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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Finding the Photo Memories of Paz. In this section of our complete guide to MGSV: The Phantom Pain, we'll see how to collect all 11 Remember pictures to help Paz regain his memory and unlock the REMEMEMBER lens trophy.


To meet sweet Paz, an old acquaintance of MGS Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes, you will need to build the first part of the Medical Platform in the Mother Base. Visiting the medical area, go to the center of the complex and climb to the first floor to notice a door with a blue light above it.

Enter and continue on to a door with a red button. Open it and a film will start showing you the young Paz without any past memories. You will have to recover some REMEMEMBER PHOTOS, 11 in total, which will help you to find her lost memories and unlock the REMEMEMBER goal trophy.


Each souvenir photo is unlocked at the end of the 10 OPTIONAL MISSIONS - RECOVER MOTHER BASIC SOLDIERS (see our Optional Mission Guide to know how to unlock and overcome them easily. The last photo will be unlocked separately. Of this you will find a list with the unlocking requirements and related photos:

1-Miller and Paz-Complete Optional Mission 51
2-Professor G脿lvez-Complete the Optional Mission 52
3-Paz in costume-Complete Optional Mission 53
4-Nuclear weapon-Complete Optional Mission 54
5-Fishing - Complete Optional Mission 55
6-Pinto-Cock-Complete Optional Mission 56
7-Birthday Party-Complete Optional Mission 57
8-What Rica-Complete the Optional Mission 58
9-Chico-Complete the Optional Mission 59
10-F霉tbol-Complete Optional Mission 60
11-Farfalla Morfo-Show all 10 photos in Paz first. Then leave his room and collect the last picture on the wall there.

WARNING: You can't show Paz all the photos at once. You will have to leave the Mother Base for each photo and come back because the girl will need to rest.

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