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One of the trophies/lenses to unlock in Metro Exodus is called Full Strength. It's a golden trophy so it's not one of the easiest, in fact, to unlock it you need to complete some tasks that have to do with three very important characters in the game.

Duke, Damir and Alyosha are key characters in Metro Exodus. What happens to them during the adventure will determine what ending you get. If you manage to save and keep all three members in your crew until the end, you'll unlock the Full Strength trophy and get the best ending. There are specific things you'll have to do if you want to get there, though. This guide will show you how to save Duke, Damir and Alyosha in Metro Exodus.

Trophies to unlock

Before you unlock the Full Strength trophy, you'll need to get three more that relate to each character's personal story: Duke, Damir and Alyosha. They are as follows:


Duke survives.


Damir stays with the crew.


Alyosha is not hurt

That's three silver trophies. Once unlocked, you are automatically entitled to the Full Strength trophy. Let's see specifically how to do this.

How to save Duke

To make Duke survive (and unlock the Duke trophy), you'll need to maintain a good relationship with the locals. Morale must be neutral or positive. That means you can't kill any cultist. It's okay to take them down with your bare hands, but killing them will lower morale, which means Duke could die. Killing a few shouldn't turn morale upside down much, but just in case, try to avoid killing cultists altogether. With bandits, however, you can do what you want.

How to keep Damir on the crew

To keep Damir in the crew, you'll only have to kill raiders and avoid hurting the tribal people and slaves. You should save them every chance you get. Also, watch out for the woman who gets beaten on the platform. Looks like you need to save her too.

How to stop Alyosha from getting hurt...

It's not complicated: Alyosha is only wounded if you attack the Sons of the Forest. To save him and keep him in your crew, you must avoid killing the Sons of the Forest.

If all went well, you will unlock the best finish and the trophy/goal Full strength. If you need further help in Metro Exodus, see our index below.

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