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The Halloween event Overwatch has been going on for a week now and with it also the exclusive "Junkenstein's Revenge" mode and in this guide we'll explain how to overcome it at the highest level of difficulty and get the special spray associated with it.


After gathering your friends and deciding which characters to use the first thing to do is to know how to position yourself and how to move around during the meeting.

The right positions.

As you can see from the map:

  • Ana will stay on the wall for a minimum of highground.
  • Soldier76 in the perimeter of the square in front of the door.
  • McCree on the raised deck.
  • Hanzo free to move around the whole area

It is important to keep the positions to allow Hanzo to move with a clear view.

Let's come to everyone's roles.


He is of course the healer of the group, in addition to healing his allies he will have to use the Biotic Grenade on Roadhog to prevent him from curing and putting the various Bosses to sleep to allow McCree to run his Ultra powered by the Biostimulator.


He's a bit the Hodor of the situation, his task will be to defend the door from all the Zomnic who will try to get close as well as dealing with Junkenstein's Rotobomb.


Being positioned higher than all the others he has a tactical advantage that allows him to use his Ultra on the Bosses and concentrate on them without taking too much damage.


Full support for the whole team, thanks to his mobility Hanzo can help both Soldier to kill the Zomnic and McCree to cool the Bosses. Destroying the Shield Generator will be his main objective when Symmetra appears.


  1. At the 5:42 minute Reaper will make his entrance, once teleported in front of the door Ana will have to promptly put him to sleep and upgrade McCree who will launch his Ultra killing Reaper quickly.
  2. 3:46am Roadhog arrives from the bottom of the map, repeat the same procedure to take away much life quickly in the meantime Hanzo and Soldier must use their Ultra immediately after McCree to finish him and clean the field while Ana only in this case will move towards McCree to avoid being reached by the boss.
  3. 2:46 it's Symmetra's turn, in which case McCree will have to go to Ana as the boss will appear next to him. Hanzo before that will have positioned himself on the tower opposite McCree's usual position to easily destroy the Shield Generator and use his Ultra while Symmetra goes down the stairs. Once he reaches the door Symmetra will have little life and it will be easy for McCree to finish it. In this case McCree will reach Ana before Symmetra appears.
  4. 1:46 will be the turn of Junkenstein and Reaper, Hanzo will have to use his Ultra on Junkenstein and return immediately to help Soldier while Ana and McCree will repeat point 1.
  5. 0:35 Reaper no Ultra again in this case focus on him while Soldier continues to deal with the minions.
  6. At the end comes Mercy who will bring back to life all the bosses, it's important that before that Hanzo is in the position of point 3 as he'll have to take care of the Shield Generator again, once destroyed he'll have to come down from the tower and launch the Ultra on Junkenstein that will have appeared where he was and then focus on Roadhog. Soldier will use his Ultra and try to attract Roadhog. Ana and McCree will also maintain the positions of point 3 and repeat point 1 by focusing on Mercy after Soldier has drawn Roadhog on himself.
  7. Congratulations you have won your Exclusive Spray!

The priority of the Bosses in the final stage should he fail to kill them with the Ultra is Mercy>Symmetra>Reaper>Roadhog>Junkenstein.

Needless to say that communication here is essential to prepare yourself, arm yourself with patience and coordinate with your companions, have fun!

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