NBA 2K My Team : Guide to the Challenges of Week 34

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NBA 2k18 is the basketball simulation par excellence currently available on the market. The flagship of 2K Sport simulations with its modes ranging from seasons and offline games to numerous online careers and challenges. L’ NBA 2K My Team allows you to build legendary all-timer teams by putting together special versions of current and past players represented by collectible cards. Each player builds his or her own ideal team to take on the domains, online challenges and moments, the super-timer mode and the team program. Each week, 2K offers a series of challenges to complete in order to obtain large rewards and, once they are all completed, a challenge token. By collecting various tokens you get a reward player to add to your collection. This guide will help you find out in advance what requirements you will need to meet the week's challenges and what rewards await you.

How to face the challenges of week 34 of the NBA 2K My Team

This week's challenges NBA 2K My Team are dedicated to the two finalists of the western conference, the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. Both challenges are eligible for an MT award and a challenge token that guarantees, by the start of the game, to have none other than Admiral David Robinson the pink diamond. A real pillar, with its 8 hall of fame badges.

NBA 2K My Team - How to overcome the WARRIORS challenge

The first challenge to face in this week 34 is the one linked to the reigning champions of the NBA, the Golden State Warriors. The difficulty is set on Pro level, the quarterfinals are 4, from five minutes each and there are no restrictions for the roster to send on the field. The challenge is quite affordable, the advice is to always be reactive on Curry's pick&roll, who usually just shoots the block, and to pay attention to the shots from Kevin Durant's diamond dribble, really phenomenal. In attack it's good to try to attack Curry in iso, or play the Pick&roll with the center, being careful to avoid Draymond Green's marking, which can make us wrong even the most obvious conclusions. The reward for this challenge is 2000 MT.

NBA 2K My Team - How to overcome the ROCKETS challenge

The second challenge to face is the one linked to this season's great challengers, Mike D'Antoni and James Harden's Houston Rockets. Obviously, the number one danger is the diamond beard. He tends to play in iso, aim at our defender and beat him from dribbling or penetration. The advice is to put our best defender on him and let him shoot the various Ariza and Capela. Beware of Paul's passes, which with his amethyst passer increases the percentage of his teammates and the alleys for Capela, always difficult to mark. The difficulty is Pro, the times are four from five minutes, there are no restrictions for the roster to send on the field, and the reward is 2000 MT plus the last token to get "The Admiral".

NBA 2K My Team - The new twenty cards

Along with the challenges of week 34, 2K also released twenty new cards for My Team yesterday. This week the news is really juicy. It goes from John Stockton diamond (98) with 16 amethyst cards, to Kawhi Leonard diamond 98, the strongest defender in the game. Passing through Gervin diamond (97), Durant diamond (96) and the long Gasol (96) and Love always diamond (95). Also interesting the new amethyst. Green from Golden State (92), Rodman from the Bulls (94), another foolish defender, Erving (94), Ingles (92), Rozier (92), Porter (92), Tatum (92) and Valanciunas (92). The new twenty cards are completed by five rubies including Boris Diaw (89). Here you can find our review at NBA 2K18

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