Metro Exodus: Kill a Demon With Fire - Firebird Trophy

Killing a Demon with fire in Metro Exodus is a prerequisite to get one of the trophies. Specifically, to get the Firebird trophy / target. To succeed in platinum the game, read our complete guide to trophies and Achievements.

The demons are huge birds, a combination of mutated bat and pterodactyl. There are several ways to defeat a demon in Metro Exodus, but to get the trophy you need to use fire. With this Metro Exodus guide we will show you how to kill a demon using only fire and consequently get the Firebird trophy.

Metro Exodus | How to kill a demon with fire

To kill a demon using fire in Metro Exodus, and unlock the Trophy, there are several ways. We will show you perhaps the easiest way. First of all, you'll need to get to chapter 3 of the main story, The Volga. Keep playing until you have access to a workbench (which is located in the safe houses, the green houses on the map). Once there, build some Molotov cocktails. To learn how to get crafting materials by dismantling weapons, read our guide.

Now, you need to get out of the safe house, go ahead, go to the southeast corner of the map, through the huge train yard. Look at the screenshot below for the exact location. Get on the huge silo structure and you'll find yourself in front of a nest with a demon hidden inside. Make sure you get close during the day.

It should be asleep and will not bother you until you attack it first or get too close. At that point, select the Molotov cock and throw the first one as precisely as possible, then make a second throw as quickly as possible.

The amount of Molotov cocktail you will need will depend on the difficulty you are playing. You may need to use a few bullets to supplement the damage. This does not preclude getting the trophy, but you must make sure you finish the fight with fire, so don't overdo it with bullets. Try to shoot the demon down before it starts flying, as it will become much more difficult once it is in the air.

Once killed, you will hear the sound of the unlocked trophy or achievement.

This is the easiest way to kill a demon using fire in Metro Exodus and earn the Firebird trophy.

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