Pokemon GO - How to Find and Catch Mew in the Game

As all the fans will surely know, during the last March landed a full-bodied update of Pokemon GO the famous app Niantic. A whole series of new missions have been introduced through this update, which guarantee rewards of various kinds, such as potions, additional powder and the possibility of capturing new Pokemon. However, in addition to normal quests, special side quests will also be available, which will give access to much greedier rewards. One of the most important special quests is entitled "A Mysterious Discovery"; the reason is that the prize that will be awarded to you, once you have completed it, is the highly coveted Pokemon No. 151: Mew!

In this guide, we will explain all the necessary steps to get your hands on one of the most coveted Pokemon ever without having to damn your soul.

Pokemon GO How to get Mew

It is important to note that the mission you are about to embark on is a quest quest. The main difference from a common mission is that there will be 8 stages to complete, and each of them will consist of 3 other stages. Precisely for this reason, completing this may prove cumbersome, but not at all difficult.

Step 1You'll need to activate five PokéStop, capture at least 10 Pokémon, and finally transfer five of them. The completion of each of these actions will guarantee you 500 experience points. The rewards will be: 10 Mega Balls, three Bait Modules and an Egg Incubator.

Step 2In this case, we'll have to hatch three eggs, earn two candies by walking with our Pokémon, and make at least 10 Good Throwings. Each of the actions listed will earn us 1000 experience points. The rewards we will be awarded will be: 20 Mega Balls, three Flavours and 2000 Powder Units.

Phase 3In this third moment you will have to reach level 15, join two Raids and battle with two different Gymnasiums. Each of the sub stages now listed will award you 1500 experience points. The prizes you will get will be: two MT and two Star Pieces.

Phase 4To get through the fourth stage you'll have to: evolve 20 Pokémon, get 5 Candies by walking with one of your Pokémon and get the Kanto Silver Medal. The completion of each of the sub-phases will reward you with 2000 experience points. In terms of rewards, you'll get: 3 Bait Modules, 4000 units of Dust and 20 Mega Balls.

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Phase 5The actions to perform in this case are: capturing a specimen of Ditto, making 10 Good Launches and capturing 10 Wraith-type Pokémon. Each of the quests listed will give you 2500 Experience Points, and these are the rewards you'll get: 15 Revitalizers, a Fortune Egg and a Premium Raid Card.

Phase 6You will have to evolve Magikarp, fight in 10 Raids and reach level 25. 3000 Experience Points will be assigned to you for each of these missions. Below, we list the rewards you will be given: three Flavours, five Candies and 6000 Powder Units.

Phase 7You'll have to make an Excellent Launch, capture 50 Pokémon with a berry and get the Kanto Gold Medal. Each activity will earn you 3500 Experience Points, and as a reward you'll get 8000 units of Dust, 5 Mega Balls and, finally, Mew.

Step 8The focus of this eighth (and final) phase of the mission will Pokemon GO be to capture Mew. Once you succeed, you will get 4000 Experience Points, a Super Incubator, 10,000 units of Dust and 20 Mew Candies.

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