Pokémon Go: How to Understand Should I Evolve a Pokémon

The question Pokemon Go often arises: which Pokemon should I evolve? In fact, if you have several specimens of the same Pokemon and you are undecided which one to keep or which one to send to the professor to get more candy. However, there is a tool that can help you in all this and can tell you how strong the Pokemon will be once you have made it evolve.

Pogotoolkit.com is the help for you. Once you've reached the portal, simply select the Pokémon you're interested in and enter the value of the Combat Power (the Pokémon's PL). Once you've done this, the site will show you the value of that Pokémon's evolution, so you can get an idea of the strength of that Pokémon.
The result will show you a range of values whose range is minimal anyway. That's because it's not possible to know the exact value of the Pokémon we'll get as we evolve, but it's still an important help to steer you in the right direction. Based on the result you'll be able to understand the evolution potential of that Pokemon compared to another/others you've captured. The tool immediately became an essential element for every coach! The site works perfectly even as a mobile phone you just need to click on "select a pokemon". In our site you can find other guides and tricks to maximize your experience with Pokemon Go !

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