Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - Complete Guide

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Pokémon Ruby Omega and Sapphire Alpha - Complete Solution and Guide - We're pleased to present the exclusive guide and complete solution to the new chapters of Pokémon, the Omega version of Ruby and Sapphire Alpha!

This section of our comprehensive solution will help you move forward in the MAIN HISTORY by guiding you step by step through the discovery of the Hoenn region, its secrets and its Pokemon!
Good hunting, catch them all!

IMPORTANT: The guide is divided into zones, the same zones you'll find in the game. In each of these zones is described what to do to proceed and all the items you can collect from Pokèball or get from a character. We tried not to enter SPOILER but in some cases it was inevitable so be careful!


-The initial city of the game consists of 4 houses. After taking control of your character, get off and go out to talk to your neighbor who will then be the OWNER of all your adventure.

-Go to the LABORATORY to look for the PROFESSOR BIRCH. You will not find it, so you will have to leave LITTLEROOT TOWN.

and get into the SUCCESSAR PATH. The Professor will be in danger and you'll have to choose a Starter Pokemon to help him.

-TREECKO, TORCHIC and MUDKIP. These are the Pokemon from which you can choose, pay attention because what you will take in this phase will be your INITIAL POKEMON.

-Assisted by the Professor you will return to Littleroot town and after a few films, in which you will also receive the POKEDEX, you will finally be ready to leave.

-Although there is practically nothing left to do in LittleRoot Town, you can go back there to have your Pokedex EVALUATED by the Professor or have your team CARE for your MOM.


-Simple and short route to the next small town.

POKEMON PRESENT: Zigzagoon, Poochyena and Wurmple.


-Tutorial town where there is practically nothing to do and where the POKEMARKET and POKEMON CENTRE is introduced.

-From this town you can reach the next routes:


-In fact, from Solarosa you can only reach the end of this path that can be tackled entirely later in the game.

ZINCO: Look in the upper north area of this path, on the beach, to find the object in a Pokè Sphere.


-Other simple path where nothing happens in terms of history but only serves to reach the next area.

-There are some saplings from which to collect BACCAPESCA and BACCARANCIA.

POKEMON PRESENT: Wurmple, Ralts, Surskit.


-Other simple path where nothing happens in terms of history but only serves to reach the next area.

POKEMON PRESENT: Zigzagoon, Poochyena and Wingull.


-In this city you'll find a PALESTRA, the one of the father of your character, but you won't be able to face it for the moment and you'll only have to return there after you've won several medals.


-In the first part of this route you won't find anything interesting but you will need to walk it to reach the next place.


-Situated in the middle of Route 104 is a grove full of objects.

POKEBALL: When you enter the woods turn right. Come down out of the forest and you will find yourself on the rock ridge to the right of the entrance to Petalburg woods where you can pick up a Pokeball.

ANTIPARALYSIS: To the left, just after entering the woods.

-Save the scientist from Team Magma Recruit to get the EXP SHAREHOLDER.

-At the exit of the wood, you will notice a LIGHT GREEN HOTEL on the right. To knock it down and pass you will need the CUTTING MN and the STONE MEDAL to be able to use it. If you have everything, continue to the next point, otherwise leave the forest and move on to the next place.

-Cut down the tree and take the right-hand lane. Talk to the character you will meet to receive a MIRACOLSEME as a gift, an object that strengthens the grass moves.

MEGABALL: Descend down from the previous point to find it on the ground.

ATTACK X: Keep descending down from the previous point.

-Go back and leave the forest to find yourself in the:


-The second part of route 104 to be exact, located after PETALBURG WOODS.

MT 49 ECHEGGIAVOCE: As soon as you leave PETALBURG WOODS, talk to the guy on the left.

-On the left you will also find the BACKSHOP shop, enter it to receive useful information and various objects:

BACCAKI: Talk to the little girl inside the shop.

WAILMER VASE - KEY OBJECT: Talk to the girl at the top of the berry shop. This watering can will help you water the berries every time you plant one, allowing them to grow faster.

-Go out of the Berries shop and continue until you reach the wooden pier.

REVITALIZING: Need CUT, use this move on the light green tree that you will find just before starting the wooden pier.

-Talk to the old lady across the lake on the right to get a BACCASTAGNA.


-In this city you will get the first medal in the game.

-Go into the gym and talk to Petra, the gym manager, who you will face once you've crossed the room. Follow the Gym Guide to know how to cross the gym and what to expect from the Gym Manager!

-After getting the medal, exit the Gymnasium and go towards the exit of the city to discover that Team Magma has stolen something important to a scientist.

-Before jumping in pursuit of the enemy, take a ride through the streets of Rustboro City to get the following items:

DEFENSE X: Go behind the railing at the entrance of the city to find her in the usual Poké Sphere.

-Talk to the master in the POKEMON TEACHER SCHOOL to get a RAPIDARTIGLI.

-Talk to the boy on the first floor in the big building behind the Pokemon Centre to get a PIETRALIEVE.

-If you talk to your child in the house to the right of the Gymnasium, you can make an exchange or give him a SLAKOTH in exchange for a MAKUHITA.

-IMPORTANT- Don't forget to talk to the man in the house to the left of the Pokemon Center to get the MN 01 CUT.

-Now you're ready to launch into the pursuit of your enemies as you pass the next Path.

Route 116

REPELLENT: Enter route 116, from Rustboro City, take the road down to find a Pokè sphere.

ETERE: Once you reach the Rusturf Tunnel, from Rustboro City, on the right you will find a path of trees (small maze). Cross it with the MN Cut and at the end you will find the object in a Pokè Sphere.

SPECIAL X: After the Rusturf Tunnel you go up the stairs to find the object in the usual Pokè Sphere.

-Talk to the man in front of the Tunnel entrance to discover that he too was a victim of Team Magma.

Rusturf Tunnel

-Get into the Tunnel and continue on the only accessible route.

Pokè Ball: At the top of the stairs you will find one.

-Going forward, you'll have to face a fight with a member of Team Magma and get the Devon Merchandise. You'll also release Mr. Marino's Pokémon, the man you talked to outside the Tunnel and who will be very useful soon.
Return to Rustboro City

-Now that you have the Devon Merchandise, go back to Rustboro City and return it to the scientist from whom it was stolen, who will give you a Mega Ball to reward you.

-The game will take you to Devon SpA where you will get the update of your MultiNav which will now have the NaviTalk function. You will also be asked to deliver a letter to a certain Rocco.

-Reach now Mr Marino, the man you helped earlier to retrieve his Pokèmon, which you'll find in the Cottage at Route 104.

-Get into Mr Marino's cottage and set sail with him for Dewford Town. -Mr Marino?

Dewford Town

-Get into the first house you meet where the Silk Scarf will be given to you.

-Beside the Dewford Town Gym you will find a fisherman who will give you the Old Rod that you will need for fishing.

-Shoot Rudi in the City Gym to get the Fist Medal and the MT08 containing Granfisico. Follow the Gymnasium Guide to find out how to cross the gym and what to expect from the Gym Manager!

-Rudi will also show you the location of Rocco, Granite Cave.

Route 106

Protein: Go along the shore and defeat the fishermen, at the bottom you will find the object in a Pokè Ball.

Granite Cave
-When you enter the Granite Cave you will meet a mountain man who will give you the MT70 which contains Flash.

-Go up the stairs and meet Rocco to whom you will deliver the Letter. To repay you he will give you the MT51 which contains the Alacciaio move.

-Get back on the pier from Mr Marino to set sail for Slateport City.

Route 109

-Go to the two kids with the doughnut and they'll give you Soft Sand.

-Go to the Sea House, the little house on the beach, and talk to Mr Salsedine behind the counter. He will inform you that if you succeed in defeating all the coaches present in the House you will receive a prize from him, that is 6 bottles of Gaseous Gas that are used to restore PS to Pokemon.

PP-SU: Search the upper left corner of the beach, just behind the Sea House. To find them.

Slateport City

-When you get inside, turn left, pass the orange gazebo, and talk to the balloon salesman. He will show you how to get the MT Forzasegreta. Later the guide will show you how and where.

-IMPORTANT: Continuing on, in front of the pink gazebo with the heart, you will find the Alakazamite Megapietra where you will see it shine. Follow the guide to All Megapietras to know where to find the others.

-Pursue through the shops and past another orange gazebo. Turn left and enter the building with the yellow door, the Pokémon Fun Club. Talk to the lady in the pink dress and you'll get a Calmanella.

-After the Trick House, there's the palace with the red ribbon, Pokémon Live Races. Enter and climb the stairs, at the end of the corridor you'll find a little man dressed as a sailor who will give you the MT41 that contains the Attackalite move.

-Go back to the Pokèmon Center and continue, skirting the market, you'll find on the left the Captain Remo's Shipyard. Enter and talk to the workers to find out where Remo is.

-You must now head towards the Oceanographic Museum, just above the Shipyard, to meet Captain Remo. When you enter, turn right and when you get to the bottom, talk to the Magma Team member in front of you. You will get the MT46 which contains Theft.

-Go up the stairs and you will find Capt. Remo, but when you start the conversation you will be attacked by Team Magma. In the first fight you will fight a Numel of LV.16, use a water Pokémon to quickly eliminate it. In the second fight, you'll first face a Zubat LV.16 and then a Numel LV.16.

-Get to the exit of the city and watch the video. You'll receive your Race Card, a pass to enter the races, and the Pokémelle Kit. From now on, you have the chance to participate in Live Races.

-Get into the building with the red bow, Pokémon Races, and follow the process with Orthilla to get the Live Dress.

Route 110

-Overhead: Turn right, pass the lawn, and you'll find him in a Poké Ball.

-When you follow the path, you'll find the Quizzoteca.


-You're gonna need just about every MN to overcome the riddles of this place. Follow the Quiz Library: Guide to the enigmas of the Quiz Wizard

Route 103

-You can reach this route by going to the street on the left of the Quizzoteca.

-SUPERGUARDY: Go along the central street and when you reach the sea, turn left to find the Poké Ball.

Return to Route 110

-Get over to the Quizzoteca and then continue under the bridge. Climb to the top to meet your opponent who will challenge you in a fight. Pokémon: Wailmer, Shroomish, and Combusken. After the fight you'll get the INSTRUMENT SEARCH.

-Follow the road full of plants, pass under another bridge and you will arrive at a square. After passing the cycle path, enter the city.

Mauville City: Ground floor

-As soon as we get into town, a video will start.

-SPEED X: Enter the bicycle storage room and behind the city map you will find the object.

-Follow and turn right along the bicycle depot to enter the Belcanto Café. Talk to the bartender who will give you the MT48 containing Coro.

-Go ahead and talk to the owner of the Mauville City Casino who will give you the Treecko Doll, the Torchic Doll and the Mudkip Doll.

-Faced by the mirror shop you'll find the bow shop. The bows are only used to embellish your Pokemon and the least expensive is the beauty of 10.000 money.

-Go ahead to the Gymnasium and agree to fight with Lino. Defeat him and you'll get the LV06 that contains the MN06.

-Follow and enter Tele Mauville City, the most watched channel in Hoenn, where TV shows from all over the region are made. As you enter, go to the right (behind the main lobby) and you will get information from a child about the PSS Internet connection -> one of the NaviSvago applications that allows you to get news about distant players and have a global view of the world. Continuing into the room, you can get information about the Street Pass from a little man with glasses.

-When you leave Teleciclamipoli follow the street that will take you to the right. Enter the Exam House in Hoenn and you will receive, from the little man with the glasses, the Record Data that is used to record the struggles that you will face in the various facilities or with friends. You will have the opportunity to take wrestling exams to assess your fighting skills. You will get all the information about the Wrestling Examinations from the young lady in the middle of the room. Remember: If you don't reach the 50th level, you can't take the exam!

-Beside the Hoenn Exam House you'll find the Reverse Struggle Center. When you enter it, you'll learn more about what an Invertilotta -> is a machine that temporarily reverses the type compatibility of Pokémon. For example, Fire-type Pokémon that used to be unbeatable against Grass-type with the Invertilotta are not. "Supereffective moves become not very effective... and vice versa!"
You need to remember the Pokémon's compatibility.

-Go out of the Reverse Wrestling Center, continue and when you see a pink ballet slipper come in for information. Talk to the little man behind the counter who, if you like, will teach one of your Pokémon a great move. Also, listen to the information from the lady next door.

-Below you'll find the Teach Us Institute where a special move will be taught to specific Pokémon. These Pokémon are the final Starter evolutions of this chapter of Pokémon and old editions.

-After that, you'll arrive at the Mauville City Refreshment Area. Come in and order a Village Sandwich for 1,000 bucks. In the meantime, you'll sit down and someone will come to claim your chair. If you want to eat, you'll have to fight and win. Win against all the challengers to get the sandwich and a nugget.

-In the central part of Mauville City, you will find yourself in a square with the Prism Tower in the center. You'll see the Pokémon Center, the Market, and get information about the structure of Mauville City from a little man in a suit and tie who will inform you that the City is divided into: Mauville City, Ciclamare and Ciclanova.

-Talk to the little man with the backpack to get a World Map in front of the PokéMarket.

-Go out of the garden and go to the right to reach Bici Clelio's shop. Enter and talk to Clelio who will give you a bike. Given the generosity of the shopkeeper you will also have the possibility to choose between a Cross bike and a Racing bike. After choosing one you will still have the possibility to change it whenever you want. For information on how to use the bike, browse the manual in the shop.

-Go out through one of the doors located in the square. Go up the stairs from one of the 4 corners of the city to find yourself in the upper garden.

Mauville City: Upper floor

-Talk to the man dressed in black near the north turret and you'll get a Plessimeter for 1000 money -> if you give it to a Pokémon and make him use the same move over and over again, it will become more and more powerful.

-To the right of the north turret, interact with the little man near the streetlight and you'll get a Pokégingillo.

-Pass under the south tower to run into a cut-scene where a little man will give you a Nugget.

Mauville City Gym

-We finally get in the Gymnasium to get the Dynamo Medal. -Mm-hmm. Follow the Gymnasium Guide to learn how to cross the gym and what to expect from the Gym Manager!

Route 117

-Now, thanks to the Medal, you can use the Wreck-It out of the fight. -Mm-hmm. Head west from Mauville City to take this route.

-Go to the little house to the north and you'll find a Pension for Pokémon where, if you want, you can breed one of your Pokémon. Next to the counter there's a Pc, so you'll also have the opportunity to give the boarding house the Pokémon that are in the Pits.

REVITALIZING: Following the north side of the road you will find it on the top left, after the green leaves.
Mega Ball: Parallel to where you found the Revitalizing, below.

-Before the end of Route 117 there is a fence at the bottom. Enter the fence, cross it and exit on the other side. Follow the path that will take you to Verdanturf Town and you will find a MEGAPIETRA MAWILITE where it shines. Follow the guide to All Megapietres to find out where to find the others.

Verdanturf Town

-When you get to town, go into the second house below, Linda's house, and interact with everyone.

-From the entrance to the city, behind the third house below, you'll find a little man in a hat. Tell us about a cave near the Pokèmon-Market. Then go in front of the Cave to find out that it is actually the other entrance to the Rusturf Tunnel that connects Rustboro City to Verdanturf Town and that work has been suspended because of the Pokèmon.

ETERE MAX: You will find it as soon as you enter the Tunnel, going up the stairs near a rock on the right.

-IMPORTANT: Continuing in the Cave you will find a girl (Linda's daughter) who is separated from her boyfriend because of an agglomeration of landslide rocks. Help her to hug her boyfriend again by disintegrating the rocks with the MN SPACCAROCCE. You will get the MEGAPIETRA AGGRONITE as a token of gratitude.

Route 116 again

-Get to the bottom of the Tunnel and go down to the bottom. You will find yourself at Route 116. You will meet the scientist you helped at Bosco Petalo. You will be grateful for a new prototype of PokéBall called Bis Ball-> More effective on already captured Pokèmon.

PS-Su: From the entrance of the Rusturf Tunnel, on the side of Verdanturf Town, turn left and going straight ahead you will find another entrance to Route 116. Now climb to the top of the stairs and you will find the instrument on the left.

-Get back outside the Rusturf Tunnel, then in Verdanturf Town, go to the building where the Pokémon Live Races are held and talk to the girl in the heavenly shirt to receive the MT45 that contains Attraction.

-Go back to Mauville City and take the North Way to reach the following route.

Route 111

-When you arrive, challenge all 4 members of the Vinci Family. Win against all members, then enter the house and talk to the mother to get a CRESCICAPPA -> Tool that reduces speed but increases the growth of a Pokémon's stats.

-Get back on the main road and clear the road of the boulders with the MN SHOOT. By breaking the boulders you can find BIG PEARLS and STONES.

Route 112

-As soon as you take this route you'll meet a boy who will point out the tip of Monte Camino. The boy will take care of your team and will give you the LV04 which contains FORCE useful in mountain roads. Remember, however, that you can only use this NM if you have won the Lavaridge Town Gym Medal, which you will meet later.

-When you cross the path you will find at the top of the stairs. At the top you will find a sign saying "Monte Camino. To Lavaridge Town or the summit use the cable car". Go up and face two fights.

-As soon as you climb the stairs, in front of you will find a passage leading to Camino Ardente. Go straight on, and you will not have the possibility to turn because a boulder is in the way and you don't have the possibility to move it yet. Continuing along the road you will find an exit that takes you back to route 112.

-On the other side of the road you will find yourself at route 111.

- If you turn down you will end up in a sandstorm that you cannot overcome at the moment.

-After two fights, you'll meet Hyperion who wants to visit Hoenn and find an ideal place to build a Secret Base. He will give you the MT94 that contains Forzasegreta -> is a move that has the power to find the entrance to certain hidden places, the so-called secret points. A secret point is, for example, the tree that will show you Hyperion "When you see a suspicious tree like this, use Forzasegreta and a creeper will come down! Hyperium will use Forzasegreta, this will create an entrance that gives access to the secret point. This is the first step to building a secret base. You will enter the secret point together and Hyperion will explain to you that the secret points inside can be of various shapes and sizes. Hyperium will also give you this secret point to build your Secret Base. From now on this place will be your Secret Base where you can choose decorations to embellish it. To do this you just need to take the decorations from your PC and place them in style. You will find a PC in the base. Turn it on and select "Decorate Base" then put the decorations you prefer. You will also receive other decorations from Hyperium. Remember: In addition to building your own Secret Base, you can visit other people's ones. When you go to visit the other bases, collect the flags that you find next to the PCs to have a nice surprise. Hyperium will go away remembering that you can find it at the Guild of Secret Bases of Fortree City.
IMPORTANT: You can move your SECRET BASE to any place where you will find particular trees or a small hole in the walls.

-On leaving your Secret Base go ahead and use Cut to remove the plant that obstructs the passage. Enter the Granny Hostel and rest. Your Pokemon will buy back all the PS.

ELISIR: You will now face a steep climb. To climb it, use the bike. You'll find it at the end of the road.

-Go down and talk to the little man in the yellow T-shirt and you will get a Baccalampon.

Route 113

-Back on route 111 at the top you will find yourself on route 113, the route that leads to Fallarbor Town. You will get information from your AVVERSARY, the son of Prof. Birch, who will get your team in shape.

-If you pass over the grey shapes on the lawn you will face a fight.

SUPERREPELLENT: Climb the steps, go down the rocky step to the right and a Poké Ball will appear above the gray spot and you'll find the tool inside.

ETERE MAX: Going up the steps, you'll find it under the gray cloud in front of the Glassworks.

-The Glassworks turns volcanic ash into glass instruments. In fact, the Glassmaker will give you an Ash Bag. Going among the piles of ashes will fill up with Volcanic Ashes, when you think you have collected enough, come back to the Glassworks.

-Going down the stairs, in one of the two ash clouds, you'll find a little man who will challenge you.

HYPERPOTION: you will find it in another ash cloud nearby.

Fallarbor Town

-Go into the Pokémon Center and interact with the little man with the net and you'll get Honey, which is useful for attracting Pokémon when you fish.

-Talk to the little man in front of the PC, and he launches the inventor of the Pokémon Memory System. If you want to visit her, she lives on route 114. You'll notice that the PC is no longer the PC of all Pokémon Centers. If you go to the "Lanette's PC" item, you'll have the usual options.

-Your OWNER will meet you and invite you to go with him to Meteor Falls (Route 114) and wait for you there.

-Where you can get your Pokémon to remember the moves. If you want to make one of your Pokémon remember some moves, you'll have to donate a Heart Squama to the Ricordamosse.

-Go into the Live Races building and interact with the little man watching the window on the left and you'll get a Berry Mixer.

Route 114

-In the House of the Fossil Expert you will find the brother of the fossil expert in front of a cave. You will receive the MT28 that contains Fossa. If you use Fossa while in a cave you will return to the entrance.

-Get into the cave and meet the Fossil Expert. If you want a fossil, go to the desert on Route 111, because after a sandstorm some fossils emerge on the surface.

-You will get from the little man with the hat (bowler hat) the MT05 which contains Boato.

-After the wooden bridge you will find on the right Casa di Lanette. Enter and interact with Lanette to get a Seedot Doll. If you interact with her again you can modify the system menu of the PC Boxes.

-In front of Lanette's House you will meet a little man dressed in blue who will give you a Baccapera.

PROTEIN: Go up the stairs on the left, break the rock that hinders the road to find it.

-Go ahead and start a little video. -Mm-hmm. You will see your AVERSARY running after some members of Team Magma.
Polvenergia: You will find 3 craters in front of you. After the third crater, if you go up, in a small road, you will find it.

-Pursue to find the entrance to Meteor Falls.

Meteor Falls

TOTAL CARE: you will find it at the top of the two flights of stairs that you will see in front of you.

-If you pass the wooden walkway, a little video will start, you accept to fight. The first enemy is a recruit and the other is Octavius, the deputy chief of Team Magma. Deployed: Mightyena LV.23, Koffing LV.23 and Numel LV.23. After the fight, follow the video to find yourselves at the Fallarbor Town laboratory, where you will be given the MT23 that contains the Abatement. Your OWNER will ask you to follow it to Mauville City.

-You will find yourself back in Mauville City. Your OWNER will explain that it won't be long from here to Mt Chimney. Then take the road to Route 111 which leads to Mount Camino.

-Path 111 -> Route 112 -> Fiery Path->Mt Chimney.

-When you arrive at Route 112, climb the steep flight of stairs where you will find the Fiery Path that will take you to Mt Chimney. (Video)

Mt Chimney

-Outside Fiery Path you'll find yourself on Mt Chimney. Turn right and go up the stairs. At the top turn left and you will find the head of the Hydro Team. Pass him and you will be in a fight against a member of Team Magma. Array: Poochyena LV.22, Koffing LV.22.
Burning: Continue on the right and go down the small steps to get the MT59.

-Get back on the main road and fight Octavius again.
Deployment: Koffing LV. 24, Numel LV. 24.

-After the fight, arrive at the end of the bridge to meet the Head of Team Magma with whom the fight will start. Array: Mightyena LV.25, Camerupt LV.27, Golbat LV. 27. After the fight you will get Meteorite.

-Go downstairs, and pass the stairs in front of the entrance to Fiery Path. You will arrive at Passo Selvaggio.
Wild Pass

-Go down the flights of stairs and down sandy slopes. After the fight with Lia, go near the small rock on the left and you will find TOTAL CARE.

ETERE MAX: Come down from the right side and it will be in front of you.

TOTAL CARE: As you go down you will find grass on the left side. Walk and you will find it at the top of the earthy hill that can be covered with the bike.

-Go down and down the last flight of stairs you will find yourself at route 112.
Route 112

PEPITA: Turn right and you'll find it after two steps.
-Ride your bike up the hill and straight ahead to Lavaridge Town at last.

Lavaridge Town

-Go into the Poké Market and talk to the little man next to the crate and you'll get information about the Vigor skill.

-Go into the Pokemon Center and you'll discover that the hot springs are only for Pokemon. You can buy a bottle of Mumu Milk.

-In the Pokemon Center you will find two steps to the thermal baths.

-Get out of the Poké Center on the right, in the sandy part, a granny will want to give you an egg. You will have to have a space for a Pokemon in your team to take the egg.

-Go into the Pokémon Herbalist Shop and interact with the little man in front of the counter who will give you a charcoal. You can also buy natural remedies for your Pokémon. Pokémon don't like these remedies because they're bitter!

Lavaridge Town Gym

-The little man you'll meet inside will inform you that the Flamethrower uses Fire-type Pokémon. The advice is "Throw water on the fire!". Follow the Gym Guide to learn how to cross the gym and what to expect from the Gym Manager!

-When you leave the Lavaridge Town Gymnasium, the AVVERSARY will meet you and give you the Occhialoni. You can use them to cross the desert on Route 111.

-Now that you have won the 4th Medal, you will be able to challenge Norman, the father of your character, as well as Gym Master of Petalburg City. The OWNER will propose you to go there together. If you answer YES, you will find yourself directly in Petalburg city.

Gymnasium Petalburg city

-Entrate and the little man with the bow tie will inform you that you will have to beat several coaches in order to defeat the Master Trainer. The doors of this gym are already open. Leave your Pokemon in their Poké Ball. The Petalburg City Gym Coaches use a variety of tools. Follow the Gym Guide to learn how to cross the gym and what to expect from the Gym Manager!

-Go out of the gym to receive LV03, which contains SURF, from the Father of Linen. If you teach this LV to your Pokémon, you can sail the seas with them.

-Lino consults the NaviMappa and tells you that Route 118 is located east of Mauville City. (Short video) You will be in Mauville City. Lino takes the road to Route 118 and promises you a future challenge.

Back in Mauville City

-You will then find yourself in Mauville City.

-Now that you have obtained the Occhialoni, go back to Route 111 to brave the desert storm.

Route 111 - Sandstorm

POLVOSTELLA: You'll find it as soon as you enter the desert, high behind the rocks.

-Fighting with wild Pokémon in the desert, the storm will inflict damage on your Pokémon.

-You will challenge Michelino. In this match, you cannot replace your Pokémon. Array: Sandslash LV.26

-Ongoing on, you'll find two boulders. Interact with them and you will have found the Fossilunghia. If you take it, the other Fossil will sink into the sand. The other boulder is a Radifossil.

-Follow down, after the two Fossils, you'll meet a little man dressed as a fisherman who will give you Sand Visor. It protects your eyes from the sand (and not only).

-If you explore the center you'll meet Alberto, a little man dressed as a traveler, who will challenge you.
MT37 which contains Terrempesta: you'll find it Going on below on the left side of the screen.

-When you walk through the sandstorm on the right side of the screen, you'll meet Rinaldo, who you'll be fighting with.

Route 118

-You will immediately face a challenge with Rosita ( not the hen of Banderas XD ).

-Next to the shoreline you'll run into Reno.

-Get closer to the beach and use the Surf move. Go to the other side and you will see another beach. There interact with the fisherman at the top and you will get the Good Rod.

-Further up, interact with the journalist and cameraman, Teo and Tea, and you will be challenged.

-On the shoreline, you'll meet another fisherman to challenge, William.

-Pass from the beach to the lawn and the little man in the black suit you've already met in Granite Cave will meet you. A Latias suddenly arrives and asks you to get on his back, and it looks like he's asking you for help.

-Latias will take you to Southern Island. (Video)

Southern Island (Legendary Pokémon Latios and Megapietra)

-Explore the area. Follow the POKEMON RARI AND LEGENDARY GUIDE to know how to catch LATIAS/LATIOS.

-Latios/Latias has the MEGAPIETRA LATIOSITE/LATIASITE with him. The man who fought with you will give you the MEGAPIETRA LATIOSITE/LATIASITE. By using the Megabracial together with the Megapietra of a Pokémon, you can trigger the Megaevolution.

-Finished the episode on Southern Island, you will now return with Latios/Latias, which will take you back to the beach on Route 118.

Route 118

-Back on the beach, go ahead, to the top of the screen, where the lawn is. On the left there are some plants that you can cut down with the MN Cut. But you can also go around, passing through the tall grass, to find yourself in the same spot. In the upper left corner you will find some Bacchecedro.

-When you have overcome the tall grass, go ahead and you will find Primino with whom you will fight. (Swablu LV.26, Swellow LV.26)

-Get over the other plot of tall grass and you will be challenged by Dacia. (Cacnea LV.26, Mightyena LV.28)

-Go to Route 119, turning back. -Mm-hmm. If you continue you will go to Route 123 and then to Mt Pyre which we will reach later.

Route 118, towards Route 119

On the left of the road you will be challenged by Nicolino (Pelipper LV.29).

You'll find it on the right after the grass.

-When you get back on the main road, you'll come to Route 119.

Route 119.

-You'll find a tall expanse of grass in front of you.

REPELLENTE MAX: Entering the high grass on the left.

-you will meet a little man named Greg with whom you will fight. (Beautifly LV.29)

-In the center, where the tall grass is not there, interact with Miro and you will fight. (Dustox LV.29)

-Further on in the thick grass you'll meet Martino and fight him. (Masquerain LV.28, Ninjask LV.28)

-Further to the right, in the thick grass, you'll meet Ermanno and fight him. (Duxtor LV.30)

-On the bass you'll compete with Paolino (Beautifly LV. 30)

-Also further down you will compete with Silvio (Volbeat LV. 26, Illumise LV.27)

-Go out of the thick grass from the top left, interact with the little lady with the hat, Sonia, and fight her. (Breloom LV.30)

-Get in the log cabin and interact with the lady who will make your team rest and make them buy back all the lost PS.

-Go up the stairs and go left through the tall grass and you'll find some Baccamelon.

-Go up the stairs again and meet the Duo Arm and Mind (Machoke LV.31, Kadabra LV. 31).

-Cross the little wooden bridge and the thick grass, and fight against Guido. (Seviper LV. 29, Vigoroth LV.29)

PP-MAX: you will find it further ahead on the left, in front of the ground slope.

-Climb the earth slope using the Bike, climb and fight with Cristiano. (Swellow LV.30)

-When you get through the thick grass, you'll find yourself in front of the Weather Institute. On the first floor you will find Team Magma. You will fight with several recruits. 1) Mightyena LV.29, Golbat LV. 29. 2) Koffing LV.30.

-Go upstairs and start a little video. Then you will fight with two more recruits from Team Magma. 1) Numel LV. 28, Mightyena LV. 28. 2) Golbat LV. 30.

-Go to the next room and you will fight Octavius, the Magmatenent. Array: Camerupt LV.32.

-Once defeated, he'll head for Mt Pyre.

-For saving the situation, you'll be given Castform. These are Pokémon that change shape according to weather conditions. If you don't have room on your team, you can't have it right away. Tip: There's a PC downstairs at the Weather Institute, so you can deposit a Pokémon in the Box.

-Then go downstairs and a scientist will give you a Bitorzolelmo. If a Pokémon that has Bitorzolelmo gets hit by a physical attack, its opponent suffers damage as well.

-Get out of the Weather Institute, cross the wooden bridge. Go up the stairs and a little video will start. You will fight the OWNER, Brendon. Array: Wailmer LV.31, Shroomish LV.31, Combusken LV.33.

-Win the fight and you get the LV02 that contains Flight. With Flight, your Pokémon will take you to some of the places you've already visited in no time. In order to use this move out of the fight, however, you must get the Fortree City Medal.

-Move up the two flights of stairs and at the top you'll find a little man, Yasu, disguised as a tree. (Ninjask LV.27)
-On the top of the screen, at the top of the screen, you'll find Backwater.
-Pursue and you'll arrive in Fortree City. -Mm-hmm.

Fortree City

-Houses in Fortree City are built on trees. -I know. You will find a series of houses connected by a small bridge.
-In the first house, enter on the right, interact with the little man in front of Plus who would like to make an exchange with you. He offers you Skitty in exchange for a Spinda.
-In the second house if you interact with the right grandma, she will spot the IntroForce of one of your Pokémon. If you interact with the granny on the left, she will give you a riddle.
-In the third house you'll get information about Rocco. If you go down the steps of the third house the game will block you saying "It looks like there's something here".
-Go up again and down the stairs of the fourth house, you will meet Rocco.

-Go up now to the bottom ladder and you'll find the Guild of Secret Bases. Inside you will meet Hyperion, the little man who gave you your Secret Base, and a little video will start. This Guild supports the adventurous Coaches by promoting the development of the Secret Bases. Here you can get advice on how to best manage your Secret Base and get unique and rare items. Hyperium notes that you don't have your own team yet. A Team is a group of friends who gather in a Secret Base. If you want to create a Team, make friends with other players who have built their Secret Base. In addition, the Guild assigns a level based on the number of flags collected. If you collect a lot of flags, you can make your Secret Base even more special. Return to the Guild when you have collected a good number of flags. You will get a Rule Book, a decoration that serves to change the rules of the fights that take place in the Bases. There are many decorations that have other special functions. What you buy in the Guild is sent directly to the PC of your Secret Base. You can invite a maximum of 5 friends to your Secret Base.
-Go out of the guild and continue on the long suspension bridge on the left and interact with the child inside the house to get stairs.
-Now go back to the place where you met Rocco and talk to the girl with the orange hat who will inform you that the road to the Gym is blocked. You must then take the road that leads to Route 120.

Route 120

-You'll be challenged by the girl with the umbrella, Carlotta. -Mm-hmm.
-Rocco makes you use the Devonscope. -Mm-hmm. The Devonscope detects the presence of a Pokémon, infallible in discovering hidden Pokémon. The Pokémon is scared and attacks. The fight with Pokémon Kecleon LV.30 will begin. You get the Devonscope and a MEGAPIETRA SCEPTILITE. Follow the guide to All Mega Stones to find out where to find the others.

-If you try to continue on the Route, a little man will block you and tell you you need the Fortree City Medal.

Return to Fortree City

-After you get the Devonscope, go back to the third house in town and go down the stairs. Use the Devonscope and you will discover a hidden Kecleon blocking the road. The Pokemon gets scared and runs away.
-Go ahead and you'll find the Fortree City Gym.

Fortree City Gym

MT86 Lacey: Inside the gym at the top of the screen.
-Gymaster Alice is waiting for you after the revolving doors. -What?
-Shoot Alice Gym Master to get the FEATHER MEDAL. To know how to reach and defeat the Gym Manager follow the Gym Guide
-You leave the gym and you're finally ready to go back to Route 120.

Return to Route 120

-Get over the girl with the orange umbrella you fought with earlier, and before you dive into the thick grass and head upwards using cuttings on the two saplings you will find. At the end of the dead-end street, use the INSTRUMENT SEARCH to find a RARE CARAMEL.
-Go down to the left side of the tall grass and use SURF in the lake. Circumnavigate the central rock and enter the cave.

Solar Grotto

MT11 - Sunny day: you will find it as soon as you enter the cave.
TOTAL CARE: Go down to the first floor and go upstairs to find the object.
-You can go even deeper. It's no use at the moment, so we'll come back and see it later.

Route 120

- Go through the tall grass and over the wooden bridge. Continue to the end of the road and turn right. You will notice that after you have won the Medal, you too are worthy to go that way.
-Going forward in the upper part, you can see a little man hidden behind a panel where a tree is drawn on it, Julian. (Koffing LV.29, Koffing LV.30, Koffing LV.31)
-Get down to fight the little man with the orange umbrella, Cinzia. -Get down to fight the little man with the orange umbrella, Cinzia. (Castform LV.34)
Go straight ahead and interact with the little man in front of you, Luciana. (Milotic LV.36)
-Walk and go high. -Mm-hmm. You'll find a little tree you'll have to cut down. You'll find some Baccaananas, Baccapera and Baccaperina.
-Get back to the main road and inspect the bottom. You will notice a sort of labyrinth made of tall grass.
PEPITA: You'll find it at the bottom left.
-You're going to meet a little man with a net who's going to want to fight you, Mat. -Mat. (Masquerain LV.34)
-Go down all the way to the right and go down the step. -Mm-hmm. Then cross the wooden bridge and walk down until you see some grass on the right. Just above this grass you'll find a sphere containing the ELECTRONIC BALL, a tool to give only to a PIKACHU that increases the attack and special attack of the Pokémon.
TOTAL CARE: To the left of the high grass you will find a path with stairs that will lead you to a small lake. Use the MN Surf in the pond to reach the object.
-Cross the pond again, climb up the grass and prepare for the challenge with Diego (Cacturne LV.34).
-Go up the stairs next to Diego to challenge Noemi. -I don't know. (Sharpedo LV.34)
-Peruse the area to take on Boris. -I don't know. (Baltoy LV.39, Nosepass LV.32)
-On the left of Boris you'll find Keigo. (Ninjask LV.32, Koffing LV.30)
REVITALIZING: On the ground just above Keigo.
-Get back on the main course and come down again to be challenged by a little man, Carlos. (Nuzleaf LV. 33, Manectric LV.34)
-You'll be fighting Carlotta later on. -Mm-hmm. (Goldeen LV.31, Seaking LV.33)
-Go ahead and interact with the little man wearing the orange hat, Silvia. You will then clash with her. (Lombre LV.33, Grumping LV.33)
-You will then find yourself on route 121.

Route 121

-You'll find yourself wrestling with Tamara, the little man in the black dress. (Duskull LV.33, Sableye LV.33)
-If you go through the grass up high, you'll find berries.
-Go ahead and you'll be challenged by Marilena. -Marilena. (Kecleon LV.32, Seviper LV.34)
-At the end of the road near the tree, you will see Team Magma heading to Mount Piro, to take possession of a gem, before Team Idro arrives.
-Use the MN Cut to clear the road and you will find yourself in the Safari Zone, adventure and fun at will.

Safari Zone

-You interact with the young lady behind the table. -Mm-hmm. Admission is free and you can capture as many Pokémon as you want. If you interact with the library, you can read the Safari Zone stories.
Big Pearl: Enter the capture zone and head to the right. Continue and you will find an earthy slope. Take the bike up and down on the other side on the left. Go all the way down and you'll find it in a PokéBall.
Pepita: Go back and take the sandy slope on the right and you'll find it in a Poké Ball.
MT22 - SOLARRAGGIO: Arrive at the lake and cross it with the MT SURF. You'll find it in a yellow Poké Ball.
PIKACHU: This is the only area where you can capture this Pokémon. Watch out for the yellow tail sticking out of the grass.

Route 121

-Interact with the little man wearing a black suit and you get the MT85 that contains Dream Eaters.
-Go left and interacting with the little man dressed in pink you'll discover that it's better to cross the Safari Zone with a bike.
-Before entering the Safari Zone, descend the stairs below.
Zinc: As you descend the stairs, turn left and you'll find the item in a Pokéball.
Back to the stairs, go straight ahead and interact with Kate and Joy with whom you will fight. (Spinda LV.34 E Slaking LV.35)
REPELLENT MAX: Keep going straight ahead and you will find the object.
-Get over the grass and interact with Loris, the little man in the bowler hat, and you'll compete with him. (Manectric LV.35)
FUEL: Turn left now and continue to a dead-end street, you will find the object.
-Go back to where you challenged Loris and go right. -Go right. You will be challenged by Vanessa. (Pikachu LV.35)
PIETRABRILLO: Cut the little tree near Vanessa and you will find the object.
-Go down the stairs again and you'll find yourself at Mt Pyre Pier where you'll find a nurse from the Pokémon Center who'll put your team back together again.
Go ahead and you'll find yourself in Route 122.

Route 122

Use the MN SURF until you can see the entrance to a cave at the top. It's Mt Pyre.

Mt Pyre

-Get further and further you'll be challenged by Gilberto, the little man in the kangaroo pants. (Lairon LV.36)
-In the upper part of the room, interact with Naldo. (Staryu LV.35, Grumpig LV.35)
ULTRA BALL: At the end of the hall, at the bottom left you will find the object.
-Interact with the granny near there and you'll get Velopuro. Give Velopuro to a Pokémon on your team, it will help you keep wild Pokémon away.
-Go straight ahead, and when you see the stairs you'll be challenged by Vania. (Sableye LV.36)
-Go up the stairs and you'll find a new room...
SUPERREPELLENT: You'll see it as soon as you go up the stairs on the right.
-Interact with the little man dressed in the Karate uniform, Atsushi. (Machoke LV.37)
-Little girl in a pink dress, Nora. -Mm-hmm. (Jigglypuff LV.35)
-bottom left of the room you'll be challenged by the couple, Desi and Ken. (Delcatty LV. 36 and Manectric LV.36)
-Go upstairs by the stairs at the top right and you will be challenged by the Mystery Sisters, Sari and Risa. (Girafarig LV.36 and Mawile LV.35)
-Down you go, and you will be challenged by Giselda. (Shuppet LV.34, Xatu LV.34).
DISTRAROMA: You will find the object just after Giselda.
-On the bottom, on the right side you'll be challenged by the boy with the yellow backpack, Gianluca. (Kecleon LV.36)
MAREAROMA: you'll find the object right next to Gianluca.
-Go up the stairs at the top left. -Mm-hmm.
MT30 - SHADOW BALL: As soon as you get on, go straight ahead and you'll find this MT in front of the gentleman in the bowler hat and the lady dressed in pink in a yellow Poké Ball.
MEDICHAMITE: In the top right corner of the room you will find this stone.
-Go downstairs now and follow the road down. You will arrive outside the cave.

-Follow right, climb two flights of stairs and continue to the left.
MT61 - FIRE: go ahead and pass the grass at the bottom, go down a few steps and you will find this MT.
-You'll find yourself climbing several flights of stairs.
POTION MAX: You will find it at the top of one of the ramps in the path.
-Go up until you see a hallway with several members of Team Magma deployed.
-You will be challenged by Team Magma's first recruit. (Koffing LV.36), then the second recruit (Numel LV.33, Mightyena LV.35).
-Get over the second recruit, turn right and go down. -Mm-hmm. At the point where you will see Banettite shine.
-Get back next to the second recruit, turn left and go down. -Get back down. With the Tool Search you will find CARBURANTE.
-Move up the stairs and you'll be challenged by another member of Team Magma. (Mightyena LV.34, Golbat LV.34)
-Get up there again and a video will start. -I'm sorry. The Head of Team Magma goes to Slateport City to take over the submarine they are building. You will be challenged by Scarlett, Lieutenant Magma. (Camerupt LV.38)
-Now a video will start. Team Magma has stolen the Red Gem. Under no circumstances should the Red and Blue Gems be separated. You will get a Blue Gem. Now you must find Team Magma and retrieve the other Gem. Team Magma is headed to Slateport City.
-Go out of Mt Pyre and with the SURF move move forward. You will now find yourself on Route 123.

Route 123

-Use the Tool Search on the right at the end of the pier and you will find a RARE CARAMEL.
-Let's cut the sapling to the right to clear the road. -Make sure it's clear. Walk along the small road on the right and you will collide with Massimino. (Kadabra LV.34, Solrock LV.34)
-VITALERBA: you'll find it in a small path below.
-Go back now to the entrance of the path and interact with the little man next to the berries and you will get a GRANRADICE.
-Now you can proceed in two ways: along the main road of the route, or along the secondary road passing by the little road at the top.

-Go to Tools Search near the sapling and you will find an HYPERPOTION.
-Cut the sapling and the next sapling with the MN CUTTING. Now head down the path and you will be challenged by Sabrina. (Illumise LV.33, Wigglytuff LV.30)
-Go on up and you'll find Baccaloquat, Baccauva, Baccamodoro.
-Come down the step and you'll be challenged by Samuel. (Crawdaunt LV.36)
ELISIR: If you go down the bottom step and you find the object.
-You will no longer be able to climb to the next road you must return to the point where you were challenged by Samuel.
-So from Samuel, go down the step to the left of Samuel, and another step to be challenged by Francesca to the left. (Ninetales LV.37 and Bellossom LV.36)
PP-SU: Go down the step to the left of Francesca and pass the tall grass at the bottom to find the object.
-Go down another step to the left and enter the little house near the pond. Interact with Pochyena in the shop to find that he is not very well. Choose to caress it to get the MEGAPIETRA GYARADOSITE. Follow the guide to All Megapietras to know where to find the others.
-Interact with the fisherman inside the cabin and answer "Magikarp" to get the EVOLCONDENSA.
-Go out and interact with the fisherman to the left of the house, Imelino. (Seaking LV.36)
-Interact with the other fisherman, Adelmo. (Whiscash LV.36)
-Interact with the other fisherman, Etiomaria. (Crawdaunt LV.34, Gyarados LV.34)
GRANDELENTE: Go down to find the object.
-If you go down the step you will find yourself on the main path.

-Go down the step you're on and you'll fight Bianca. (Rhyhorn LV.36, Tropius LV.36)
-Walk down one more step and you'll be fighting Daniela. (Mightyena LV. 36)
-Go one more step down and you'll be challenged by Pier. -Mm-hmm. (Vibrava LV.36, Sharmory LV.37)
-Come down two more steps and you'll be challenged by the twins, Miu and Yuki. (Beautifly LV. 35 and Dustox LV. 35)
-At this point you will find yourself in the exact area where the SECOND ROAD ends.
-Interact with the little man in the pink hat. You will get the MT99 which contains MAGIBRILLIO.
-Make your way to the little house with the red roof and you'll be challenged by Viola. (Vileplume LV.36)
-Go into Bacchus Bacchini's house and interact with the sitting man, Bacchus. He will give you a BACCAMBUTAN, a BACCAGOSTAN. He will also remind you to drop by the florist in Rustboro City.
-Interact with the granny facing the kitchen and you'll get a BACCASTAGNA.
ULTRA BALL: Leave the house and walk along the white fence and you will find the object.
-Go up the stairs and you will find a berry grower who will invite you to take and plant as many berries as you want. Baccacitrus, Baccahaban, Baccaxan, Baccabiri, Baccacinlan, Baccaciofo, Baccaitan, Baccapayapa, Baccababa, Baccanaca, Baccakebia, Baccaprugna, Baccafico, Baccakiwi, Baccamango, Baccaguava, Baccapaia, Baccacao, Baccapasflo, Baccaparmen, Baccarindo, Baccamoya, Baccarosmel.
-exit the fence and continue on the main road of the route.
-Following left you can return to route 118 and 119.
Go back to Slateport City with the MN Flight or passing through the routes.

Return to Slateport City

A video will start. Go with Captain Remus to the port where his submarine is.
-The Head of the Magma Team "invites" you if you follow them to their refuge in Sootopolis City.
-You will be challenged by a Magma Team Recruit (Mightyena LV.36) and a Special Recruit. Numel LV.34, Golbat LV.34)
-Accept to help Captain Remus. -Mm-hmm.
-You will be taken to Sootopolis City directly by Captain Remo. Try to find the REFUGE OF THE MAGMA TEAM. Captain Remus returns to Slateport City.

Sootopolis City

-Follow the path out of the stopover and enter the first house. Talk to the lady, an expert in Pokémelle, who will teach you some tricks.
-After the palace of virtue, turn up and then turn left. In front of the Pokémon Center, interact with the child who can read the memories of your Pokémon.
-Get back to the branch-off at the center of Sootopolis City.
-Go to the top and you'll be met by the OWNER, Brendon/Vera. He will ask you to fight him. (Swellow LV.37, Wailord LV.37, Blaziken LV.39, Brellom LV.37)
-Go up the stairs and you'll find yourself in front of the CANCELLAMOSSE HOUSE.
-Go ahead and receive from the gentleman in the bowler hat a Baccarat. -Mm-hmm.
-Go down a couple of steps and enter the house with the blue roof. You'll get the MT44 from the little man on the right which contains REST.
-Interact with the little man at the back of the house on the left and you'll get a Poké Flute. It looks like it can awaken sleeping Pokémon.
-Go down two flights of stairs to find yourself on the beach. Go to the top right and use the MN SURF. Go to the top right and you will find a cave. You will have found the MAGMA REFUGE.

Magma Shelter

-Go straight ahead, go up the stairs and continue to the end of the corridor. At the top of the stairs you will notice a circular green light on the right. If you stand above it you will be transported to another room.
PEPITA: You are now in another room where you will find the object on the top left.
-Get back on the green light to go back. -Get back on the green light to go back.
-Go left to the end of the hall. -Go left. Go up to the green light that will take you to another room.
-Interact with Team Magma's recruit standing in front of the TV. That'll start a fight. (Koffing LV.35, Numel LV.35)
-Interact with the next recruit who will challenge you. (Numel LV.35, Koffing LV.35)
-Place yourself now on the green light and you'll be transported to another room.
TOTAL RECHARGE: Pass the room with the beds and between the two tables at the end you will find the object.
-Go back to the bed room and reposition yourself on the green light. -Get back to the bed room. Go down the stairs now.
LEAVE RUN: As soon as you go down the stairs, at the bottom left, next to the machine you will find the object.
-Follow now to the right and you will be challenged by a Team Magma recruit. (Mightyena LV. 37)
-Go into the area with the machines and position yourself on the green light at the top left.
ELISIR MAX: You will find yourself in Team Magma's top secret operations room. You will find the object next to the right wall.
-Get back on the green light and return to the area with the machines. Once there, stand on the green light at the top right of the area.
-You'll find yourself in a hallway. Stand on the green light next to the one you came from.
MT-97 NEROPULSAR: Entering the room at the bottom right you will find this MT.
-Go back to the machinery area. -Go back to the machinery area. Now stand on the green light outside the lower right area.
-You'll find yourself in a new area with red armor in the center.
MINOR BALL: You'll find the item in the Poké Ball at the top right.
-Position yourself now on the green light at the bottom right inside the area with the red armor.
-You'll find yourself in a room with a corridor. Stand on the green light at the end of the corridor to the right.
PP-Max: You are now in a hallway. At the end of this corridor, you'll find the item in a Poké Ball.
-To continue the inspection in the Sanctuary, return to the area in red armor.
-Back in this area, position yourself on the green light at the bottom left of the area.
-You'll find yourself in a small corridor. To move forward, stand on the green light in front of you. (on the right)
-You'll find yourself in an empty room with information about Octavio.
-Get back in the area with the red armor. -What?
- Interact with the Recruit and fight (Golbat LV. 37).
-Now stand on the green light at the top. -I don't think so.
-When you get to this area, if you go left, you'll find yourself challenged by a recruit. (Mightyena LV. 34,

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