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Merge Plane is a very nice video game that will make you feel like a rich airline owner. The title available on Android and iOS, in fact, can be included in the genre "tycoon", a sort of management in which you play as an entrepreneur. Merge Plane, however, has much simpler mechanics than usual, so much so that it can be called an idle game, ie a game that does not need much effort.

The main goal Merge Plane is to acquire the planes to fill our personal parking space and create new ones by combining the ones we already have. In this strategy guide we'll give you some useful tips to better master the game and we'll give you some tricks to acquire all the airplanes faster, plus other goodies just for you readers.

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Merge Plane | General advice for more airplanes

To get more airplanes you can follow some of our advice or take advantage of the little tricks we will give you in the following paragraphs.

Do the math right before you buy

The airplanes cost gold coins, but you can save a lot by following a tip. Airplanes have an individual price and increase permanently every time you buy one. Buying a group of level 1 planes is very cheap at first, but the more you do it the more expensive it gets. Don't be surprised when they start to cost over 5,000 coins!

To prevent an airplane from becoming too expensive, try to balance your purchases. Buy an airplane of lv. 1 and then stop when it costs 5,000 coins. Switch to planes of lv. 2 and stop when they cost 10,000, then switch to planes of lv. 3 and stop when they cost 20,000. That's it.

How to get free airplanes

If you don't want to spend coins and gems on airplanes, just wait for them to be generated. Periodically the game generates free level 1 airplanes, as you level up the given airplane will level up itself, provided you have a free seat in the parking lot. You'll have to wait a while before you generate one, but you don't need to play! Just have the game running for this to happen, as the planes will not be generated when the game is closed.

How to increase profits

  1. To increase your profits you have to rely on the highest level airplane you own. This airplane must stay on the runway at all times as it will generate a lot of coins. While you wait for new ones to be created, your airplane will continue to bring in revenue. When you're done playing, make sure you put as many airplanes on the runway as possible to make the most profit.
  2. At any time you can activate the speed multiplier, which doubles the speed of all your airplanes, effectively doubling your profits. From time to time a UFO will fly over the top of the screen: touch it to see what bonus it offers. If you look at the ad, it will activate its bonus. The most coveted bonus is the 5x coin multiplier.
  3. By completing the daily quests, you will earn gems. If you grind the gems properly, you can get as many as 10 gems a day. Gems allow you to get very interesting boosts.

Airplanes and money tricks

Here are some tricks of Merge Plane getting airplanes and earning coins.

  1. By combining airplanes you will gain experience points, going forward in level you will receive tons of money.
  2. Use the gems for free spin, trying to get to the "daily income" that will give you the equivalent of a day of airplane racing.
  3. By clicking on the running plane, it goes faster for a total amount of time. If you want to cheat a bit, you can use "autoclicker", a little program that you can find on the Play Store that will simulate the clicks allowing the aircraft to never lose speed.
  4. Keep your runway full of planes, but focus on the higher-ranking planes. Example: If you have 6 planes on the runway, it is better to have a 4-4-4-3-1 combination than a 6-6-2-1-1 combination. This is because two level 6 planes are not enough to increase profits, while three level 4 planes combined with two lv. 3 planes create a great combination.
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