, as many people are having trouble finding the game in the eShop. Please note that the game is also recently available on Android and iOS.

Things to know before you cook

In Pokemon Quest you will have access to various types of pots and pans. The bigger they are, the stronger the Pokemon you will be able to attract. The available pots and pans are as follows:

  • Standard Pot: each slot needs three units of ingredients
  • Bronze pot: there are ten units of ingredients required. The Pokemon attracted are level 20 or higher.
  • Silver Pot: Each slot requires fifteen units of ingredients. Attracted Pokemon are level 40 or higher
  • Pot of Gold: twenty units of ingredient are required. You can attract Pokemon of level 70 or higher.
Put the ingredients in the pot and watch the effects.

Pokemon Quest : Guide to Recipes

Below are the recipes, with the necessary ingredients and the resulting effect.

  • Cubes Soup

Ingredients: 5 units of any ingredient

Effect: Attracts all Pokemon

  • Red Cube Stew

Ingredients: 5 Granradice or Minifunghi

Effect: attracts red Pokemon

  • Blue Juice Cubes

Ingredients: 5 Cold Rock or Baccamore

Effect: Attracts Blue Pokemon

  • Yellow curry cubes

Ingredients: 5 Honey or Gherkins

Effect: Attracts Yellow Pokemon

  • Bagna Cauda Cubes

Ingredients: 1 Cold Rock, 2 Bacchromes, 2 Honey, 2 Mini Mushrooms

Effect: Attracts Pokemon of water

  • Gratin white cubes

Ingredients: 5 Perfumes and 5 Fossils

Effect: Attracts gray pokemon

  • Silky Cubes Cracks

Ingredients: 3 Honey, 2 Perfumed Mushrooms or 2 Bachelorhood, 1 Honey and 2 Fossils

Effect: attracts normal Pokemon

  • Slime Cubes Soup

Ingredients: 3 Perfumed Mushroom, 1 Mini Mushroom, 1 Rainbow Block or 3 Perfumed Mushroom, 2 Mini Mushroom

Effect: attracts Pokemon poison

  • Clay cubes

Ingredients: 3 Honey, 2 Cold Rocciafredda or 3 Minifungo, 2 Rocciafredda

Effect: attracts Pokemon Earth

  • Vegetable milkshake with cubes

Ingredients: 3 Grandradice, 2 Ghicocca or 3 Ghicocca, 1 Minifungo, 1 Granradice

Effect: attracts Pokemon Grass

  • Cube Honey Fondue

Ingredients: 3 Honey, 1 Bacchamore, 1 Rainbow Block or 2 Bacchamore, 2 Honey, 1 Ghicocca

Effect: Attracts Pokemon Beetle

  • Boiled boiled boulders with Cubes

Ingredients: 3 Cold Rock, 1 Fossil, 1 Rainbow Block or 2 Ghicocca, 2 Fossils, 1 Cold Rock

Effect: attracts Pokemon Rocks

  • Cubes Psychospezzatino

Ingredients: 2 Honey, 1 Cold Rock, 1 Ice, 1 Baccamora or 3 Baccamora, 2 Ghicicots

Effect: attracts Pokemon Psycho

  • Hot Cubes Broth

Ingredients: 3 Perfumed mushroom, 2 Granradice or 3 Minifungo, 2 Baccamora

Effect: Attracts Pokemon Fire

  • Lightweight Cubes Casserole

Ingredients: 3 Rocciafredda, 2 Granradice or 2 Fossils, 2 Grandradice and 1 Rocciafredda

Effect: attracts flying Pokemon

  • Cubes Syrup

Ingredients: 2 Baccamora, 2 Minifungo, 1 Honey

Effect: Attracts Pokemon fight

  • Electrician under the Cubes

Ingredients: 3 Honey, 1 Fragrant, 1 Granradice or 2 Minifungo, 2 Honey, 1 Ghicocca

Effect: attracts Pokemon electro

  • Fortelatte alla Cubetti

Ingredients: Honey (1), Bacon (2) and a Minifungo

Effect: attracts the Pokemon fight type

  • Ambrosia of Legend

Ingredients: Mystic Shell and Rainbow Block

Effect: Attracts rare and mystical Pokemon

How to attract starters

To attract Pokemon starters cook the following recipes:

Attracting Pikachu

You have to cook special quality yellow Curry to get 19% chance. The recipe is as follows:

4 Honey
1 Granradice or Perfumed fungus

To have, however, 80% chance is to prepare the Electrorisotto using:

1 Granradice or Cold Rock
3 Honey
1 Granradice or Perfumed fungus

Attract Bulbasaur

To attract Bulbasaur you have to prepare the vegetable milkshake (26%) or the slime soup (51%):

The milkshakes need it:

2 Granradice
2 Ghicocca
1 Perfumed fungus

For the soup:

1 Mini Mushroom
3 Perfumed fungus
1 Rainbow Block

Attract Squirtle

To attract Squirtle you need either Bagna cauda (7%) or Blue Juice (33%).

In the first case you need:

2 Baccamora
1 Cold Rock
2 Granradice or Honey or Perfume Fungus

In the second of:

4 Cold Rock
1 Granradice or Honey or Cold Rock or Perfumed Fungus

Attract Charmander

To attract Charmander you can cook or special red stew (20%):

4 Granradice
1 Granradice or Cold Rock or Honey or Fragrance Fungus

or the hot broth, 40% if of excellent quality and 80% of special quality. The special is made like this:

2 Granradice
3 Perfumed fungus

Ingredients characteristics

For some recipes, the ingredients are not explained, but only described. You must therefore use ingredients that match that description.

  • Minifungos are red, soft and small.
  • Granradici are large, red, soft, precious and vegetable.
  • The Baccamore are blue, soft, small and sweet.
  • The Cold Rocks are blue, hard, precious and mineral.
  • The Ghicocche are yellow, hard, small and vegetable.
  • The honey is yellow, soft, precious and sweet.
  • The fossils are grey, hard, small and mineral.
  • Perfumed mushrooms are grey, soft and precious.

There are also very valuable rare ingredients:

  • Rainbow Block - If you have this ingredient, you can use it to replace any other ingredient you don't have.
  • Mystic Shell - With this you can cook the Ambrosia of Legends a la Cube that attracts rare and legendary Pokémon.

The text describing the amount of ingredients to be used for each recipe is not precise. Each description uses definitions such as "A whole lot", "A lot", "Some". Here is how to interpret and use the right number of ingredients:

  • A whole lot = 4 slots
  • Many = 3 slots
  • Some = 2 slots
  • A little = 1 slot
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