Paladin's Quest SNES cheats

Paladin's Quest is a scientific fantasy role-playing video game developed by Copya System and published by Enix in October 1993 for Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Paladin's Quest is different from the others role-playing games of the time, as when the player casts a spell, it drains HP (life points) and not MP (magic points). The game has gained a growing following over the years and boasts thousands of fans around the world. The plot centers on a boy named Chezni who, as a wager, activates an ancient machine called Dal Gren. By doing this, unfortunately, it releases an evil force of immense power.
The result is that the wizarding school is destroyed and the school principal orders Chezni to destroy Dal Gren at any cost before the world is destroyed. During his adventure, Chezni meets a girl named Midia, who offers to help him on his mission. The two are joined by other mercenaries, while the main antagonist of our hero is the young dictator Zaygos. Through dungeons, cities, labyrinths and a boundless map, the player faces enemies more and more powerful and earns experience points from battle to battle useful to level up.


At the beginning of the game, when asked to enter the paladin's name, use any name that begins with a lowercase "e". This causes the debug menu to become available.

Paladin's Quest - SNES


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