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In Metro Exodus we follow the story of Artyom who, after spending years underground, ventured to the surface of Moscow. This means that he will have to face all sorts of strange and monstrous creatures, mutated by radiation. Among them, there is a catfish, but don't get your hopes up, it's ferocious and exaggeratedly large. Killing the catfish is required by the game to unlock the trophy / target named Fisherman.

In this guide we will see how to kill the big fish and get the trophy.

Metro Exodus | Unlock the Fisherman's Trophy

You will have the opportunity to defeat this huge mutated catfish in the third level of Metro Exodus, Volga. It is located towards the end of the level, when you have to reach a wagon from a huge rotting warehouse full of water and mutants. You will arrive at a large red door that literally looks like a wall, go through it.

Standing in front of the red door, turn around and then go through the door that leads to the lower left stairs. When you get here, you should see some improvised gravestones.

The first thing you need to do at this point is look for the bell. It's just to the right of the ropes that lift a platform with bodies. All you have to do is press E on PC, Square on PS4 or X on Xbox One to interact and ring the bell.

This will draw the attention of the catfish, who will try to attack you, you make sure you do not suffer any damage. All you have to do now is cut the ropes in front of you, the same ropes we talked about before, so the suspended bodies will fall into the water where the fish is.

Now, to the left of these ropes, you'll find a lever. You have to keep this lever on until the catfish comes to investigate the bodies you threw in the water.

To kill the Metro Exodus catfish, you have to release the lever (E, Square or X) as the catfish goes to approach the bodies. This should result in a pile of steel beams falling on that exact position. If all goes well, you have just killed the Metro Exodus catfish.

As soon as the monster has passed to the best of your life, you'll hear the notification that warns you of the unlocking of the Trophy / Target Fisherman.

That's all you need to know to kill the catfish in Metro Exodus and get the 'Fisherman' trophy. For more Metro Exodus tips, tricks and guides, see our index below which will be updated constantly.

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