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Octopath Traveler is a great, beautiful return to the Square Enix role-playing games of the SNES era. It has an exceptional cast of characters, an interesting story that gradually unfolds and a satisfying combat system.

Being an old school role-playing game, you'll spend a lot of your time fighting enemies. These enemies will attack you at random as you explore the game map.

Besides, it's the random fighting that's very old-school.

Exploiting Enemies' Weaknesses

Every enemy in Octopath Traveler has a number of weaknesses that you can use to help you do more damage and defeat them faster. These weaknesses can be exploited using one of twelve different attacks you have, both physical and elemental.

These are: Sword, Dagger, Spear, Axe, Stick, Bow, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Darkness and Light.

Most enemies have at least two weak points and lower level enemies usually have four or five. You can discover every enemy's weakness by trial and error until you have enough experience to figure out what to use and against whom.

This list may not be exhaustive because it is not guaranteed that you will face all the enemies of the bestiary. Over time, we will try to complete the list.

Guide to enemies' weak points

Aggressive antLaunchStickLightning
Ambling BonesStickWindLight
Antagonistic AntDaggerStick
Armor EaterSwordAxeWind
Blood ViperSwordLaunchAxeDarkness
Cliff Birdian ISwordLaunchAxeLight
Cliff Birdian IISwordLaunchAxeLight
Cliff Birdian IIILaunchDaggerFireDarkness
Cliff Birdian IVSwordLaunchAxeLightning
Cliff Birdian VSwordLaunchAxeLightning
Dark RollerDaggerLightning
Say Army AntSwordDaggerAxe
Dread FalconLaunchDaggerArchWindDarkness
Burning SentinelSwordLaunchAxeStickIce
Fire WispIceDarkness
Flatlands Froggen IArchIceLight
Flying FishSwordArchLightningDarkness
Giant BoarSwordArchDarkness
Giant SlugDaggerIceDarkness
Hermit ConchSwordLaunchIce
Highland Ratkin ISwordDaggerArchLight
Highland Ratkin IISwordDaggerArchLight
Highland Ratkin IIILaunchArchDarkness
Glacial SentinelSwordLaunchAxeArchStick
Ice WispFireLight
Killer BugSwordAxeDarkness
Laughing HyenaAxeArchFire
Makk (Boss)ArchStickFireWind
Mikk (Boss)LaunchAxeLightningWind
Pirate IArchFire
Pirate IIArchFire
Pirate IIISwordArch
Red FoxDaggerArchStick
River BugSwordAxeStickDarkness
River FlyLaunchArchIceWind
River Froggen ISwordAxeIceDarkness
River Froggen IISwordArchIceDarkness
River Froggen IIISwordArchIce
River Froggen IVStickIceDarkness
River Froggen VStickIceDarkness
River WaspSwordLaunchAxe
Rock TortoiseSwordWind
Sand Lizardman ISwordDaggerIceDarkness
Sand Lizardman IISwordDaggerIceDarkness
Sand Lizardman IIILaunchDaggerLightningDarkness
Sea Birdian ISwordLaunchFireLightning
Sea Birdian IISwordLaunchFireLightning
Sea Birdian IIISwordFireWind
Sea SnakeLaunchFire
Shadow BatSwordLaunchArchIce
Musky MeepArchLaunchDarkness
Skull RollerLaunchIceDarkness
Slayer BugSwordAxe
Spud BugSwordDaggerFireLight
Two-Handed HatchlingSwordLaunchAxe
Warrior WaspSwordLaunchAxe
Water WispLaunchAxeFireLightning

Please note that Octopath Traveler is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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