🎮 The Best Classic Online Games

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In VideogamesTricks we bring you the best collection of free classic online games so you can enjoy them from wherever you want with your favorite device.

All you have to do is choose your favorite classic games and download them directly from our website. What are you waiting for?

The Best Classic Online Games

In this section you will find the most popular and best classic games online. All are available for download directly for different platforms.

These games stand out from the others because they are the most known and famous games. They have millions of players since their release worldwide and their fan base is very wide.

Many of these games also have sequels and prequels released later due to their great fame and popularity and allow you to follow the original story or play with new graphic improvements and more modern features.

What are Classic Games?

Classic Games are games that have been around for many years since they were first released. During their launch and sale, these games became very popular and famous among the community and players and their sales and fans are counted in the billions.

These games were created for older consoles that are no longer manufactured or marketed although they have been digitally recovered and adapted to current technologies.

Some of them also have graphic improvements or changes in the game as a result of this digital adaptation. On the other hand, some of them are an identical copy of the original

What are the best known Classic Games?

There are many classic games and they make up an almost endless list although the best known classic games could be said to be

  • Tetris

    Tetris triumphed in the 1980s in the arcade machine that came to be installed in thousands of bars and arcades around the world, and in the 1990s, in the Nintendo Gameboy. But in all these years, new versions and reinventions have not stopped appearing, which have maintained the popularity of the game among the youngest.
  • Super Mario Bros

    Every Nintendo system has had its own Mario game for history (the last one, Super Mario Odyssey), but none is as idolised as the first one, which is still infinitely playable and fun.
  • Street Fighter

    The most famous fighting game of all time, it won over the arcades and the Super Nintendo in the 1990s. But it's been a bestseller on every platform it's been released on.
  • Doom

    It was the first first first-person shooter to succeed worldwide, the first to offer online gaming over the Internet, and one of the first officially supported MODS games.
  • Pokémon

    They're classics that require hundreds of hours to collect all the Pokémon, and they fit in well with the concept of playing around in bed, or while going to class or work on the subway. That's why they've been such a hit on both Nintendo handheld systems and mobile phones.

On which platforms can you enjoy the classic VideoGamesTricks games?

VideoGamesTricks classic games are available on a wide range of platforms so you can choose your favorite and play them without complications.

The most common ways you will find the games are in digital format for smartphones, either for Android or Apple and also for tablet. A very comfortable way to play.

Other games will also be available in other types of format for example for PC or also for more current consoles such as PS4 or X360.