Pokemon Go: How to Find the Eggs with the Best Pokemon

Pokemon Go It's the successful Niantic game that's depopulated all over the world among Pokémon fans and beyond. At Pokemon Go You'll need your smartphone and move around the real world to capture Pokémon using your device's GPS. In addition to capturing Pokémon, you'll be able to find Eggs, raise them and hatch them to find new Pokémon that are otherwise hard to find in the "wild" state.

How to find and hatch eggs in Pokemon Go

Below is a guide to finding Eggs in the Pokemon Go .

Along your adventure, moving around the real world and playing Pokemon Go You will meet some places called Pokéstop: these places are located next to public works of art, unique architectural constructions or public meeting places and allow the collection of some useful tools to play.

Once you're near these places, simply rotate the disc that appears on your screen to obtain Eggs that you can then hatch by continuing to play Pokémon Go and walking the required distance. To check the collected items, you can consult, through the menu Pokemon Go , the "Bag" section to check the tools in your possession.

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