Metro Exodus: How to Unlock the Master of Forest Trophy

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In there Metro Exodus is a trophy/goal called Master of the Forest (read the complete trophy guide here). Many are having trouble getting this trophy because it's not clear from the beginning what to do with the huge and monstrous bear attacking us and on which we have to focus to get the trophy.

With this guide we want to clarify your ideas and give you useful tips to unlock the trophy Master of Forest of Metro Exodus ...

Metro Exodus | Unlocking the Master of Forest Trophy

In the third chapter of Metro Exodus - Taiga - you will meet a giant and really terrifying mutated bear. You'll have to deal with him to unlock the Forest Master trophy, but how do you kill such a monster? Here falls the donkey, or rather, the bear - you can't kill it.

The description of the trophy reads as follows: Defend yourself from the bear the first time you meet him. It is not really considered to kill the mutated animal from radiation. The only way to unlock the trophy is to defend yourself until the bear decides to leave us alone and retire.

How to defend yourself against the bear

To unlock Master of the Forest, you'll have to defend yourself against the monstrous bear without running away. You have to keep your position and unload all your firepower (which will be limited as stocks and resources are scarce in the game) until the animal decides to retreat.

During the first fight, you have to inflict enough damage to the bear using the molotov cocktails that are very useful to stun the bear. At this point, when the beast is in a state of confusion, use the gun and crossbow to damage the bear even more. After a few minutes, the bear will retreat and you will get the trophy / target.

Second encounter with the bear

For the sake of completeness, we also describe the second meeting which, however, will not entitle you to any trophy. During the second match, you must run around the arena while simultaneously inflicting damage to the animal with molotov cocktails and weapons. After inflicting enough damage, you will activate a cutscene that will get rid of the nuisance.

This is what you need to know to unlock the Forest Master trophy. If you are also in trouble with the Firebird trophy, read here for our guide. You can also read useful tips to unlock the Decommunistization and Fisherman trophy. For you also the solution to get the Maximum Strength trophy.

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