Pokémon Quest - How to Teach New Moves to Pokemons

Pokemon Quest is available for download on Nintendo Switch as a free-to-start title. The game was announced and then released shortly after a press conference held by Nintendo on May 29th. For the past few weeks it has also been possible to play it on iOS and Android. It's a completely different title from the other games in the series and features a completely new combat system. In this Pokemon Quest guide, we're going to see how to make the most of your Pokémon by teaching them powerful new moves. We'll show you how to use the Pokémon's training function and how to get the best results from it. Here's how to teach new Pokemon moves in Pokemon Quest.

How to trade and learn new moves in Pokemon Quest

Pokemon are equipped with two moves that can be used in battle. These have variants: Pokemon, thanks to them, can launch short and long range offensive attacks and more defensive moves. Attacks can be enhanced with Move Stones. The moves can also be exchanged in Pokemon Quest but it can be a bit confusing. In this guide we've collected all the details on how to teach new moves to Pokemon in Pokemon Quest.

To trade or learn moves in Pokemon Quest, you must use the training function. This can be found in the "Team Edit" menu, select only the Pokemon you want to teach the moves to and go to the training section called "Sparring". Here there are two options for training Pokemon. For now, ignore the Level Training and move to the "Moves" tab.

From here, there will be two possible moves your pokemon can learn, along with a success rate. Your task now is to add four pokemon support to increase this success rate. To be more successful, it is advisable to prioritize support pokemons that are of the same type as the one you want to train, as this will lead to a higher percentage increase. You can select the move you want to replace and then click "Start training". You'll get a new move depending on which Pokémon you've entered and the level and evolution status of the Pokemon you're training.

Please note: it is not possible to select a particular move to learn, so it is mainly a matter of luck.

You can change the properties of your learned move using the Move Stones, so consider changing the moves you have before exchanging them. This is all you need to know about how to teach new moves to Pokemon in Pokemon Quest.

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