NBA 2K My Team : Guide to the Challenges of LeBron week

NBA 2k18 is the basketball simulation par excellence currently available on the market. The flagship of 2K Sport simulations with its modes ranging from seasons and offline games to numerous online careers and challenges. L’ NBA 2K My Team allows you to build legendary all-timer teams by putting together special versions of current and past players represented by collectible cards. Each player builds his or her own ideal team to take on the domains, online challenges and moments, the super-timer mode and the team program. Each week, 2K offers a series of challenges to complete in order to obtain large rewards and, once they are all completed, a challenge token. By collecting various tokens you get a reward player to add to your collection. This guide will help you find out in advance what requirements you will need to meet the week's challenges and what rewards await you.

How to deal with the challenges moments of the LeBron week of the NBA 2K My Team

This week's challenges NBA 2K My Team are dedicated to the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James phenomenon. There are five challenges moments that retrace the career of the number 23, two challenges moments dedicated to the Finals 2018 against the Golden State Warriors and two weekly challenges, which are worth a challenge token, which have as protagonist the Philadelphia 76ers of Allen Iverson. Here's how to face all the many challenges of this week, with the presentation of the new diamond cards dedicated to "The chosen one".

NBA 2K My Team - How to overcome the challenge of the debut of LeBron

The first of the challenges moments this week 37 is dedicated to the debut of LeBron James in the NBA. We'll have to face the Washington Wizards in what was number 23's first career game. To access this challenge and get 1800 MT of reward, you have to field any version of LeBron James (there really are all kinds of versions) and score at least 32 points with him by winning the game. The difficulty is set on Rookie and the quarters are 4 from 4 minutes each. This challenge is really simple and the advice is to go to the iron with any version of King James.

NBA 2K My Team - How to overcome the 2008 Celtics challenge

The second challenge of this week 37 sees us taking on the legendary Boston Celtics of 2008. This time, to face Rondo, Allen, Garnett and Pierce, we'll have to use any version of LeBron James and win the game, but be careful to score 13 assists with our hero. The difficulty is set on Pro and the final reward is 2000 MT. The advice is to make a lot of points with LeBron and when it will be doubled by the CPU, because be sure it will be doubled, download on the free companion and pull until you reach the required assist quota.

NBA 2K My Team - How to overcome the Celtics 2018 challenge

The third challenge takes us exactly ten years after the one with Rondo and Garnett's Celtics historians. This time, we're gonna have to face the unleashed troop of Coach Stevens. We've got Tatum, Rozier, Harford, Morris. To enter this challenge we'll have to use any version of LeBron James, four Miami Heat players in the roster, and score 45 points, obviously winning the game. Here things are starting to get interesting, the difficulty is set on Pro and the reward is 5000 MT. Obviously the advice is always to play in isolation with James and go to the iron as many times as you can.

NBA 2K My Team - How to overcome the All-time OKC challenge

The fourth challenge is one of the most challenging this week. You have to beat a super team including all the best Thunder players of all time (and therefore also Sonics). People like Westbrook, Durant, Payton, Kemp. To do this we'll have to use any version of LeBron James, four Miami Heat players and report the beauty of 11 rebounds with King James, obviously winning the game. The difficulty is set on All-Star, but the reward is certainly interesting, 5000 MT.

NBA 2K My Team - How to overcome the Pistons 2004 challenge

King James' latest weekly challenge is against the fierce Pistons of 2004. The two Wallaces' ultra defensive team under the basket. To take on this challenge you'll have to use a LeBron James of any version, as many as eight Cleveland Cavaliers players and score 48 points against King by winning the game. The difficulty is set on Superstar, and the reward is a pack of the special LeBron James collection worth 20,000 MT.

NBA 2K My Team - How to overcome Finals challenges

The sixth and seventh challenge moments of this week are dedicated to the 2018 NBA finals between Cavs and Golden State. Both challenges qualify for 2000 MT and require two Cavs players and two Warriors players respectively. The difficulty is set on Pro and they are timed, so watch out for the timer when they expire. This week's token challenges are dedicated to Iverson and Mutombo's Philadelphia 76ers. Two challenges at Pro level, which entitle to 2000 MT and in which there are no restrictions in the first and you have to have 4 players of the 76ers in the second.

NBA 2K My Team - The new cards dedicated to LeBron

Along with the week 37 challenges, 2K also released the new LeBron James cards. These new LeBron James pink diamond (99) and LeBron James diamond (98) are added to the other two LeBron (97) and the fifth LeBron diamond this season (95). 2K has also released a new version of the Porzingis pink diamond 99 as a prize for the super tops, Walt Frazier (97) and a diamond Curry (97) after the performance in race 2 of the Finals. Here you can find our review at NBA 2K18

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