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Pokemon Go adds the second generation Pokemon to his game: here is the complete list of the second generation Pokemon with all possible evolutions, the type (grass, fire, spectrum, water, etc.) and above all the number of pokedex to which they correspond. This is in fact the most impressive update Pokemon Go since the game was released.

PokemonTipologyIn what Evolves
152ChikoritaGrassEvolves in Bayleef
153BayleefGrassEvolution of Chikorita, evolves in Meganium
154MeganiumGrassEvolution of Bayleef
155CyndaquilFireEvolves in Quilava
156QuilavaFireEvolution of Cyndaquil, evolves in Typhlosion
157TyphlosionFireEvolution of Quilava
158TotodileWaterEvolves in Croconaw
159CroconawWaterEvolution of Totodile, evolves in Feraligatr
160FeraligatrWaterEvolution of Croconaw
161SentretNormalEvolves in Furret
162FurretNormalEvolution of Sentret
163HoothootNormal/FlyingEvolves in Noctowl
164NoctowlNormal/FlyingEvolution of Hoothoot
165LedybaBeetle/FlyingEvolves in Ledian
166LedianBeetle/FlyingEvolution of Ledyba
167SpinarakBeetle/PoisonEvolves in Ariados
168AriadosBeetle/PoisonEvolution of Spinarak
169CrobatPoison/FlyingEvolution of Golbat
170ChinchouWater/ElectroEvolves in Lanturn
171LanturnWater/ElectroEvolution of Chinchou
172PichuElettroEvolves in Pikachu
173CleffaGoblin[1]Evolves in Clefairy
174IgglybuffNormal/Folletto[2]Evolves in Jigglypuff
175TogepiGoblin[1]Evolves in Togetic
176TogeticGoblin[1]/FlyingEvolution of Togepi, evolves in Togekiss
177NatuPsychic/FlyingEvolve in Xatu
178XatuPsychic/FlyingEvolution of Natu
179MareepElettroEvolve in Flaaffy
180FlaaffyElettroEvolution of Mareep, evolves in Ampharos
181AmpharosElettroEvolution of Flaaffy, megaevolve in MegaAmpharo
182BellossomGrassEvolution of Gloom
183MarillWater/Cool[2]Evolution of Azurill evolves into Azumarill
184AzumarillWater/Cool[2]Evolution of Marill
185SudowoodoRockEvolution of Bonsly
186PolitoedWaterEvolution of Poliwhirl
187HoppipGrass/FlyingEvolves in Skiploom
188SkiploomGrass/FlyingEvolution of Hoppip - Evolve in Jumpluff
189JumpluffGrass/FlyingEvolution of Skiploom
190AipomNormalEvolves in Ambipom
191SunkernGrassEvolves in Sunflora
192SunfloraGrassEvolution of Sunkern
193YanmaBeetle/FlyingEvolves in Yanmega
194WooperWater/EarthEvolves in Quagsire
195QuagsireWater/EarthEvolution of Wooper
196EspeonPsychoEvolution of Eevee
197UmbreonDarknessEvolution of Eevee
198MurkrowDarkness/FlyingEvolves in Honchkrow
199SlowkingWater/PsychoEvolution of Slowpoke
200MisdreavusSpectrumEvolves in Mismagius
201UnownPsychoNo evolution
202WobbuffetPsychoEvolution of Wynaut
203GirafarigNormal/PsychicNo evolution
204PinecoBeetleEvolves in Forretress
205ForretressBeetle/SteelEvolution of Pineco
206DunsparceNormalNo evolution
207GligarEarth/FlyingEvolves in Gliscor[3]
208SteelixSteel/GroundEvolution of Onix
209SnubbullGoblin[1]Evolve in Granbull
210GranbullGoblin[1]Evolution of Snubbull
211QwilfishWater/PoisonNo evolution
212ScizorBeetle/SteelEvolution of Scyther, megaevolve in MegaScizor
213ShuckleBeetle/rocketNo evolution
214HeracrossBeetle/WrestlingMegaevolves in MegaHeracross
215SneaselDarkness/IceEvolves in Weavile
216TeddiursaNormalEvolves in Ursaring
217UrsaringNormalEvolution of Teddiursa
218SlugmaFireEvolves in Magcargo
219MagcargoFire/RocciaEvolution of Slugma
220SwinubIce/GroundEvolves in Piloswine
221PiloswineIce/GroundEvolution of Swinub, evolves into Mamoswine
222CorsolaWater/RocciaNo evolution
223RemoraidWaterEvolves in Octillery
224OctilleryWaterEvolution of Remoraid
225DelibirdIce/FlyingNo evolution
226MantineWater/FlyingEvolution of Mantyke
227SkarmorySteel/FlyingNo evolution
228HoundourDarkness/FireEvolves in Houndoom
229HoundoomDarkness/FireEvolution of Houndour, megaevolve in MegaHoundoom
230KingdraWater/DragonEvolution of Seadra
231PhanpyEarthEvolves in Donphan
232DonphanEarthEvolution of Phanpy
233Porygon2NormalEvolution of Porygon, evolves in Porygon-Z
234StantlerNormalNo evolution
235SmeargleNormalNo evolution
236TyrogueLottaEvolves in Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan or Hitmontop
237HitmontopLottaEvolution of Tyrogue
238SmoochumIce/PsychoEvolves in Jynx
239ElekidElettroEvolve in Electabuzz
240MagbyFireEvolves in Magmar
241MiltankNormalNo evolution
242BlisseyNormalEvolution of Chansey
243RaikouElettroNo evolution
244EnteiFireNo evolution
245SuicuneWaterNo evolution
246LarvitarRock/GroundEvolve in Pupitar
247PupitarRock/GroundEvolution of Larvitar, evolves in Tyranitar
248TyranitarRock/GoodEvolution of Pupitar, megaevolve in MegaTyranitar
249LugiaPsychic/FlyingNo evolution
250Ho-OhFire/FlyingNo evolution
251CelebritiesPsycho/HerbNo evolution

Pokemon Go Second generation problems

The upgrade that brought the second generation of Pokemon in Pokemon Go has however made more than one user's nose twitch. In fact, it seems that the problem game doesn't start correctly anymore on some android models (they report us the huawei p9 - let us know more reports) and that on IOS it has slowed down a lot. We're waiting to hear more.

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