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Today we're going to analyse a bunch of Tier 1's that we'll probably see in standard for a long time to come given its great power.

The deck in question is cheap enough, easy to play and difficult to knock down; it has been little affected by format rotation and with a splash of black it can become even more powerful thanks to the stronger title removal.

Let's see what this is all about.

MTG Arena - UW Control Why choose UW Control in MTG Arena?

UW Control is a perfect bunch for all those players who like to use their resources to respond and wear out their opponent, never allowing the latter to create a noteworthy gameplan through a large section of countermages, bounces and game engines.

Among the various Control decks that can be built at the moment this is undoubtedly one of the most performing but also one of the most expensive in terms of resources; here below we find its composition.

MTG Arena Decks - How to play UW Control in MTG Arena?

UW Control like all decks of this archetype should be played calmly and patiently, siphoning off its resources and removing from the game threats that could disturb our action plan during the final parts.

Between counters and removals it will be possible to contain all the threats that our opponent will propose during the game, to the pact to correctly calculate the mana necessary to be able to counter all the threats of our opponent. Once you feel protected enough it will be enough to descend our Teferi, Hero Of Dominaria to prepare us for victory through a continuous resource advantage; if the problem is of a creaturosa nature the four copies of Lyra Dawnbringer can help to come out of the situation.

MTG Arena - UW CONTROL bunch list

4Lyra Dawnbringer
4Teferi, Hero Of Dominaria
1Blink Of An Eye
3Essence Scatter
1Gideon's Reproach
4Sinister Sabotage
2Chemister's Insight
4Settle The Wreckage
3Cleansing Nova
4Seal Away
2Search For Azcanta
1Arch of Orazca
2Field of Ruin
4Glacial Fortress
4Meandering River
2Memorial to Genius

UW Control deck composition.

This is how the deck in question is composed:


4 Lyra Dawnbringer - Lyra Dawnbringer is the only creature card worthy of entering a checklist. The legendary angel, for five mana, is able to support 90% of the creatures on the average board with a 5/5 leotard and a range of abilities that can send any kind of confrontation into trouble. It can only die if targeted directly with some removal, but all our other cards will have to think about that!


4 Teferi, Hero Of Dominaria (Teferi, Hero Of Dominaria) -The perfect planeswalker to play any kind of control deck with the altino but suitable for the gameplan of a control deck, much more related to the late game than the early stages of the game.


2 Syncopate - Syncopate is a counterspell that can cost a number we call mana and is able to exile all those dangerous spells we don't want to use any more (like those with the startup charge ability).

Obviously it will be necessary to count our mana accurately in order to make the best use of the characteristic mana cost of paper equal to X+[U].

1 Blink Of An Eye - Our trustworthy bounce that can prevent us from harassing some permanent bastards for a turn or nullify the attack of individual creatures against us.

For two mana this card is able to temporarily leave the battlefield to permanent harassment, and for two other mana it is even able to cycle by drawing another card. If paired with a counter it is able to nullify any kind of threat.

3 Essence Scatter - a counter that requires only one specific mana used to counter all of your opponent's creature spells; an honest price for an important task.

1 Gideons Reproach - This card allows the player to eliminate harassing creatures that pose a threat or wall to our game plan. Four damage is enough to eliminate all the harassment that you failed to counter during the game.

4 Sinister Sabotage - This counter is a specific low-cost counter against all non-creature cards that the opponent could throw; it is in a single copy inside the deck because we have better things to use.

4 Sinister Sabotage

(Left Sabotage) - This is our favorite counter: despite the two specific mana in the cost is perfectly able to change games thanks to its power level. Dry counter that even allows you to skim the draw and remove any dead cards from the top of the deck, also speeding up the transformation of Azcanta.

2 Chemisters Insight - the drawer of the deck, four mana of which one specific to make a small but repeatable card advantage over time thanks to the Jump-start ability.

4 Settle The Wreckage - The new wrath of the format, the solution against all those decks throwing down a million creatures making an attempt on our lives.

Eliminates all kinds of creatures, including those with anti-jinx to give lands to your opponent. By playing control, you can then control the opponent's subsequent plays one counter after another.


3 Cleansing Nova (Nova Purifier) - Like any self-respecting control deck you need a card to act as a global removal for a lot of different types of permanents. This card does exactly that, eliminating all creatures on the battlefield without causing inconvenience or eliminating annoying artifacts/spells with its second effect.


4 Seal Away - Seal Away is this bunch's answer to all those boring beaters who are slowly attacking our life points; two mana (one specific) to gain more control over the playing field.

2 Search For Azcanta - A spell that skims the deck and also risks becoming a land, which can be enhanced through various effects that discard the cards of the above mentioned counters. A very powerful card.


The deck's lands department is composed as follows:

1 Arch of Orazca - A land that can Mana Sink during the last moments of the game by letting the player draw an extra card in exchange for 5 mana.

2 Field of Ruin - Does your opponent have harassing lands on the field that you absolutely don't want to deal with? Here is a solution for them.

4 Glacial Fortress - La checkland in La tapland in Altra terra which offers a catch at the modest cost of some important resources.

7 Island

7 Plains

MTG Arena decks - what if they run out of wildcards?

Let's now look at a number of budget solutions for this deck:

-1 Settle The Wreckage
-1 Cleansing Nova (Nova Purifier)

Hieromancer's Cage
Via two rare to insert two cards able to control a minimum of the board through slender targeted for four mana of which one is specific. This permanent nonland exile card can eliminate spells or harassing artifacts.

-4 Lyra Dawnbringer
x Zetalpa, Primal Dawn
x Shalai, Voice of Plenty
x Evra, Halcyon Witness
x Serras Guardian (Guardian of Serra)

Away with the four copies of Lyra and inside some of the strongest creatures that exist for white within the format. The cards are all rare and of conseguneza easier to make than the rare mythical ones.

Zetalpa is a real monster of power but it costs eight mana, Shalai is able to offer protection to the player from possible shots but can not hold the board with intensity, Evra allows interesting tricks despite not having a giant leotard. The Guardian of Serra is certainly the most conservative choice thanks to the good body, the acceptable mana cost and the skills he has.

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