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Among the various deck archetypes that exist within MTG Arena is control, which is a deck that attempts to play the opponent reactively using instant cards to counter the opponent's moves.

If you don't want to play control so shamelessly there are various types of deck that try to solve the problem by associating control, a bit 'aggro; a deck with a very high content of spells that tries to turn as fast as possible with large creatures that try to file point point the energies of the opponent

MTG Arena -Izzet Spells decks.

Why choose Izzet Spells in MTG Arena?

Izzet Spells is a medium difficulty deck that wins through the use of some creatures synergistic with the large amount of magic inside the deck. The fourteen creatures that are played inside the deck somehow interact with the spells in our sorcery and instant spells department, giving the deck some background fluidity.

The latter is finalized through a large series of cards that are cycled and have an 'effect of some kind; this serves to never go to disadvantage cards (which given the absence of a real fishing engine could be felt) and to always have something on the hands to play against our opponent.

Izzet Spells ends up being a more dynamic bunch than the norm, with a control ambition without being slow and cumbersome. It's not a particularly difficult deck to play, but we at don't recommend it for players approaching the title and deckbuilding for the first time.

MTG Arena Decks - How do you play Izzet Spells?

The game strategy is quite simple: the first turns the player has the task of eliminating any mana dork and set in the field creatures useful to the cause as the Goblin Electromancer or Enigma Drake. Once on the field you have something, it's time to attack and then, during the damage check phase, try to chain the cards needed to maximize your damage.

One of the great strengths of the deck is the instant and witchcraft department where practically every card either cycles or draws through some skill other cards; the fact that there are cards with a starter charge allows the deck to turn even when you put too much gasoline on the fire being able to use them even from the graveyard.

With a Goblin Electromancer on the field all the spells will reduce their cost to just two mana, making the turn considerably lower already not particularly steep.

Basically: having useful creatures on the field is enough to play the correct number of snapshots and witchcraft to try to maximize the damage in order to take home the game; neither too difficult nor too easy.

MTG Arena - Izzet Spells bunch list

4Goblin Electromancer
4Drake Enigma
4Arclight Phoenix
2Crackling Drake
4Crash Through
2Maximize Velocity
4Chart a course
4Radical Idea
2Tormenting Voice
2Beacon Bolt
4Steam Vents
4Sulfur Falls

Deck composition Izzet Spells.

This is how the Izzet Spells bunch is composed:


4 Goblin Electromancer - This nice Goblin for two specific mana (different from each other, which is why the deck is stuffed with double lands) is able to lower the mana curve of the deck a little bit; in case of need it always proves to be an interesting 2/2 able to knock down some small creatures and able to nibble important life points.

You can safely be the target of spells like Crash Through or Maximize Velocity if you need to see the deck turn faster.

Given its enormous usefulness this card is present in four copies within this list, it is definitely the first card we want to play during a game with Izzet Spells.

4 Drake Enigma - This drake is the main beater of the deck, a three-mana beast with four points on its constitution that can base its strength on the number of snapshots and witchcraft you have in the graveyard; this makes it a rather interesting creature, given the large amount of spells that end up cycling inside the deck.

An interesting trick to do with this dragon is to attack and then chastise all possible instants after the blockers have declared; this will mess up the opponent's accounts and is often a winning move.

Four copies are essential to get the deck spinning properly, given its enormous power and low cost.

4 Arclight Phoenix - This flaming bird enters for four mana and does three damage, returning for free at the modest cost of three more spells during the battle phase in case of removal. Having more than one phoenix in the graveyard and throwing three spells will mean seeing the board again filled with evasive creatures that can really make a difference when it comes to damage inflicted on your opponent.

Also here, four copies because it is extremely powerful and synergistic with the game plan of the deck itself.

2 Crackling Drake - This relative of the Enigma Drake gets paid much more (four mana, all specific) and has the advantage of cycling when he enters by drawing a card. Unfortunately, the cost in mana makes him less efficient than his younger brother as he probably takes fuel away from a possible surprise attack made to the sound of spells cast during combat.

Two copies because we have more powerful and dangerous things to throw, especially considering all the mana symbols needed to evoke this!


4 Opt - The task of this card is to skim the next card we will draw through a Scry 1 and a subsequent draw a card; obviously when we make scry we try to skim the excess lands once we reach a certain solidity of basic mana.

Four copies, this card spins the deck making us draw cards of a better quality.

4 Shock - The good old shock also peeps into this deck thanks to its features: two damage able to eliminate annoying creatures or mana dork are always welcome, two damage able to scrape away the opponent's life points once again. The fact that this card is instant only means that it practically goes in a combo with the beloved phoenix or the various Izzet guild dragons.

Four copies, as usual, are the minimum necessary to make this deck work.

4 Radical Idea - This paper makes us fish and is useful even when it ends up in the graveyard, not only because it can enhance our beloved creatures but also because it can be reused at instant speed when needed. If Goblin Electromancer is in the field you can cycle the card for a single blue mana.

Four copies because snapshots are some of the best resources in the deck and fishing for a card is exactly what you need.


4 Crash Through - If our opponent is full of creatures that can block our evasive hitters the trick is to use this card. Crash Through allows you to overwhelm all our creatures by also cycling for a single mana, so you get new gasoline with which to fuel the flame that will lead us to victory

Four copies because, being our only plan of action the aggro, this paper often and willingly represents the best way we have to win.

2 Maximize Velocity - Maximize Velocity is a witchcraft very similar to the above mentioned Crash Through but definitely less useful: giving speed to a creature is something that can gnaw important life points but that is inferior in quality to the idea of attacking and splitting everything as with the above mentioned card; fortunately this one too cycles by itself.

Two copies because yes, we have better things to put inside the deck.

4 Chart a course - Since we're an aggro deck and we're going to be attacking with our flying creatures very often, it's a good idea to put a card in the deck that can take advantage of our attacks; so with this card for two (or a mana if we have goblins on the field) we'll take advantage of cards without discarding anything.

In the absurd case we are forced to discard something we still have some cards that you can play even from the cemetery, solving the problem again; four copies

2 Tormenting Voice - It's basically a Chart a course where you're forced to discard a card, with no ifs and buts; to play only when you have a desperate hunger for resources and some kind of starter card in your hand.

Because less strong than other cards enters the deck with only two copies.

2 Beacon Bolt - Our best removal is completely useless during the early stages of the game, you can play from the graveyard and is able to do a lot of damage the further you get into the game; unfortunately it is not redirectable to players or planeswalkers, those will be the targets of our attacks.

Two copies because we must try to avoid finding this card in more than one copy inside the opening hand.


6 Island

6 Mountain

4 Steam Vents - Four copies of shockland are necessary for a two-tone with such a high amount of specific double costs.

4 Sulfur Falls - Four copies of Checkland are required for a two-tone with such a large amount of specific double costs.

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