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In this section of the guide to Mortal Kombat X , we will see where to find all the items to fill the INVENTORY unlock the various areas of the KRYPT.

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WARNING: In the maps shown you can't collect everything and immediately you will have to follow the procedure described under the following list of inventory items with location and coordinates where they are located:

RAIDEN SCOTT - Kaverna Buia del Ragno (5,11)
REPTILE ARTICLE - Widow's passage (6,30)
KOTAL KHAN SWORD - Kaverna of Kothal (22,34)
KENSHI'S KATANA - Dark Spider's Nest (5.40)
KUNG LAO'S HAT - Hall of Bones (-7,12)
LIU KANG'S FIRE BALL - Shao Khan's Tomb (0.6)
PENDENT OF ERMAC - Dark Passage (-5,18)
LANCIA DI SCORPION - Via delle Anime (-13,19)
SUB-ZERO ICE BALL - Frosty Path (-21,20)
JAX LAUNCHES - Fortress of Kahn (0,12)
KAMIDOGU DEL REGNO OCCULTO - Reliquary of the Dead - Offer 10.000 Tokens to the Statue (0,12)


If you want to know how to face the Krypt instead you just have to keep reading:

  • Welcome to the Krypt! Use the MAIN MAP until you see another one.
  • Open the three tombstones in the first cemetery to open the next gate.
  • Go to the right area and enter the GALLERY MAP.
  • Continue to the bifurcation and collect the RAIDEN SCOTT - Kaverna Buia del Ragno (5,11)
  • Continue uphill to the right and use the Stick to cross the abyss. You will find yourself in ARAKNIA MAP.
  • Follow the map and to the right of the main hall take the REPTILE ARTICLE - Widow's Passage (6,30).

IMPORTANT INFO: If you are in the MAIN ROOM, the one where a red gem is to be inserted, and look on the left wall of the room, holding the portal with the gems in front of you, you can use Raiden's Stick between 7 and 8 to reach a new area with other treasures.

  • Continue following the map and reach the area at the bottom right of the map. You will find 4 levers with spiders indicating their number. The order in which to pull them is 4132, you will find it written on the wall just before the levers. In the area just unlocked you will find the KOTAL KHAN - Kaverna of Kothal (22,34).
  • Go back and use the newly taken Sword on the northernmost area of the map. You will unlock access to a new area in which to collect the KENSHI KATANA - Dark Spider's Nest (5.40).
  • Now return to the first map of the Cavern of Spiders, where you first used the Raiden Stick.
  • Go to the left and take the KUNG LAO HAT - Hall of Bones (-7,12).
  • Once caught go to the raised area nearby and knock down the spider's web with the Hat to bring down the rock bridge. You will unlock a new area with treasures.
  • Behind the area where you took the Hat, you can use the web passageway to return to the MAIN MAP.
  • Reach the building you see in the top right corner of the map and go down the stairs to use the Katana taken earlier.
  • You will find yourself in the MAP TOMBA DI SHAO KHAN.
  • Go down the stairs to find the FIRE BALL OF LIU KANG - Tomb of Shao Khan (0.6) in the center of the first area.
  • Go down the corridor to the right and reach the corner to collect the PENDENT OF ERMAC - Dark Passage (-5.18) from the alcove on the wall.

IMPORTANT INFO: You can use the Raiden Stick on the Shao Khan statue you find in this area to reach a secret area where you can open new treasures.

  • Exit and return to the MAIN MAP, continue until you pick up the SCORPION LANCE - Via delle Anime (-13,19) from the head stuck on the tree.
  • Reach the large area at the bottom of the map and take the SUB-ZERO ICE BALL - Frosty Trail (-21.20), from the small area on the left.
  • Climb the stairs to the Lin-Kuei Temple with the frozen entrance to be melted thanks to the previously collected Fireball. Here you will find more treasures.
  • Now go back to the SHAO KHAN TOMBA MAP and unlock the door in the central area by activating with the Ermac Pendant the lever in the right area, with the Reptile claw the lever in the north area and with the Sub-zero Ice Ball the last lever on the left.
  • Go to the central gate and collect from the centre of the new area the JAX LAUNCH OF JAX - Fortress of Kahn (0.12).
  • Go back to the MAIN MAP and go up to the central raised part.
  • Use the rocket launcher to open the gate and gain access to the offering statue.
  • Offer 10,000 tokens to the statue to get the KAMIDOGU OF THE EYEST KINGDOM - Reliquary of the Dead (0.12). REMEMEMBER that you can use this statue to obtain objects, the higher your stake the higher the value of the object obtained.
  • Go now to the point that you see marked with a red circle always on the MAIN MAP to use the Kamidogu and reach the Dark Kingdom with other treasures to be recovered.
  • Finally, return to the GALLERY MAP, reach the area on the right and use the spear of Scorpion to cross the abyss.
  • In this new zone you can get the last item of the inventory, the GEMMA DI SPIDER - POZZI DELLO SCORPIONE (18,10).
  • With this gem you will be able to open the above mentioned door in the main area of Araknia.

Now you know all the areas of the Krypt and you have all the objects to reach them, you only need to have the necessary tokens to open all the tombs with the treasures!

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