Nioh 2: How to Get Closed Alpha Access

One thing is certain: anyone who loves feudal Japan has had and will have something to play for the coming months. If Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has had the honor and the burden of "opening the dances", there are two other titles of enormous depth on the horizon. We're talking about Ghost of Tsushima and, of course, Nioh 2.

The sequel to the game developed by Team Ninja was one of the surprise announcements of the Sony Conference that took place during the E3 2018 edition. Few were expecting a second chapter of the soulslike in samurai sauce, but it seems that the development of the title is progressing in a very fast way.

As evidence of what has now been said there is the fact that, from May 24th until June 2nd, will start a closed alpha of the game, which will allow a small group of players Playstation 4, to touch the second chapter of William's adventure.

In this guide, we'll tell you how to access the game's closed alpha.

How to access the closed alpha of Nioh 2

Released last February 2017, Nioh put us in the shoes of William, a silver-haired samurai in possession of Saoirse, a protective spirit with whom he can interact. Our hero will have to search for Edward Kelley, a British alchemist in the service of Queen Elizabeth I of England, who ordered him to go to the land of the Rising Sun to find Amrita, a magic mineral directly related to the Oni, the demonic creatures of Japanese folklore.

It will be up to our protagonist to cross a Japan devastated by a war between its most powerful feudal lords, in a desperate attempt to recover Saoirse and foil the threat looming over his land and the whole world.

Born from the script of Oni, a film by Akira Kurosawa, unfortunately never published, Nioh has managed to conquer the RPG action lovers, and this sequel confirms how much good was seen in the first episode, and indeed, seems to put even more emphasis on the action component.

If the family seems to have disappeared, according to what you can see in the gameplay trailer that we leave you attached, you can see the presence of a second protagonist or, at least, a second usable character. Finally, our William will be able to give vent to his "dark side", turning into a very powerful Oni that, we are sure, will have no difficulty in mowing down his enemies.

At the moment, the only way to access Nioh 2's closed alpha is to be invited via an inbox message. The experience will be linked to a limited number of players, similar to what happened in the previous chapter of the saga.

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