Mike Tyson's Punch-Out !! NES cheats and codes

Punch-Out !!, whose full name is Mike Tyson's Punch-Out !!, it's a boxing sports video game developed by Nintendo R & D3 and published by Nintendo to NES in 1987.

Third title of the Punch-Out !! series, this video game boasts a gameplay that inherits many of the typical elements of the two games that preceded it. The protagonist of the game is Little Mac, a early career boxer who has to make his way into the complex world of boxing and gradually defeat increasingly stronger opponents, in order to win the title of world boxing champion. As in boxing, also in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out !! good reflexes are required, necessary for dodge the powerful and fast shots of the opponents and to deliver punches that allow us to knock out the challengers.
Before unleashing their blow, our opponents flash for a split second, which allows for spectacular dodging and equally exciting counterattacks. As the game progresses, the boxers we face are increasingly powerful, faster and more dangerous and boast a repertoire of hits ranging from hook to uppercut. Little Mac, in addition to dodging sideways, can also parry or crouch.


To fight Super Macho Man, you must be unbeaten (27 wins, 0 losses).

To gain energy after a round, quickly press SELECT, repeatedly. This trick only works once.

As soon as the fight begins, hit Bald Bull in the face until you get an uppercut star. Once received, immediately use it and repeat the process until you win.

In the first round of your fight with Mike Tyson, for the first minute and a half if Mike hits you it's a knockdown. So don't try to hit him for 90 seconds. For the rest of the match it will always be dangerous, but not that deadly. Good luck!

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