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Yesterday finally came the sequel to Pillars of Eternity, RPG by Obsidian. The genre requires you to gain experience so that you don't find yourself in trouble going forward in the story. The collection of experience points is a very important process. Earning XP is the only way to get new levels, increase your character stats and unlock new abilities. Below, you can find information on how to get XP in Pillars of Eternity 2. We have listed three main ways to get XP.

  • Complete quests
  • Discover new locations
  • Add new monster entries to the bestiary

Let's go see them in detail.

Pillars of Eternity 2: How to quickly get XP

Complete quests

A very trivial suggestion, but it's always better to dot the i's. We're talking about an Obsidian RPG, a software house that really knows its stuff. If you want to gain experience points in such a title, the number one advice is always to complete quests. This is definitely the best way to get experience points in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire . Completing a single mission can give you up to several thousand XP.

Try to talk to each NPC and examine all the interactive objects you find in the places you have recently visited. By doing so, you will not miss any secondary missions on the street. Obviously, when you embark on a side quest or mission of the main storyline, try not to embark on suicide missions making them too difficult for your level.

Discovering new locations

The discovery of new places is rewarded with XP (this includes both large and small places). They don't have to be big cities or villages, but also individual huts or isolated buildings that you can access. You will be awarded XP every time you visit a place that is on the map.

We recommend that you check each location you've just visited for side entrances or seemingly hidden roads, even when they're not related to the mission you're on. When you reach each new location, you will usually receive between several dozen and several hundred XP. It won't be much but, a single island can have a dozen or even several dozen possible locations to visit. Add it all up and you'll see your XP increase.

Add new monster entries to the bestiary

A very important feature Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is that the game does NOT automatically give you XP when you win a fight. Experience points will only be awarded to you after you have managed to get a bestiary entry related to the monster you have killed.

Depending on the type of animal, you can create a complete entry after killing only one specimen, or only after facing several monsters of that type. In the latter case, before you can get a complete set of information, the relevant entries in the bestiary will be marked with question marks. You don't get XP when you kill normal people, because they don't have their individual voices in the bestiary.

The amount of points depends on the rarity of the enemy. The weakest and most common monsters only give you several dozen XP. However, defeating a very powerful creature (such as a titan) can also give you a few thousand experience points.

Note: when you defeat an enemy that you have already placed in the bestiary, you will NOT receive any more XP points, but that doesn't mean you have to avoid confronting them. Almost all defeated enemies leave useful loot (e.g. potions or crafting materials) or items that can be sold. Also, freeing a position from monsters can help you explore it with more attention and depth.

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