NBA 2K My Team: Guide to Week 36 Challenges and New Cards

NBA 2K 18 is the basketball simulation par excellence currently available on the market. The flagship of 2K Sport simulations with its modes ranging from seasons and offline matches to numerous online careers and challenges. NBA 2K My Team allows you to build legendary all-timer teams by putting together special versions of current and past players represented by collectible cards. Each player builds his or her own ideal team to take on the domains, online challenges and moments, the super-timer mode and the team program. Each week, 2K offers a series of challenges to complete in order to obtain large rewards and, once they are all completed, a challenge token. By collecting various tokens you get a reward player to add to your collection. This guide will help you find out in advance what requirements you will need to meet the week's challenges and what rewards await you.

How to face the challenges of week 36 of NBA 2K My Team

This week's NBA 2K My Team challenges number 36 are dedicated to the Canadian franchise of the Toronto Raptors. The warm-up challenge will see us facing the mythical 1999 Raptors, those of Vincredible, to be precise, while the second challenge will see us facing the modern Raptors. These two challenges give you a challenge token, useful to unlock reward players. 2K has also released 10 new cards from the Throwback Playoff Moments collection. Let's take a closer look at what's new this week.

NBA 2K My Team - How to overcome the challenge RAPTORS 1999

The first of this week's two challenges, dedicated to the Toronto Raptors, sees us engaged against the formation of the 1999 vintage. This challenge is set to Pro difficulty, the quarterfinals are 5 minutes and guarantees a reward of 2000 MT. There are no rose restrictions to compete, so we'll be able to tackle it the way we want to. The two stars of these Rapotrs were Vince Carter and Tracy McGready. These two wings, endowed with immense athleticism and potential are the only two dangers of this challenge. The advice is to continuously attack the ISO the playmaker Muggsy Bugs, who, given his small stature (only 160cm) will hardly ever be able to keep our point guards in penetration. The challenge should not reserve particular problems in being overcome.

NBA 2K My Team - How to overcome the challenge RAPTORS 2018

The second challenge of the week is dedicated to this year's formation of the Toronto Raptors. difficulty is set on Pro, the quarters are five minutes and the guaranteed reward is 2000 MT. In order to face this challenge it is mandatory to field at least 4 Raptors players in our formation. As for the previous challenge, you only need to keep an eye on the two stars Demar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry to get the better of the Canadians. Also watch out for Ibaka under the basket good defender and rebound agonist. For the rest there should be no particular difficulties.

NBA 2K My Team - The new Throwback playoff moments cards

Along with Week 36 challenges, 2K has released the new Throwback playoff moments collection. Among all the new players is Kobe Bryant Diamond (98), which is absolutely sensational, both in attack and defense. Two other new diamonds stand out: Yao Ming (97) and Andrei Kirilenko (95). There are also some interesting new amethyst players: Marcus Camby amethyst (94), Hayward amethyst (93), Hamilton (92), Green (91) and the Barbosa rubies (89), Andersen (88) and Miller (88). Here you can find our review at NBA 2K 18

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