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Real name: Jamison Fawkes

Age: 25

Profession: anarchist, thief, wrecker, mercenary, beggar

Base of operations: Junkertown, Australia (previous)

Affiliation: Junkers (previous)

Health points: 200

Skills and key points

Today we're talking about the craziest, most messed-up, craziest hero in the whole game: Junkrat. This character is ranked among the heroes of defense and is armed with a wonderful grenade launcher that can shoot explosives even at great distances. The main purpose of Junkrat is basically to make as much noise as possible with explosions, mines and traps to prevent the enemy from approaching a certain area. We're talking about a character that's pretty hard to use properly, a hateful hero to deal with who's really used a lot online. But let's start, as always, with skill analysis:

- Mina Disruptive: An interesting but very difficult skill to use. By activating it, Junkrat will place a mine at a certain point on the map and arm itself with a detonator to use at the right time. The mine inflicts a large amount of damage, but you can't think about placing it, hiding and waiting for someone to pass by: a passive attitude of this kind literally clashes with the chaotic nature of Junkrat, so our advice is to try to place the mine near the disputed area, keep playing your game and be ready in case the enemy decides to pass by. Warning: the mine is not only an offensive tool, you can also use it to make a big jump. How? By detonating it just below you, of course. This tactic is very useful, allowing you to reach high positions and escape from difficult situations.

- Tagliola: Here too we have a difficult skill to use. Junkrat can place a trap on the battlefield, if the opponent passes over it he will be completely immobilized for three seconds and suffer a great deal of damage. What's the problem? The trap is quite visible and an experienced player seeing Junkrat in the opposing team will not be fooled so easily. A widely used tactic is to place the mine just above the trap, blowing it up at a great distance as soon as we are notified that the enemy has fallen into our trap. The trap/mine combo is almost always equivalent to certain death for the opponent's hero. Our advice is to place it in the right places, perhaps those with poor visibility or as soon as you turn the corner.

- Final Blow: A passive skill that allows Junkrat to release a couple of explosive grenades when he dies. Killing someone in this way isn't easy, but it's a skill that can certainly come in handy on some occasions.

- Rotobomba (super): Junkrat's super is a nightmare for opponents. By activating it you'll hurl a huge rotating bomb that you can drive on the battlefield, then detonate it at the right time. The damage inflicted is enormous and with this ability you can easily do two or three kills at once.

However, there are a couple of problems: while you're dropping the bomb and driving it you don't disappear from the map and you're not invulnerable, so after the detonation you may end up dead. Secondly, the bomb is not indestructible, it has a very limited health (50) and many enemies can safely defuse it from a safe distance. We invite you to activate the super always thinking about its weak points and acting accordingly.

Armament and conclusions

Junkrat uses a fantastic grenade launcher, the range of the weapon is excellent and even the magazine (5 shots) is not bad. Your explosives inflict great damage when they hit the enemy directly, but also the area damage is not low and this leads many players to shoot relentlessly filling the map with grenades. Junkrat is effective at close range and medium range, is great against slow or static heroes like Bastion and is perfect for making life impossible for opponents in control mode. Unfortunately the speed of movement isn't very high, so this hero suffers enough against mobile characters like Tracer or average skilled snipers like Hanzo.

The best support for you is definitely Mercy, often you will find yourself short of health and a character who can cure you and increase your damage (already high) is certainly very interesting. Junkrat is a great character to use in defense games, it can also have its say in attack but surely there are better alternatives in the roster proposed by the game.

In conclusion we can say that Junkrat is a crazy hero and fun to use, his skills are not the best but can be really annoying for opponents.

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