Pokémon OR and ASH: Unlock Hoopa and Alternate Form

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - Complete Solution and Guide - We are pleased to present you, exclusively, the guide and the complete solution to the new chapters of Pokemon, the Omega version of Ruby and the Alpha version of Sapphire!

This section of our full-bodied solution will show you how to unlock Hoopa and activate the event to get its alternative form on Poekmon Ruby Omega and Sapphire Alpha!


Hoopa is a Legendary Pokemon belonging to the sixth generation of Pokemon. It is a Psycho/Spectra type, a type that does not share with any other existing Pocket Monster. The discovery of the existence of this Pokemon is due to some Hacker who, dealing with the code of the game Pokemon X and Y, found the information of Hoopa together with that of Volcanion and Diancie. Hoopa was never revealed by Game Freak, but it was distributed on the net by its discoverer through the exchange. In Pokemon Ruby Omega and Sapphire Alpha you can have it, for now, ONLY TRAMITE EXCHANGE or ACTION REPLAY, the device to insert tricks in our consoles. Inserting Hoopa in the game in the future, without resorting to tricks, is the will of the developers as they have already planned an event, in game, to activate its alternative form!


To unlock this form, which greatly increases Hoopa's stats, you'll need to go to any POKE MARKET by bringing Hoopa to the team. You will notice a NEW COMMITTEE waiting for you near the counter, talk to him to listen to a WIND HISTORY. At the end of this story you will receive an Odd BOTTLE. Give it to Hoopa and your Pokemon will take its final form.
There's another thing you have to do to get Hoopa at its maximum potential, that is to go to the RECALLING house, after Hoopa will have reached level 80 or higher (to be sure it's better to take it directly to level 100) and make the Pokemon in question remember the moves. Among the various moves remembered by Hoopa there is FURIA DIMENSIONALE that together with FORO DIMENSIONALE, that your Hoopa should already know, are the most powerful moves of the game. Below is a video that shows you the whole process!

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