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In Ni No Kuni II : The Fate of a Kingdom we will find a lot, a lot of content to enjoy and with which to break through the "wall of 100 hours" of gameplay. One of the side quests in which you will come across will ask you to go to nine dungeons called Dream Labyrinths and recover as many fragments. Once you've completed the first nine dungeons, the character who assigned you the secondary mission, after joining the Kingdom of Eostaria, will give you a key with which you will have access to the last Dream Maze, where the most difficult boss of Ni No Kuni II . In this guide, we will tell you the exact location of all 10 Oneiric Gates, also giving you all the information you need to best face all the challenges that you will face.

Ni No Kuni II How to deal with the Oneiric Labyrinths

During the fourth installment of the game, you'll come across a character who will assign you Side Quest 02, whose goal is to retrieve nine fragments for an unspecified purpose. The fragments in question are placed on the top floor of nine mazes, and will be obtained after defeating the boss of each of the dungeons. The main feature of these Oneiric Labyrinths is that, of course, you won't be able to consult the map, at least not before completing the Dimensional Lab's research. Precisely for this reason, you'll have to memorize the best route you will take, so you can easily retrace your steps. Each labyrinth will have a certain number of floors, which will be generated in a completely random way. This means that each time you access the labyrinth, you will find yourself in a different maze, with different stages and opponents.

You will notice the danger indicator, a counter located at the top of the screen. The counter in question will increase as time goes by, starting at level 1 until it reaches the higher danger levels within a few minutes. If this happens, the monsters you encounter in your path will be stronger, and the amount of experience points you get will also increase. In case the situation becomes difficult to manage, you can always offer the purple spheres, which you'll get from the vases and enemies you defeat, to the Statues of the Goddess located in the various planes. With the same spheres, you'll open the blue treasure chests, in which you'll find some of the best equipment. We remind you that in the various dream labyrinths it is not possible to save the game; therefore, in case of Game Over, you'll have to start all over again from the beginning.

The exact location of all the Dreamer Gates

Evan, one day all this will be yours!

As mentioned in the opening, there are initially nine doors to find, to which a tenth will be added. Since some of them are located on other continents of the game map, you can access them only after you have obtained the airship Sputnik and learned the spell Komenovo, which will make you restore the Temples where some doors are located. In case you want to get the golden trophy "The Boundaries of Dreams", we recommend that you try your hand at it only after you have completed the main plot. When the game is over, your team will have a level around 70/75, which is ideal for completing the Dream Labyrinths without too much stress.

This is where you will find the Ten Oneiric Gates:

  • Oneiric Door 01 (3 Plans) - You will find it in the Cava Cave, South East of the Great Plateau. It will be right there that you will be assigned the Side Quest 002. You cannot miss it;
  • Oneiric Gate 02 (4 Plans) - You'll find it at Bosco Aurora, in the Nyr Forest area;
  • Porta Onirica 03 (6 Plans) - You will find it at Bosco Restaf貌, north east of Canghai;
  • Porta Onirica 04 (7 Plans) - You will find it in the Melancholic Sanctuary, located in the Megalia Island, in the area of Talasside. You will need the airship Sputnik to reach it;
  • Porta Onirica 05 (8 floors) - You will find it at the Grotta Calanca, west of the Costa del Sol Levante. To reach it, you will need either the Sputnik or the Ship;
  • Oneiric Door 06 (10 floors) - You will find it at the Solemn Shrine, North East of Sequonia. Again, you will need the airship to access it;
  • Porta Onirica 07 (13 Plans) - You will find it at the Distorted Cave, in the area of the Northern Islands;
  • Oneiric Gate 08 (15 Plans) - You'll find it at the Hot Cave, in the area north of the Oasis of Thirst, on the desert continent. You will need the airship Sputnik to reach it;
  • Porta Onirica 09 (18 Plans) - You will find it at the Gelante Sanctuary, in the north-east of the Cemetery of ancient weapons;
  • Oneiric Door 10 (30 Plans) - To get access to the last door, you will first need to complete the Secondary Mission 002. Retrieve the 9 fragments and go to the Great Library of Canghai to talk to the person who assigned it to you. He will give you the last key and tell you where to find the last door. You will find the entrance to the last Dream Labyrinth at the Lost Island, more precisely in the Lost Forest, east of Sequonia. The boss you'll find on the thirtieth floor is the strongest opponent of Ni No Kuni II , and to beat him without too much trouble you must be at least level 85. Otherwise, the boss may even kill you with a single shot, forcing you to start all thirty floors from the beginning;
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