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Decommunization in Metro Exodus is one of the trophies / achievements that you can unlock in the game (read the entire trophy guide here). To get the trophy, you must destroy a statue in chapter 3 - Taiga. There are a number of statues in the Taiga but you have to destroy a specific one. To help you find the right statue, we have written this guide Metro Exodus on How to get the Decommunistization Trophy.

Unlocking the Decommunization Trophy

To get the trophy/goal Decommunistization in Metro Exodus , you will have to destroy a specific statue in the chapter Taiga. The first step is to go all the way south of the map. The southwest corner, to be precise. When you get there, you will enter a kind of children's camp. It's a structure that oozes USSR and communism from all pores. At the entrance, you'll see a rusty welcome sign above the gate and several signs depicting sporting activities such as wrestling, swimming and kayaking.

From the entrance, turn right. You will immediately see a statue in the distance at the end of the paved path. So, go straight along this path. The statue is located at the end of a short flight of steps and is surrounded by other smaller marble statues representing women and men playing. As you get closer, you will notice that this is, in fact, a statue of no less than Comrade Lenin. What you must do is destroy it.

Fortunately, you don't have to waste your precious ammunition to carry out the vandalism, the bare-knuckle attacks should do just as well. All you have to do is hit the statue several times, and the pieces will start falling off. Eventually, the notification of the unlocked Decommunization trophy/goal will appear. In the image below, you can see which statue is the right one.

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