NES Open Tournament Golf NES cheats and codes

NES Open Tournament Golf it's a video game sports (golf, as the name suggests) developed and published by Nintendo to NES in 1991.

The game features the "usual" Mario and Luigi, who in those years raged on all Nintendo, NES, SNES or Game Boy consoles. The caddies of the two brothers of Italian origin are none other than Daisy and Peach, who in some moments of the game give valid suggestions to our heroes. Nes Open Tournament Golf might look almost identical to its Japanese cousin, that Mario's Open Golf released for Famicom and structured substantially in the same way.
The differences between the two games, however, are numerous and obvious. First, Mario's Open Golf matters five holes, against the three of NES Open Tournament Golf, not to mention that the holes themselves are more difficult and fraught with obstacles. Finally, the background melody of the two games is also different.

At the title screen, hold RIGHT + B + SELECT for 10 seconds.

Here's how to get a second chance if you hit a wrong roll: simply press RESET before the game advances to the next roll, then choose the same options you chose before and continue with the game you started.

During Stroke Play, at the “Yes” or “No” confirmation screen, hold A + B on controller 2, to start with the last match played.

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