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Although commonly claimed otherwise, video games nowadays cost less than in the past. And we are not only talking about the phantom and much talked about "grey market", but also and above all the official channels. On the respective gaming platforms, discounts are offered weekly and retailers offer equally attractive prices.

PC gamers, however, have, in some ways, an extra edge thanks to juicy Steam game bundles. Do you want to spend a few euros and have a bundle of great titles ranging from indie to AAA? Bundles are the solution for all your needs! Let's stop the charades and look at the three main sites that provide this service together.

Humble Bundle


Humble Bundle is, most likely, the most famous site where you can buy bundles for all tastes. The service has expanded over time to embrace more genres and media, including paper role-playing games and mobile platforms. It is not uncommon to find bundles of Pathfinder, WH40K and other role-playing games or bundles of Android games.

Regardless of the type of product, however, the step system is common to (almost) all bundles offered by the website itself:

  • For the price of $1, the minimum union minimum to get the lowest tier, you'll get the Steam keys of the listed titles
  • The mid-tier (also known as Beat The Average) offers all the content of the bundle for $1 plus the titles listed in the second block. To get this bundle you will need to at least equalize the average offer. Usually the mid-tier also hides titles that will be unlocked after 7 days in the case of a 14-day bundle.
  • The top tier is fixed price and will allow you to get everything that that bundle has to offer. Any offer above that price will be irrelevant as it will only be additional money for charity, developers and the site. This is the tier that offers, in general, the latest and most valuable games and also nice gadgets (often exclusive to residents of the "States".


The Monthly is a gamble, a leap into the dark that, in most cases, has never disappointed me. It is a bundle at a fixed price of 12 dollars with secret games and public games and it is the only bundle that comes out of the above mentioned "steps".

There are early unlocks that will be given immediately, as in this case the premium packages for online games from Bethesda, while the rest will be delivered on the first Friday of the month at 6pm. And it just so happens that today is the first Friday in November ... so hurry up and get this bundle before you miss it!

The Humble Monthly is a sort of "subscription" system but you can cancel your subscription at any time.

The more months you pay in advance, the more you will save on the cost of the single bundle. It's a risky package, but it always gives you a lot of satisfaction between AAA, indie "premium" and hidden gems.


Many of you probably haven't even heard of this Fanatical but, basically, it is more familiar to you than expected. It is in fact the dear, old Bundlestars with simply a new name!

Fanatical offers tiers at fixed prices with increasing content but Humble Bundle , unlike, offers more durable bundles and generally aims to offer indie games, or famous games but a little older. Thanks to these bundles I have recovered a lot of games to feed my backlog and really good titles that I didn't even know existed, all at a relatively cheap price.

Usually bundles are collected by theme or game mechanics and often complete bundles of individual AAA's are also offered. The latter will be accompanied by their DLC and this is a great opportunity to recover some great titles, but with a couple of years on their shoulders, at a truly exceptional price.


We close the bundles site triptych with one of the best allies for lovers of indie titles, the most unknown and hidden. IndieGala doesn't offer the quality of the "premium" indies that run in Humble's bundles but, in its way, it tries to cover the "shortcomings" of the two services already mentioned.

It is not uncommon to find yourself faced with extremely niche titles, but not necessarily second-class or of poor quality. I happened to find myself in the hands of small gems and excellent time killers at a very reasonable price. We speak of ideal titles also for the hunters of cards and medals on steam, which will have bread for their teeth thanks to funny and cheap titles.

All three of these sites also have their own store which, every week, will reserve you lots of surprises! What are you waiting for?

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