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As you will easily realize, Ni No Kuni II : The Fate of a Kingdom provides a huge number of characters to recruit. These NPCs, whom we will learn to know by the name of Talents, will in fact improve and develop the activities of the Kingdom of Eostaria, and will constitute a prerequisite for its evolution. Immediately after completing the game's storyline, new available characters will appear, who can be recruited in the ways we already know. One of them is the mysterious Bard Prime. If you've spent time talking to the various NPCs scattered around the game, you've probably already picked up some references to this character. The artist in question can not remember his very long name, consisting of five words. You'll have the ungrateful task of putting it back together again. In this guide, we'll explain how to find out the name of the bard Primo.

Ni No Kuni II : how to discover the name of the mysterious bard

As the "platinum hunters" will surely know, there are three trophies linked, more or less directly, to the Talents: "Many Talents", "Talents Everywhere! " and "A Magnificent Castle". If the first two will be assigned to you for recruiting 50 and 100 Talents respectively, the last one will be unlocked the moment you reach level 4 in your kingdom. However, one of the requirements to level up, even if you don't do it on purpose, is to recruit all 100 characters available in the game. Precisely for this reason, you'll be practically forced to solve the side quest 159, titled "The Forgotten Bard". The side mission in question will start in Malphia, after you've talked to the bard First.

The character in question has practically forgotten his long name, which consists of five words. To find out, you'll have to talk to some NPCs in the vast world of Ni No Kuni II : The Fate of a Kingdom and discover the name of Primo, piece by piece. As it's easy to understand, talking with all the NPCs present in the game is a rather long undertaking, since there are so many of them. Precisely for this reason, in this guide we will give you two ways to solve the quest: a fast one and a slower one. In the first, we'll reveal the name of the forgetful bard, so you can complete the quest right away. In the second, instead, we will reveal the exact location of the characters to talk to and get the various parts of the name of Primo. You have the choice: if you want to follow a "lawful" way, follow the steps below; if you don't want to waste time, scroll directly to the end of the guide to find the full name of the mysterious bard.

Where to find all the clues to the First Bard name

All the NPCs you will need to talk to.

You will find the Bard First practically at Malphia's entrance. Talk to him and his side quest will activate. The first character you'll need to talk to will be in Canghai, in the Alley of the Strugglers area, near the flights of stairs. He will be a dark haired canid with a pink robe. The second NPC will be located in Sequonia, on the highest floor, accessible by the main elevator and not far from the elevator itself. You will easily recognize him: he will be a burly worker with a shirt, suspenders and glasses. The third clue will be in Talasside, more precisely in Piazza Talassa: on the left flight of stairs, you will find a guard who will reveal another piece of the name of the bard Primo.

As is easy to understand, these clues will not reveal the full name of the character. First, however, he is a character of vital importance to the Kingdom of Eostaria, as he will allow you to make the weapons and armor of the highest level. It is thanks to him that you can beat all the creatures of the curse and the boss of the last Dream Maze.

The full name of the forgetful bard

If you do not have the patience to find the various clues and guess the full name of the bard, we reveal the solution to the mystery: First Hope Purchase Nostalgic Doubt Gain.

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