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The novelties introduced with Monster Hunter: World have been many and among them there is the canteen system, which has been completely reworked.
The veteran hunters in the series have probably been a little disoriented, and the new players probably didn't understand much about the new system.
Therefore I have prepared this little guide to show you how the renovated canteen works specifically, and how to make the most of its possibilities.

Monster Hunter:World's live dishes are even more appetizing (credits @ki-ki)

The skills that can provide the meals are really strong, as well as some skills provided by the armor and understanding how they work and how to activate them will make you a better hunter and prepared for anything.

The canteen

Go to the canteen run by Chef Miauscoloso (ed. best npc) and sit down.
You can also eat from the celestial hunt or at any field on the maps.
First of all you can pay for your meal either with zenny, the currency of the game (always recommended), or with search points (but you may need them for something else).
Alternatively you can pay with a meal voucher, which will offer the banquet to you and all hunters on a celestial hunt or field mission with you.
You can get these vouchers as random rewards from different missions.

Also new is the "baking" option, which allows you to leave portions of food or parts of monsters in the oven; on your return you will get several consumable items.

Food and stats

What you've probably eaten so far is the "chef's selection".
Eating this meal will provide you with the freshest ingredients available in the cafeteria, so you get the most life and stamina bonus available.

You may have noticed that your dish consists of 6 ingredients.
The ingredients are divided into Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Liqueurs.
Every two ingredients selected from one of these categories will activate status effects.

-Two ingredients of Meat will give you +Contact(1), 4 +Contact(2), 6 +Contact(3).
-Two Servings of Fish will give you +Defense(1), 4 + Defense(2), 6 +Defense(3).
-Two servings of Vegetables will give you + Elemental Def(1), 4 + Elemental Def(2), 6 Elemental Def(3).

Selecting ingredients Liqueurs will not give you status, but other skills that I will describe later.

Now, you can mix each of these ingredients to get the status you prefer.
You're on a low-level mission and you want to blow up the monster? Attack +3, 6 pieces of meat.
Are you trying to beat an angry black Diablos and risk fainting at every charge?
Defense +3, 6 pieces of fish.
Are you trying to beat an obnoxious Kirin and how much resistance to thunder do you have anyway? Elemental Defense 3, 6 Piece Vegetable.

Be very careful however, ONLY fresh ingredients will each provide +10 health bonus.
The unlit ingredients are not fresh, and will only provide you with resistance.
Therefore it is always good to prepare mega nutrients or health pills to bring your health bar up to the maximum available level.

Felyne Skills

But this isn't over.
You will have noticed that the ingredients in each section are marked with an added green and gold mark for liqueurs.
These are the categories and they are very important.

They work exactly like the skills provided by armor.
Eating 2, 4 or 6 ingredients from these categories, not necessarily all meat or all fish, will have the opportunity to provide you with special skills called Felyne Skills.
So if you want 2 red skills (courage) you only need to eat 4 red ingredients, for example 2 pieces of meat and 2 pieces of fish.
Let's see them together.

-Red: Courage type skills
2 Red pieces: Felyne Razor: Often reduces sharpening time.
4 Red Pieces: Felyne Knight: Easier Monster Ride.
6 Red Pieces: Felyne Beater: Easier to stun monsters.

-Blue: Recovery type skills
2 Blue pieces: Felyne Acrobat: Allows you to get up faster after a fall.
4 Blue Pieces: Felyne Legs: Prevents you from running out of legs.
6 Blue Pieces: Cold Blood Felyne: Prevents the first fainting, saving you with 1 hp.

-Orange: Vigor type skills
2 Orange Pieces: Felyne Recovery: Invulnerable longer as you get up.
4 Orange pieces: Felyne Black Belt: Reduces the use of resistance in certain actions.
6 Orange Pieces: Felyne Heroism: Increases the attack when health is low.

-Blue: Acumen type skills
2 Blue pieces: Felyne recovery: Halves the reduced defense time, increases malus recovery.
4 Blue pieces: Doctor Felyne: Increases recovered health with objects.
6 Blue Pieces: Felyne Specialist: Increases the power of state altered attacks.

-Yellow: Gunner type skills
2 Yellow pieces: Felyne Sniper: Increases the power of normal bullets and arrows.
4 Yellow pieces: Felyne Bomber: Increases ballista damage, explosive shots and rifle launcher.
6 Yellow pieces: arsonist Felyne: Transforms large tanks into mega tanks.


The skills provided by beverages, on the other hand, are not directly related to hunting as they focus more on materials and their collection; there are two types:

-Green: Perception type skills
2 Green Pieces:Felyne Super-Cable: Protects against rejections during the harvesting.
4 Green Pieces: Felyne Exchange: Increases the search points received at the end of the mission.
6 Green Pieces: Get Felyne II : Increase the number of items you can get often.

-Gold: Fortune type skills
2 Gold Pieces: Felyne Restless: Collection points regenerate faster.
4 Gold Pieces: Felyne Opulence: Increase the zenny received as a reward at the end of the mission.
6 Pieces of Gold: Lucky Cat: Sometimes increases end of mission rewards.

Watch out!
The ability has the ability to activate or not indicated at the bottom right, and also depends on the amount of fresh ingredients chosen.
If you choose to pay with a meal voucher, the activation will be certain.

The ingredients

The ingredients as you may have noticed are the main element of this new feeding system.
How to unlock them?
Ingredients are unlocked as the story unfolds, completing optional missions, delivery missions, chef searches and collecting ingredients scattered around maps.
The search is hard and long but you will surely be rewarded.
Drinks are unlocked at an advanced point in the game, mainly by completing missions assigned by the Third Fleet Commander.
We will shortly create a guide on how to unlock individual ingredients, one by one, stay tuned!

Create your own combinations

Now that you've seen how this system works in detail, you'll realize how complicated it can be, and how useful these skills can be.
If you want to be a real hunter prepared for anything, you must always keep in mind which monsters and in which situations you are going to hunt.
If you're good with certain special skills, or you need them because of the sets and weapons you use, the game allows you to save some custom dishes.
You can choose your favorite combinations and keep them always ready saved in your custom dishes.

Good hunting, good meal, and may the sapphire star light your way!

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