Melbits World Trophy Guide

This particular game can be controlled from your mobile phone and you can find the apps on both Google Play and the App Store (Apple). As it is a game that is enjoyed as a team you will not be able to get all the trophies without company, look for a partner to do it. Some trophies even require 4 people, or handling 4 mobile devices at the same time.

Melbits World Two Player Trophies

When you complete all 4 worlds you will get a series of trophies and for this you will need to have at least one other player, up to this point it will be enough. The trophies you will get are as follows:

Arcade World Unlocked

You will need to get 15 seeds and unlock "Arcade World" to get this trophy.

Chill Bay Unlocked

You will have to get 30 seeds and unlock "Chill Bay" to get this trophy.

Art Wave Unlocked

You will need to get 60 seeds and unlock "Art Wave" to get this trophy.

Internet Exploiters

To get this trophy you will have to beat all levels in "Hobby Island". To do so, don't forget to save at least 2 Melbits in each level.

Pro gamers

In this case you will have to beat all levels in "Arcade World".

Sugar Rush

You will have to beat all the levels in "Chill Bay" to get this trophy.

Mommy I want to be an artist

You will have to beat all levels in "Art Wave" for this trophy.

Conqueror of Worlds

You will have to complete all levels to get this trophy. The game has 4 worlds, each with 9 levels. That will be a total of 36 levels to beat.

Melbits World 3 and 4 Player Trophies

These trophies require more players and some of them are a bit more complex. With these you will have obtained all the important ones, and they are as follows:


You will have to beat a world with 3 players to get this trophy, that requires passing all 9 levels.

Party Mode

You will have to play a complete world with 4 players to get this trophy.

Family is important

To get this trophy you will have to obtain 20 "Square" type Melbits. You will find 3 different Melbits in the game: a square, a triangular and a round one. You will first receive them randomly once you play 3 levels in a row and you can repeat them as many times as you want until you get them all.

Family is very important

To get this trophy you will have to get 20 "triangle" Melbits.

Family is very important

To get this trophy you will have to get 20 Melbits of type "round".

Melbits World Platinum

This trophy is obtained once all the other trophies have been obtained.

The rest of the trophies in Melbits World

If you've earned the above trophies, you probably won't be missing any of them, as the following trophies are earned naturally as you progress through the game:

Cool Stickers

To get this trophy you will have to unlock all the stickers in the album.


To get this trophy you will have to jump on top of 25 Melbits. The most effective way is to stand on top of each other and line up to match.

Digital Farm

You will need to collect 100 seeds across all 4 worlds to get this trophy and it is cumulative.

Master of the Tease

To get this trophy you will need to obtain all 50 customization add-ons for your Melbits.

Pass the antivirus

You will have to remove 10 viruses to get this trophy, you will recognize them because they are black.

Dance Duel

You must dance for 3 full minutes with all Melbits when you complete a level to get the trophy.

Run Melbit Run

You must use the fast forward control without stopping for 20 seconds in any level to get this trophy.

Memorial Melbit

You will have to kill 100 Melbits during your matches to get this trophy.

Happy Birthday Melbit

Collect 50 presents to get this trophy.


You will have to customize your team of Melbits with the same look to get the trophy.

Virus Jumper

Jump over 10 viruses to get this trophy.

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