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Skills and key points

Reaper is a rather difficult to use offensive hero, we're talking about an excellent character in close combat who can easily get around the enemy. His skills make him perfect for infiltrating behind enemy lines and, later, his great firepower allows you to take down Tank and heroes with a lot of health. It takes some time to really master Reaper, it's not easy to be effective in the first games and there are some aspects to keep in mind. But let's start, as always, with skill analysis:

- Spectral Shape: A very useful skill that allows you to get out of tricky situations. Activating it will turn you into a spectral form for a short time and you won't suffer any kind of damage. In this mode, however, you won't even be able to shoot or reload and you'll have to try to reach a safe zone in the shortest possible time. This skill is extremely useful to avoid super opponents and allows you to transport yourself to an area close to the enemy and then unleash all your firepower. The recharge time is pretty heavy (eight seconds) so choose the right time to use it.

- Shadow Step: This skill is, in our opinion, the most interesting of Reapers. This hero has the ability to teleport quickly to a point (even very far away) from you and in this way he can easily surprise the enemies behind him. Warning though: the teleportation operation will take a few seconds in which you will be highly vulnerable, so use this ability without discovering too much and do not move among large groups of enemies.

- Death Spiral (Super): Reaper's super can do enormous damage if exploited properly, it often happens to see three or even four kills at once. What does it consist of? Simple: Reaper starts shooting with both weapons at its disposal and inflicting serious damage to all enemies in the area. Unfortunately, this super has a big weakness: while you're firing you're not invulnerable and you can be easily blocked by a McCree stunner or a barrage of Bastion. Our advice is to combine this super with the two abilities we just talked about: go behind enemy lines, sneak up behind two or three enemies and activate the super. Another technique rather used to make the most of the ability is to activate it by falling from above, so you'll instantly inflict damage to various enemies in the area and also have the surprise effect. Of course to implement this last tactic you need to be in specific locations on the map.

Armament and Conclusions

Reaper has at his disposal two hellish mouths, two splendid twins with cut-off rods capable of inflicting great damage at close range. This hero can have his say even from medium distance but you'll still have a hard time against characters like Soldier-76 or McCree (on the long distance, instead, it's practically useless). His movements are not particularly fast and this makes you an easy target for snipers and not only that, but you can compensate by taking advantage of the excellent skills at your disposal.

Reaper is classified as an attack hero but can also be very useful in defensive situations where there is a particular contested area, his excellent skills in close combat make him the nightmare of many heroes and, with the right strategy, you can easily kill characters like Bastion or Mei. Reaper is also very adept at killing enemy tanks but you have to get very close to inflict the right amount of damage and this, in some situations, could be a problem. The most appropriate support for Reaper in our opinion is certainly L霉cio, a character able to increase his low speed of movement curing him in intense close encounters.

Among the most devastating combinations are Mei's super (able to freeze all enemies in a certain area) and Reaper's super.

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