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Also Mortal Kombat 11 back in the Krypt, a particular system typical of the series to unlock treasures and rewards that is structured on a real video game in the video game. Also in this case to proceed in the meanders of Krypt you'll need many key objects that will lead you to unlock secret areas and special boxes full of rewards. Proceeding may not be easy and if you don't want to throw your precious Tokens in useless crates follow this complete guide to Mortal Kombat 11 Kripta by .

MK 11 Krypt Guide | Introduction: Tokens, Hearts and Soul Fragments

The Krypt is a mode immediately accessible from the main menu and in which you can unlock many treasures such as character skins, sketches, various information about the game world, objects to customize avatars and Kombat Kard but also, and above all, new brutality and fatality. If you don't feel like unlocking the combo for these moves directly jump right into our Fatality guide to Mortal Kombat 11 . All unlockables in the game can be obtained in Krypt, except for some content that you can unlock by completing the Towers with each character and story mode.

Tips for getting around the Krypt

In Krypt you will be welcomed by Shang Tsung, the evil sorcerer of the series who will leave you free to wander around at your own risk. Fortunately in the Krypt of dangers there are few and you'll never make a real Game Over even though in some situations you'll be cornered by ghosts and traps. In Krypt there are different types of Crate, with different shape and size that can be opened with the 3 game coins: the Tokens, Hearts and Soul Shards. Each one opens a different type of box but for some there are blocks that must be overcome with a key object, an object hidden in the Krypt that once collected you can use on several occasions. Let's see all the types of crates you can find in the Krypt:

  • Wooden boxes: They open with tokens.
  • Precious white boxes with inlays: They open with Tokens.
  • Shao Khan's Head Crates: You will need Shao Khan's Hammer to destroy the head on top of them and then hearts to open them.
  • Burning Crates: You'll have to destroy the flaming skull hidden nearby by using Scorpion's Harpoon to open them by always paying hearts.
  • Green crates: More than crates are old dried up monks or strange floating compositions that give off a green glow, to interact with them you'll need the Amulet of Ermac and then the Soul Fragments to open them.
  • Kronika's time spheres: These cases, much more similar to rotating bluish balls, appear only in certain areas and at certain times. Opening them usually costs 5,000 Tokens and contains the rarest items such as Skin and Fatality as well as an avalanche of consumables.

Unlike the old Mortal Kombat where the contents of the boxes changed from player to player, in Mortal Kombat 11 the best rewards boxes are always at the same coordinates so the last section of the guide will show you which are the best boxes to open. Finally, we recommend you to play the Krypt only after you finish the story mode and some towers so that you have cashed a lot 'of tokens, hearts and souls to spend and, please, if you want hearts do as many Fatalities as possible!

MK 11 Krypt Guide | Where to Find Key Items

As we said, moving around the Krypt is not easy, however, because some events will happen only at certain times while to reach some areas you will need to be in possession of key objects hidden in the many rooms of the Krypt. In addition, not all the boxes will be accessible immediately and to open them you will need other objects not easy to find. Our complete Krypt guide will show Mortal Kombat 11 you, step by step, what to do to find key objects, unlock all areas and doors and collect the best objects and treasures. We will mark any warnings or special actions in bold black.

IMPORTANT: If you want to restore the contents of the crates that can be opened with Tokens, you can use Kronika's Hall of Time which, using the collected Time Spheres, reassigns the contents of the crates randomly. The boxes that can be opened with hearts or souls are fixed and never change!

Complete solution to the Krypt of Mortal Kombat 11 and Main Key Objects

We have prepared this complete map of the Krypt di Mortal Kombat 11 , with all the areas to unlock, the objects to take and all the other info to move in the best way thanks to the directions below.

The Krypt starts in an area called the Palace Entrance. It is apparently small but you only need to open one of the two initial chests to unlock the door to the next area.

Left box: 9502,394 - Free - 100 Hearts, 50,000 Tokens (Open the door in front of you)
Right casket: 9526,-71 - Free - 100 Hearts, 50.000 Tokens (Open the door in front of you)

In this larger area you will find, on the pedestal at the bottom, Shao Khan's Hammer, which is used to destroy fragile walls, vases and other objects. This will allow you to reach new areas and collect tokens from the destroyed objects. Use the hammer on the ruined door to reach the large area called The Courtyard and head immediately to the left. At the bottom, next to Kronika's device, you will find a fragile wall that can be broken with the hammer. In this side area of the Courtyard there will be a big Gong in the middle that once played will unlock the door to the next area and will also allow you to get the goal trophy Adesso Basta. Return to the main area and continue towards La Forgia.

From this area turn right and go over the wooden bridge in the Passo di Montagna area. You will find yourself again in another part of the Courtyard, when you reach the tree turn right to enter the Warrior's Reliquary where you will see a meteorite falling in front of you. Break it with the hammer to get the Gem of the Living. With this you can unlock the Balance Gate located in the Courtyard, in the same side area where you played the Gong before. The Door is to the left of the Gong and once unlocked it will earn you 5000 Tokens. If you wish, before returning to the Gong area, you can make a stop at the large golden statue called The Reliquary and donate Tokens for rewards. If you donate 50,000 you will get the Gold Swimming Target Trophy and the key object Kronika's Amulet.

Now go back to the Gong and open the door indicated for access to the Gardens. Continue until you reach an area called the Underground. Here pull the lever in the middle of the room to raise the right bars and find the Broken Horn of Motaro on a small pedestal. Now continue into the Underground and pull the next lever to get a reward in Tokens and Souls and find yourself in the entrance area of the Palace. Now return to the Reliquary of the Warrior and insert the Horn in the large door at the back. In this way you will unlock the Gate of the Lair of Goro obtaining another 5000 Tokens. Continue until you find a lever that will activate an elevator to take you into the maze of the Lair. In this large area you can unlock various areas by simply pulling chains, each time you unlock one you will get at least 1000 Tokens and several Fragments of Soul. For the moment go straight ahead until you reach the body of the great Goro sitting on his throne. At this point turn right and arrived at the bars do not open them but go into the tunnel on the left. At the end of this area you should find yourself in the Armoury where on the wall at the end you can find the Scorpion Harpoon. This object is used to destroy or pull distant objects and can be used automatically in some areas by pressing the appropriate button.

You will now be locked inside the Armoury and will need to test the Harpoon as you approach the door to reopen it with it. Even actions like this will provide you with at least 1000 Tokens and other Soul Shards. In addition, there are some flaming caskets that cannot be opened until you destroy the nearby Flaming Skull with the Harpoon. Finally you can also use the Harpoon to pull the corpses hanging from the ceiling towards you, thus obtaining a Heart for each corpse.

Go back to Goro's body and this time open those bars you didn't open before. Go past Goro's Treasure Room and past the Prisons. You will arrive at a place called the Last Battle of Kenshi where you can retrieve Kenshi Takahashi's blindfold from the fallen warrior's body. This key object allows you to enter the spiritual realm by consuming a few Fragments of Soul during use. In this realm you can see things that you would not normally see. In fact, using the blindfold and looking at the wall to the left of the entrance, you will notice a fragile wall that you can break through with the hammer to get out of Kenshi's cell. Be careful, however, to use the blindfold in areas where you hear roars, there are creatures in the spiritual realm that could kill you.

Return to Goro's body on the throne again and this time go left. Open the grate and go down to Goro's Dining Room. Go up the stairs to the right of the room to the top and before going up the last staircase to find yourself behind the entrance turn into the room on the left to find the lever for the elevator. Go up the stairs and continue in the Upper Cavern to the outside to find yourself in a completely new area called Fossa Inferiore. Here you'll see a corpse falling from the sky, pierced by a spike, examine it to obtain the Amulet of Souls of Ermac. This also works like Scorpion's Harpoon and can only be used at certain points in the Krypt to raise destroyed objects or interact with the souls of the dead (any green "crate"). Use it now to raise the rubble and return to the Lair of Goro.

At this point you've found all the items you need to unlock the various boxes of the Krypt, all you have to do now is open them to collect the rich treasures it contains. But if you want to find out more about the secondary areas of the Krypt read the next chapter of our guide.

Complete solution to the Krypt of Mortal Kombat 11 : Unlock all secondary areas

From the Lower Pit go back to the Dining Room and go to the right until you find, always on the right, a grate to open. You will find yourself in another area called Prisons and you will have to use the Blindfold to see a fragile wall immediately on the wall in front of you (be careful because in this area there is a spectrum). Break the wall with the hammer, remove the blindfold and continue to the elevator. From here you can reach an area of the Secret Courtyard with several interesting caskets.

Now you have to go back to the Warrior's Reliquary and as soon as you leave the Lair of Goro go down the stairs immediately to the right. After a few steps you will find on the right another big Gong to play with the hammer. Use it to get 25,000 Tokens and open the large door that connects the Central Courtyard to the Reliquary. Now keep going down to the right and you will see a casket closed by bars in a ruined mausoleum. Look at the 4 columns around the mausoleum and you will see that one of them still has an intact chain, pull it to light the torch at the top. For the other three you simply have to use the blindfold and you can enter the spiritual realm where the chains are still intact. Pull them to access this crate. Up ahead is an area called The Sacrifice, but we'll come back to that later.

Now go back to the entrance of the Goro's Lair and go to the alley on the left, the one behind the brazier. Use the bandage here too to discover a fragile wall to break with the Hammer and reach this new area called The Dojo where you can use the lever to lower the bars and make it accessible from the other side too. Step out of this newly lowered grating and use the blindfold again to see another fragile wall immediately in front of you. Break through it to access another small area called the Courtyard Cave. At the bottom of this area pull the chain to make it accessible from the courtyard and get tokens and Soul Shards.

Return once again to the Warrior's Reliquary and go out at the end to find yourself in an area of the Courtyard with the twisted tree on the right and the statue of the Reliquary on the left. Pass the arch immediately in front of you and go down the stairs to find yourself in an area called the Lower Courtyard. Here you will find 3 levers in front of what looks like an enigma with the symbol of Mortal Kombat broken down and to be rebuilt. Mentally number the levers from 1 to 3 starting from the left and pull them in this order: 1-3-2-3-2-2-2. If everything has gone right the symbol will line up and fill with flames by opening the top right grille. Now go down into the newly unlocked Cavern of the Courtyard until you reach the area called Wood Bridge. Here you will need to use Scorpion's harpoon to access the treasures hidden on the other side.

Go back to the beginning, right at the altar where you took the hammer and break the left wall to access a new area called Dead Forest. Reach the end of this area to find three levers. You will have to pull them until you put the bodies back together on the central rotating column by playing a lot with the left lever and the central one. Once the robot has been reassembled, you will open the grate with the box with Shao Khan's bust on the left. Once reassembled the man with the horned helmet you will open the other grate on the left and once the skeleton is reassembled, well ... there will be a burning spectacle!

After the Forge you can instead use 2000 Soul Fragments and the Amulet of Ermac to repair the bridge but on the other side you will find only another casket. At this point you will have unlocked all the unlockable areas but there are still secrets hidden in the Krypt that require you to accumulate immense fortunes in Tokens, Soul Fragments and Hearts. The only way to proceed at this point is to open the boxes, especially the most expensive, in the hope that the game will make you randomly find the items you need to continue because unfortunately there is no other way to get them. One of these is the blue amulet that can be slipped into the pedestal of the statue of Raiden destroyed by the first meteorite to get the Stick of Raiden, this can be used to open a secret area of the Lair of Goro. This area can be reached from the door at the bottom left in the Dining Room of Goro which can be opened first with a Bone Key.

The bone key is another of these objects that are found randomly in the crates and you will need it to open the doors with the gratings and a spherical shape in the center. Unfortunately, once you use it, you won't have it anymore, so you'll have to find different ones to open everything.

Solution to MK 11's Krypt: How to open the Door in Goro's Lair

Located inside the lair (at coordinates 3542, -6176) there is a door that requires three objects to be opened: Heart of the One Being, Mind of the One Being and Soul of the One Being. These objects can only be obtained in Tower mode by playing the Klassic Towers or Time Towers. You must perform in these modes 10 Fatality, 10 Brutality and 10 Thank you. The fastest way to do this is NOT to parry ever during the second round (so you can safely execute a brutality) then at FINISH HIM/HER press

PS4: + L2 for 3 times or Xbox One: + LT for 3 times to grace your opponent. You will be given some life back, at this point press o to perform a Brutality. This way you can perform a Butality and a Grace in the same round and do it much sooner. Once you get all the parts of the only being used in the Krypt to open the door and reach, after a few hot jets, a case of 80,000 Tokens. Inside it you will find the key object Heart of Blaze. At this point exit from Goro's lair and go to the area called The Sacrifice and pull the lever. You will lower the cage held by the statue in front of you. Use the heart with the cage and then pull the lever again to raise it. Now use Scorpion's harpoon to strike the cage with the heart and set the corpses below on fire. In this way you will unlock both the right and left casket (visible only with Kenshi's blindfold).

Solution to MK 11's Krypt: Where to find Kollector

Also in Goro's Lair there is an area where you can see Kollector's head drawn on the map. Here you can haggle with this character and get some items that you would otherwise have to find randomly. To make Kollector appear, however, you must first find the Collector's coins, always randomly in the damn crates, and use them inside the place marked on the map to make him appear. Randomly you'll also find key objects that belong to Mortal Kombat's characters. However, these items are only useful to haggle with Kollector and get valuable rewards.

MK 11's Krypt Guide: How to get the heads to unlock in the Krypt

In the Warrior's Reliquary you will surely have noticed, on the right wall, that there are a series of spades on which to put heads. To get them you'll have to unlock the towers in Tower mode with the keys you find in the Krypt's caskets. In these towers you'll have to perform a brutality 50 times against the same character in order to get his head to impale it in the Krypt. In some rare cases you can also get a head by finishing the Towers of time, but these percentages are really low. Impaled the head you get the skull skewer goal trophy.

MK11: How to unlock Shang Tsung's throne room

Each head will also give you specific rewards for that character, and once you have impaled at least 10 heads, you will be able to access the last secret area of the kripta Mortal Kombat 11 , the Throne Room of Shang Tsung. In this room there will be particularly expensive chests, from over 25,000 coins and more, using Kenshi's blindfold on the statue in the corner, you will discover that it can be destroyed by obtaining new rewards and intros for a specific character.

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