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Dayz, famous survival title already available on PC for some time, finally arrives on mobile thanks to Mini Dayz ! In this reduced version of the game survivors have to wander in search of survival tools and food in desolate and remote lands. Don't worry though! We are here to reveal some tricks that will make your survival much easier. Watch out for zombies!

No Mele combat

Mele combat should always be your ultimate asset, the one to resort to when you have no other weapons of any kind. Every single shot can lead you to bleed or, in some cases, infect you causing you quite a few problems. At the limit you run away avoiding the battle, the zombies will chase you always continuing in a straight line so avoid obstacles and use it to your advantage.

The right perks

By exploring and taking action at Mini Dayz you will gain a number of experience points. You won't have many of them available, so we recommend that you evaluate the perks very well before continuing. Initially the ideal would be to take the sprinter, this would increase your basic speed by 10% and consequently you'll have an extra weapon against zombies.

Food food food

The most important thing to keep in mind when playing Mini Dayz is the food. Always keep well fed and remember that the only way to directly recover lost blood is to use bloodpacks.

These, unfortunately, are very rare so you'll have to focus on the natural regeneration of your wounds... of course without being hungry or thirsty the process speeds up a lot.

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