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Skills and key points

Today we are talking about an extremely powerful hero, a perfect character to handle defensive games that can provide good support to the whole team: Symmetra. This hero is ranked among the supports, is not very easy to use and it takes some time to master all the skills available. A defensive team with more characters of this type can really put opponents in trouble, with turrets and televarchi ready to immediately bring back the allies to the center of the action. But let's not lose ourselves in chitchat and start, as always, with skill analysis:

- Sentinel Drone: an extremely useful skill that allows you to place a large number of turrets for the map (six at once). Of course you won't be able to place all of them immediately, at first you'll have three, but then you'll have to wait for a long cooldown of 10 seconds. Let's make a couple of clarifications: the damage inflicted by the turrets is quite low and their health is practically zero, the range is not the maximum but in return the enemies hit by the beam are automatically slowed down. Of course the choice of positioning for the turrets is simply crucial, never put them in places too visible and, if possible, try to place them in places that do not allow enemies to hit them easily. Generally, almost all Symmetra kills are done via turret, so act wisely.

- Photonic Shield: pure support ability, activating it will give a shield to your companions that will remain standing even after your death. The additional points are not many (25) but they can still make a difference by saving a companion from certain death. The cooldown is absolutely ridiculous (1 second) so use this skill with all your allies in range. Warning: use the dead heat at the start of the game to place the shield on all allies, never forget this skill and use it even in the most hectic moments by providing constant support.

- Televarco (super): Symmetra's ultimate is really wonderful. By activating it you can place on the map a teleport connected to a teleport in your base: all team members will be able to instantly reach the location of the teleport, thus gaining precious seconds. This super is not as flashy as the others, but it can really turn the tables on a game and is crucial in control mode. Also here we have to make a couple of clarifications: you can place at most one TV at a time, be very careful with the position chosen because even in this case your device is not indestructible and has a very low health. Opponents will be informed immediately of the activation of your super and will try to contain it in every way, so protect the TV as long as possible. The number of passages supported by the television is unfortunately not very high: six.

Armament and conclusions

Symmetra has only one weapon (Photonic Projector) with two firing modes: the first is useful at short range and allows you to engage an enemy by inflicting prolonged damage that increases with the duration of contact; the second mode is charged and allows you to shoot a sphere even at long distance (too bad that the sphere is unprecedentedly slow ...). The magazine of the weapon is satisfactory, but as we have said Symmetra makes almost all his kills with turrets and works very hard one on one against almost all the other heroes. The projector is certainly useful to shoot down very mobile characters (you don't need much precision), but its low range and the slowness of the spheres for long range make it a low level weapon. Try, if possible, never to be found alone: you'll hardly come out victorious one on one.

The ideal support for Symmetra is probably L霉cio, a hero able to increase his speed of movement while providing constant care. As we said alone you are an easy target for virtually everyone, so make the most of the turrets and protect your allies as much as possible. Be very careful with snipers, if they are well positioned they can easily ruin all your work and put your team in serious trouble.

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