Pocket Bomberman - Game Boy Color passwords and codes

Pocket Bomberman it's a video game gender action platformer first released for the Game Boy Classic in 1997 and later for Game Boy Color in 1998. Unlike most Bomberman titles, Pocket Bomberman is a side-scrolling platformer, although the aim remains to wisely place the bombs which serve to eliminate the enemies on the screen.

When all the enemies have been defeated, Bomberman must enter the door located at the end of the screen to complete the level. In the game there are a total of 5 worlds and 25 levels. There is a forest, an ocean, a world of winds, one of clouds and an "Evil" world. Each world has a boss to defeat and each villain has weaknesses for Bomberman to target. Inside Pocket Bomberman there is also a mini game which bears the name of Jump Mode, a fun game that helps increase its longevity.

Forest World
Area1 - 7693 Area2 - 3905 Area3 - 2438 Area4 - 8261 Boss - 1893

Ocean World
Area1 - 2805 Area2 - 9271 Area3 - 1354 Area4 - 4915 Boss - 8649

Wind World
Area1 - 0238 Area2 - 5943 Area3 - 6045 Area4 - 2850 Boss - 8146

Cloud World
Area1 - 9156 Area2 - 2715 Area3 - 4707 Area4 - 7046 Boss - 0687

Evil World
Area1 - 3725 Area2 - 0157 Area3 - 5826 Area4 - 9587 Boss - 3752

When entering a password enter 9437 to play only bosses with all power-ups!

Enter 5656 as the password. You will have all items with the exception of the wings, heart and armor.

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